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My name is Rahul Jaiswal and I’m an Expert Programmer and Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur, full time Programmer making a living from this new and dynamic medium from website like OneOnOneEdu.com.

From Hobby to Profession

I started programming when I was 15, and I am doing programming from last 12 years. Programming is my passion and I love to write the code and face the programming challenges.

Now I am full time programmer and work from my home and my home is my office and my room is my cabin.

Programming Achievements

In School days

In my school days I learned c, c++, java and little bit database. I won the best programmer award in class 9th where  I participated with my seniors. And that was the one of my best moment of my life.

In college Days

I did my engineering in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University Punjab, India. I college days I got so many changes to show my programming skills and I proved that. I won programming hunt completion in my university. And my final year project got the best final year project title in my final year.

In my Working Days

I start working with a company who help students in their college assignment like my website instanteduhelp.com . I can not mentioned the name of company here sorry for that. When I was employee of that company I realized  that they are working for money and not giving good services to their client.

I talked with my boss many times that it is wrong, if people are paying us a huge amount then it is our responsibility to give then a good service but he ignored my thoughts.

After that I gave the resign there and decided I will work from my home and give the best service to the students in their college assignments and projects and now I have 2000+ happy clients from all over the globe.

Why InstantEduHelp.com ?

I started InstantEduHelp.com to provide the genuine assignment help from real people. My main motto behind this website is to make it the biggest friendly, reliable and trusted assignment help and tutoring site. I am working hard to make it more awesome for you.

What I do here
Here at Instanteduhelp.com,

I am available to help students in their programming assignments, programming projects and like to give the educational consultancy.

Here you will get the :

  • Programming Assignment Help
  • Programming Project Help
  • Final Year Project Help
  • Database Project Help
  • database Assignment help
  • Real Time Project development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Education Consultancy

You can communicate with me directly on email, phone, WhatsApp or through Skype, according to feasibility. My average response time is 15 minutes and generally you will get the reply from me in few minutes.

Contact details

My Calling Contact  Number is: +91-9023-236-008

WhatsApp Contact Number is: +91-9465275404

My Email id: [email protected]

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