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Haskell Programming Assignment Help

I am getting so many requested from last year for the Haskell Programming Assignment Help and most of the students told me that no one is available online who can do our Haskell Assignment perfectly that is why I started Haskell Programming Assignment Help service.

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    What is Haskell Programming ?

    Haskell is programming language, but its a functional programming language. It is statically, type, lazy and purely functional programming language.

    Haskell is quite difficult in compare to other programming languages, the name of this language became Haskell from the name Haskell Brooks Curry .

    Why we use Haskell ?

    If we are learning anything then the first thing comes why we are learning and if we are learning then what is the use of that.

    • It increases the productivity of programmers.
    • Chances are errors are less and higher in reliability.
    • We can solve a big problem in few lines of code.
    • Haskell reduces the maintenance charges of large softwares that cost are very heavy.
    • The programs which needs more modifiable and maintainable, Haskell is best for it.

    Why you can go with Haskell ?

    If you are going to learn function programming or you love functional programming then you have a best option to learn, that is Haskell Programming.

    Haskell is craft of functional programming and I can say it is one of beautiful functional programming language you should learn,

    In todays world everyone wants a quick and small solution of any problem and Haskell is known for it. You can solve a big problem while writing few lines code and that is speciality and beauty of Haskell.

    And if you really love functional programming the you must have to learn Haskell.

    There are only few good programmers of Haskell in the world so you can earn good money if you know Haskell and it can be a good reason to learn Haskell.

    Below I am adding a sample code for Haskell so that you can see my coding style.
    module Main
    import System.IO
    import Data.List
    import Data.List.Split
    import Text.Regex.Posix ((=~))
    unify left right = "VALID PATTERN: Left: " ++ left ++ " Right: " ++ right
    strip::String -> String
    strip x = unwords(words x)
    isList::String -> Bool
    isList x = do
    -- let n = addType "List"
    ((last x) == ']') && (isType (strip (init x)))
    isArg::String -> Bool
    isArg x = do
    -- let n = addType "Arglist"
    let params = splitOn "," x
    foldl1' (&&) (map (isType.strip) params)
    isFunc::String -> Bool
    isFunc x = do
    -- let n = addType "Function"
    let params = splitOn ") -> " x
    if (length params) == 2
    then do
    let leftStr = strip (params!!0)
    let rightStr = strip (params!!1)
    if leftStr == []
    then isType rightStr
    else (isArg leftStr) && (isType rightStr)
    else False
    isPrimitive::String -> Bool
    isPrimitive x = x `elem` ["int", "real", "str"]
    -- let n = addType "Primitive"
    -- x `elem` ["int", "real", "str"]
    isVar::String -> Bool
    isVar x = x =~ "[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*"
    -- let n = addType "Variable"
    -- x =~ "[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*"
    isType::String -> Bool
    isType [] = False
    isType [email protected]('`':y) = isVar y
    isType [email protected]('[':y) = isList (strip y)
    isType ('(':x) = isFunc x
    isType x = isPrimitive x
    validate::String -> String
    validate x = do
    let params = splitOn "&" x
    if (length params) == 2
    then do
    let leftStr = strip (params!!0)
    let rightStr = strip (params!!1)
    let leftGood = isType leftStr
    -- let n = addType "&"
    let rightGood = isType rightStr
    if leftGood && rightGood
    then unify leftStr rightStr
    else "ERR"
    else "ERR"
    main = do
    -- putStrLn "Enter a string: "
    input <- getLine
    let str = strip(input)
    if str == "QUIT"
    then return ()
    else do
    let res = validate str
    putStrLn res
    if res =="ERR" || res == "BOTTOM"
    then return ()
    else main

    Types of Haskell Programming Help Services

    • Haskell Assignment Help
    • Haskell Homework Help
    • Haskell Project Help

    Haskell Assignment Help

    Haskell Assignment Help or Haskell Programming Assignment Help service, where you will get the instant help from me. You just need to submit your assignment and I will reply you back within few minutes.

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    If you are looking for Haskell Homework help then you are at best place and I am very excited to help you. I able to help you in any kind of Haskell Homework, level is also don’t matter for me.

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    Haskell Project Help

    Haskell Project help is one of my premium service where you can contact me for any kind of and any level of Haskell Project Help.

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    • Only that person can with Haskell who loves Haskell and I am in love with Haskell since last two years when I started learn Haskell.
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