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Python Homework Help

Python Homework Help

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Intro and Brief Detail of Python

Python is a high level programming language designed by Mr. Guido Van Rossum and developed by Python Software Foundation in the year of 1991 that is 24 years ago it was first launched in the market, although its implementation was started in the year of 1989.
In the month of October, 2000 Python 2.0 was released then 3.0 and so on. In the December 2015 they announced two stable release of 2.7.11 and 3.5.1. This can be used in any of the Cross platform Operation Systems. It is saved as .py, .pyc, .pyd, .pyo, .pyw, .pyz.

Today, it is being used by the google developers most. Its syntax is very simple and easy to use. Only a few lines of code is sufficient to write the code in Python. Python is the most basic language to learn and understand.
As a beginner if you are tossing between learning C, C++, Java or any other language, then I would suggest you to go for python which is today one of the most used languages in the entire world and is very easy to learn and maintain.
The main advantage of writing code in Python is that its interpreters are available for almost all Operating Systems today. So, wherever you write your code doesn’t matter much because you can use it anywhere in almost every platform moreover you can use it freely anywhere as it is open source.
It is an Open Source software, which means that you can use it, make your own changes to it and can download it for free.
If you are new to programming then don’t worry, although it is almost impossible to cover the entire Python details in this short article because it is huge and has lots of applications to it.

But I am going to make sure at the end of this help section that all the basics of yours have been cleared and you could at least get to know what python programming is and how to code a basic app with that and If you are experienced in some other programming language and need to know the basic details of Python here you go, It will be very easy for you to understand.

The basic Syntax used in Python programming language: It uses print() function to print output in the screen, you could relate it to C as printf(), C++ as cout<< and Java as System.out.print() or System.out.println(). Print function is used in the newer versions, in the older versions of python we just need to write print” ” and the desired output is displayed in the screen.

You can also write scripts in Python as it supports Script Programming. When building scripts, to run the code we just need to save the file with .py extension and run it in the terminal as: python The script will run and will give the desired output.

Like any other programming languages it also owns keywords, variables, statements and control flow structures. Some of the statements and control flow structures that Python uses are:

  • If Statement.
  • Elif Statement.
  • For Statement.
  • While Statement.
  • Try Statement.
  • Break Statement.
  • Continue Statement.

I will explain few of them with examples:
Example of if and elif:

If expression :
//to do code
elif expression :
//to do code
Else :
//to do code
Example of for loop:

 for num in range(3,10) :
 print ”The number is %d” %(num);
 Example of while loop:
 while(num!=10) :
 print ”Number is”, num;

Break is used when we need to terminate the sentence, like in case of switch statements to end each case in other languages but Python doesn’t uses switch cases so they are used in the other scenarios where we need the sentence to end and continue statements are used where we want the loop to skip the remainder of the body.

You need not need to include any header files for Python. You can simply write the code using the statements. For example if you want to write a hello world program in Python then you simply need to use print statement like:

Print ”I am the Hello World program. ”;
This will display I am the Hello World program as output.

It supports five data types:

  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary

We can use Exception Handling. Exception is the base class for all exceptions so, there could be a few kinds of exceptions and errors that could occur, some of them are:

  • Standard Error
  • Arithmetic Error
  • Floating Point Error
  • Standard Error
  • Attribute Error
  • Assertion Error
  • Overflow Error
  • Divide By Zero Error
  • EndOfFile Error
  • Index Error
  • Import Error
  • Name Error
  • Key Error
  • IO Error
  • Environment Error
  • Unbound Local Error
  • System Error
  • Syntax Error
  • Indentation Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Value Error
  • Not Implemented Error

Exception could occur at any point of time, it may be because of some logical mistakes you have committed in your code or may be because of the other types of errors that could occur.

Suppose you write a code where you are dividing a number with the another number then what happens is sometimes, if you have not put proper conditions to that code or you have not written it attentively, the code might fail, although it will not give any kind of error or exception at the compile time but it could put you in trouble while you run the code.

It might happen in between that you might try to divide something by zero, and dividing by zero is always infinity which could not be possible in this very scenario of the code, then what you do is you use something to avoid these kind of situations and these are known as exceptions or we can say the exception handling concepts are used.

So, in order to stay away from such issues or errors which are defined above we use the blocks to handle these situations that occurs.
Python not only supports functional and structural methods but also Object Oriented Programming concepts as well: Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance are some of the concepts Python uses. As a result it also uses the concept of classes and objects. It also implements Function overloading and overriding concepts.
This is how the classes are created in Python:

Class ClassName :

Not only this but Python supports multithreading as well. Multi threading is something which can be explained as, suppose you are running 10 programs in your operating system and each and every program should run at the same time, in order to do this the processor cannot distribute itself to give timings to each of the thread.
But what happens is it divides the time to the threads or processes. Suppose you are running VLC, your compiler and your browser altogether then in a friction of seconds it changes and shifts the priority and make each and every program run.
Even after this huge shuffle we never get to know that when one of the program is working and other one is not. This all happens in milli seconds this is how it takes place, It has different states through which it goes through:

  • Start
  • Exit
  • Run
  • Runnable
  • Wait

After going through these of the phases a thread or a process does it work. A process is something big as compared to the thread. A process contains many threads.

Like In the same browser you want to watch to video, you want to make a code run and you want to read a web page, then in the same process you need to switch. Here is where the concept of threads comes and this is how the switching takes place between the processes and threads.
Python uses automatic garbage collection and can be easily integrated with other languages like C, C++ and Java, which are very common these days.
Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Python are:


  • It is readable, easy to learn, use, maintain and is one of the very expressive programming language.
  • Can perform any imaginable task with that, in case of very high CPU usage we have many other options.
  • Provides more explorative ways of coding and so is mainly used in startups.
  • It doesn’t own any time wasting matters of style and is highly productive.


  • Python is an interpreted language and so is slower than rest of the languages used.
  • Concurrency is one of the biggest disadvantage when talking about Python.
  • If using meta programming Python is of no use there, there is no point using Python.
  • Parallelism is also considered as the disadvantage when using Python.

Apart from all these disadvantages, It is still used much in the market and has a standard even after such a long period of it’s discovery this is all because almost each and every kind of programming projects – the big or mini and assignments could be completed using Python as a Programming Language.
One more reason behind this is Python one of the very versatile language and can be used almost everywhere and to code almost everything, It is possible to code all the different types of projects in Python with ease and efficiency. Some of the assignments and projects that could be implemented are:
Parsing using Command Line.

  • Text Editor
  • Simulator
  • A Game

Python is one of the very powerful language with widespread use. You can get to know the importance of Python today by getting to know that one of the very famous websites like Coursera and other free websites run different courses for the language.

Python can be used in almost all the fields of computer science and applications, lot many things could be done using this language for example in the field of web development to develop kind of website related to anything using the frameworks like Zope2, CubicWeb, in the field to data structures and Algorithms.

High quality plugins could also be made using this, could be used to make APIs, In the field of Networking and Cryptography to write codes for Encryption Decryption, In the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Not only has this but Python owns lot many advantages and applications over other languages. Even the most known company today- Google prefer using this language. Most of the applications that are built in Google are made using Python.
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