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Get Any type of Android Project Help For Your Android Project and Assignment.

Android is an Operating System which everyone demands for today, either be a hotel owner, a cab owner, any big or small company owner to let everyone know what they are up to as everyone owns smart phones these days and use them promptly to make most of it.

We use windows as the most common operating system today, some other like MAC, others go for Linux, and similarly Android is also an operating system and is designed for mobiles.

We can run any kind of mobile applications on it, and to build those apps we use Android as a platform. It is based on Java, we can say it is derived from Java. If you know basics of core java then half of your work is done, it has very similar features as of java.

Android has something unique, it’s versions have always been named intelligently. They are always in alphabetical order. The first version was Cupcake and the latest version is Marshmallow.

Here is a list:

  • Android 1.5 : Cupcake
  • Android 1.6 : Donut
  • Android 2.0 and 2.1 : Éclair
  • Android 2.3 : Gingerbread
  • Android 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 : Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0 : Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 : Jelly Bean
  • Android 4.4 : KitKat
  • Android 5.0 and 5.1 : Lollipop
  • Android 6.0 : Marshmallow (this version has been released recently and is superfast and efficient).

Its architecture is divided into five parts:

  • Linux Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android runtime
  • Application framework
  • Applications

These all have certain meanings.

Linux kernel could be any operating system, where you could install your android environment to code.

Libraries are those which contains code for how the code should execute, definitions for keywords and other related stuffs like SQL library etc. Some of the libraries used in Android are:

  • android.database
  • android.opengl
  • android.view

Android Runtime is the part of the architecture which makes use of multithreading like concepts.

Application Framework provides higher level services to the applications.

And Applications are something which we create using coding and these are found in the top most layer of the architecture.

At first we need to understand what Android is, and which IDE we use to code for the programs. We need to install Android SDK and then we need to code in Eclipse. We use Eclipse because it is one of the most comfortable platform for most of the people around as they have already used this for coding practices in Core Java and Advanced Java.

Eclipse already provides most of the built-in features and makes the code easy to write and read as well. It provides proper indentation techniques and is very handy. Once you completed installing your android toolkit, you will get four directories with you

  1. Android SDK Windows: If you have installed it in your windows platform, I am using windows as my platform, so its windows for me, if you are using any other operating system like linux or MAC, you would be getting different directories.
  1. Eclipse: This is what you installed and you will be coding here. You will get an .exe file, the executable file inside this folder, you can open it and start coding.
  1. 3. Java: This directory contains environment for Java to run. It contains JRE and JDK, which provides the environment to android to run.
  1. Workspace: If you have created any project, it will by default be saved here, in this very directory.

After coding you must be willing to check the output, no need to worry even if you don’t have an android device android provides android simulator.

But if you can afford having an android device it would be great as different android devices run the applications differently depending upon the size of the screen and other things. To use the simulator you need to open the eclipse and click on open Android Virtual device manager.

And You will there find an option to run the device manager click on the versions you are given with or you have installed in your machine and then click start, you will get a screen similar to your android device you own. You can now use it similar to your phone and can use other features as well.

When you create an app, you can see it inside the menu.


The name of the project will be the name of the app, you can click on it and run it. You will see all of your things appearing on your screen. Android is very similar to IOS. Even if you are familiar will some of the features or say the basic functionalities of IOS you can easily use android. As you create apps in IOS platform, in a very similar way we create them here.

Android App Life Cycle

Life Cycle of Android App

Life Cycle of Android App


Android is based on drag and drop features, most of them are already present you can just drag and drop them and can make use of them, the controller part would be written by you just to control which ever thing you want to. Let us first understand what is drag drop process is, there are a certain steps that are meant to be followed:

  • Started: This start works when you click on some item to drag it to place inside the coding arena. When this happens StartDrag() function gets called.
  • Continuing: This continuing state occurs when you continue to drag the item. System sends ACTION_DRAG_ENTERED action followed by ACTION_DRAG_LOCATION.
  • Dropped: Dropped happens when you started to drag it and then dropped it at the location you needed to code. A code will be generated for it. For example: You want a text box and button to be in your application, you will have to drag them and then drop them.
  • Ended: Ended happens when you have already dragged and dropped and this event has happened. This is where this process will occur.

Although having said that Android uses java like language and is very similar, but there are many differences lies in that perspective as well. As the Java API and the Android API are different. There isn’t any Java Virtual Machine in Android platform.

It doesn’t execute java byte code. Some of the classes like awt – (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) and swing are not supported in Android, it also doesn’t support graphics which includes paint method to paint anything in the screen as it provides its own platform for making buttons, clicking them out, dragging stuffs, making text fields, boxes and much more.

It does not provide layout manager as it doesn’t support swing, so none of the layouts you used in JAVA like flow layout, grid layout, border layout and absolute layouts are supported here in spite of that you have container widget, which helps in maintaining layout. When we drag and drop them it becomes the format for the display as well.

It is displayed in the very same pattern on the screen. One most important differentiation that lies is that as Java Virtual Machines are stack machines that is are based on FIFO- First in First out basis. The one which is in the stack first will be out of the stack first. And it has several disadvantages as well because stack is based on linear layout structure.

While Android is register based architecture, which differentiates it from other architectures present as it is more reliable to have.

After having to learn this, android has some more very interesting features, it not only includes database management, UI handling, UI layouts, Audio, Video and Cameras but it also has features like Facebook integration, Twitter integration, data backup features, Google maps, RSS and many more. You can also integrate PHP and MySql to it. It would be very helpful in the development purposes.

This post is just an introduction to what android is, where we use it, what are its advantages that made it this popular in the growing market, where its rate is increasing day by day.

If you are interested after reading this article to know more about Android, you can refer to some very good websites like tutorialspoint and the documentation ( provided for Android development by googlers. Android also helps you build management related projects, it creates many opportunities for each and every field so if you find it interesting go ahead with it. It will help you a lot almost everywhere.

Advantages for developing Android Applications:

  • To make an android application for your business purposes, you need not to invest much, it hardly cost you much. If you learn android it is very easy to get any of your applications get designed and working within no time or you can ask me. I will get your project done.
  • Another very important thing is it is Open Source. You need not to pay anything to get the software with you. You just need to download it from the web. If you are strong coder, you can also edit and can code your another version for it, you can think of other things which you found are not available in this version, and can then code it as you like for your own, as its source is available in the web.
  • We can integrate it to other applications very easily and is adoptable. Its interface and other things are very user friendly that one need not to be a very big coder to code in Android. Even if you know basics of core java then also you can very easily as Android implements many features of JAVA, like singleton classes, its variable structure, method implementations and others.
  • Android is used today by almost everyone, it has grown faster. But each and every one doesn’t own iPhone, while developing iPhone applications you are at risk that only a small chunk of crowd might be seeing it and responding to it, the others left over. So, android has established a huge market and that is the major reason that developing Android Applications is very much in demand.

There could be any projects and assignments made in Android. You can use android as a project for you summer training of 45 days or you can make your capstone project and the end of your degree, you can also understand it’s concepts to enhance your business. There could be many projects, some of them are:

  • Pattern Locking Project.
  • Wireless, Wi-Fi related Project.
  • Housing Management System.
  • Banking System.
  • Home-loan System.
  • University Management System.
  • Cab Booking System.
  • Database System.
  • Tourism Project.
  • Game development.

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