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And I can bet you it will be 100% unique and your teacher can not caught you. I have developed many web development projects using PHP with MySQL. Every time when I got any idea for website or Web Application, I prefer PHP as server side scripting languages and MySQL as database management system, I don’t like to work with phpMyAdmin. I prefer terminal for writing and manipulating sql script.

I used LAMP environment for PHP Application development. But If your professor have mention that you need to use WAMP or XAMPP. I don’t have any problem in using XAMPP or WAMP or LAMP. Please mention that which software bundle I need to use.

I will make the code as easy as possible and it will be well documented. My PHP code can be understood by anyone and it will written in a manner so that you can get good marks as well as good grade ????????.

I love sublime text editor for writing my code whether I am writing code in PHP, MySQL Script, C++, Java, Python etc. See screenshot attached at bottom, I recommend you to use Sublime Text.

Specially PHP is thought to the students so that student can know about web development  using PHP.

If you are not aware about application that are made by PHP let me tell you

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magnento
  • Opencart
  • Wikipedia

There are a lot of web application that are developed using PHP.

Web Programming Help

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