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Everyone knows that JavaScript is receiving too much popularity in the digital world now. Its popularity goes along with uncountable changes in the web development.

With the advancement in technology, JavaScript can now be operated both on the browser and server. This is where JavaScript becomes a lot more beneficial, through the Node.js.

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What is Node.js?

It is a server side platform which has been built on the JavaScript Engine of Google Chrome. This has been developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and the latest version of this is the v0.10.36.

If you are new to this platform, you would surely look for a Node.js Assignment Help that will help you in understanding all the aspects related to the platform.

So, to kill your curiosity about this, Node.js is referred to as an open source, cross-platform runtime environment designed for the development of server-side as well as networking applications.

The applications for the Node.js presented in a JavaScript format and can be operated within the Node.js runtime such as Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

Moreover, this platform can provide rich library of different JavaScript modules that would greatly help in simplifying web application development through the use of Node.js.

What are the features of Node.js?

Aside from understanding the meaning and nature of Node.js, it is also good that you make yourself aware of its features.

If will surely benefit you from ensuring that your Node.js Project Help is accomplished in an efficient manner.

Below are some of the most important factors which make Node.js the number one choice of most software architects.

  • Very Fast – When it comes to code execution, you can have the assurance that Node.js will work very fast since it has been built on the V8 JavaScript Engine of Google Chrome.
  • Event Driven and Asynchronous – The entire Node.js’ APIs are asynchronous and non-blocking. This only means that the based server of the platform do not wait for the API to return the data. It will automatically move to the preceeding API right after calling. Moreover, Node.js’ notification mechanism of Events greatly aids the server in getting right response from the former API call.
  • No Buffering – The applications of Node.js will never buffer any data but it will simply output all the data in chunks.
  • Single Threaded however Highly Scalable – The platform makes use of single threaded model along with event looping. The event mechanism of Node.js helps every server to effectively respond through a non-blocking manner, making it highly scalable compared to the traditional server that creates limited threads just to handle the entire requests. It makes use of single threaded program, through similar program provides service into a much bigger number of requests unlike the traditional servers such as Apache HTTP Server.
  • License – The Node.js platform has been released under MIT license.

Today, there are already lots of companies and applications that make use of this platform, Node.js.

Some of these include GoDaddy, eBay, Microsoft, General Electric, Uber, Paypal, Yahoo!, Wikipins, Yammer and many more. In addition, Node.js can be used in different areas, which in turn proves itself as an effective technology partner.

This platform can be used on Single Page Applications, I/O bound Applications, Data Intensive Real time Applications, Data Streaming Application and JSON APIs based Applications. On the other hand, Node.js should not be used on CPU intensive applications.

Environment Setup of Node.js

If you want to learn Node.js in an efficient way, you don’t really need to literally set up an environment because the Node.js environment is already prepared online and the only thing that you need to do is to execute the entire examples as well as theory work if you are doing so.

This will provide you with enough confidence on what you are currently reading and be able to confidently check the results while considering various results. You just need to feel free in modifying the examples and execute it online.

Nevertheless, if you are eager to set up your own environment for Node.js, the best thing that you can do is to have the needed software available on your computer; the Node.js binary installable as well as the text editor.

  • Text Editor Users can use this in order to type their program. Some of the text editors that can be used would include OS Edit command, Windows Notepad, VI or vim, EMACS, Epsilon and Brief. The name as well as the version of the text editor would vary depending on the type of the operating systems. Like for instance, the Notepad can be used on Windows while vi or vim can be used not only windows but as well as on UNIX or Linux.

Users can create files which will be called as source files that come along with program source code. Once you have created files, it will be named along with an extension, “.js”.

Right before beginning with the programming process, you have to make sure that you only use one text editor and you have sufficient experience when it comes to writing computer program. Make sure to save it in a safe file and execute it.

  • Node.js Runtime – Users should know that the source code written on the source file is simply JavaScript. Node.js has an interpreter and it will be used in order to effectively interpret and execute the JavaScript code. The Node.js distribution would appear as binary installable for Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X as well as Windows operating system, which comes along with 32-bit, 64 bit as well as x86 processor architectures.

There are lots of reasons why you need to make use of Node.js. Aside from the fact that Node works fast and provides great scalability and performance, this is also an essential requirement when you begin to try making the next big thing.

This is also very much essential if you want to make sure that you would be able to scale in fast and efficient manner. The details given above would surely help you with your node.js assignment help. Understand and try it before it’s too late.