51 Best and Latest Android Project Ideas For Final Year Students

Looking for best and latest android project ideas ? If yes then you are at right place.

Technological advancements have made it easier for people to get the best of work done with great ease and grace. People from around the world are now making efficient use of mobile devices for ordering various products and services both online and offline.

Android has led the development regime by a margin; it is the availability of a powerful operating system like Android that has leveraged people with the power to do so many things in less time.

Android continues to empower developers and common users; this amazing operating system has worked like a bridge between the developers and the users. Today developers are able to acquire the requisite number of downloads for every ambitious project they start with whereas the users are provided with a pool of option to choose from.

The dynamic changes and the technological breakthroughs are helping people lead a better lives.

Final year engineering students can take up an android project idea and start building something that helps them acquires the requisite number and available opportunities.

Android project ideas should be limited to college exams and thesis paper; one should definitely pursue it in the outer world and try to accomplish something out of it. There’s a lot students can achieve by implementing one of those world changing android project ideas apart of the grades and marks.

The rise of android and world adapting to it: A decade ago, anyone hardly new that one such operating system will make lives

easier and allow people to accomplish greater things in life via their mobile devices.

Today devices powered by android can work as medical equipment, an emergency support device and many more. It is the mere application of learning and evolution of the already existing operating systems.

By far we can say that Android happens to be the best easier designed and implemented operating system. This one operating system is allowing people to unleash the power of mobile devices by leaving their bulky laptops at home.

Why students should try to take up android project ideas during final year?

In a world, where everyone is talking about thinking out of the box and innovation, it is important that students are taking up projects that lead to some breakthroughs.

Any student who decides to take up an android project ideas and do something really different and worthwhile.

Engineering colleges are considered to be the epitome of the innovation and technology driven advancements, going forward we will be discussing more than 100 unique android project ideas to work on during final years.

Engineering college students should come out of their comfort zones and try to take up android project ideas for final grade because it will make their CVs impressive and also turn them in a job magnet. Contemporary enterprises love to hire people who have accomplished something on their own.

It is now time for the world to wake up and grab the opportunity.

Final year engineering student, your final project is the most important paper of your life. Try everything new and old, you want but accomplish it with a bit of innovation and out of box thinking, try one of the following android project ideas:

Hospital Disease Management Android Project Idea:

Hospitals have always found it difficult to keep a record of medicines they have in stock. With one such project that solves the issue of keeping records, hospitals are going to be really grateful.

The project will help hospitals cater to their patients in best possible way without any delay. There’s a lot that can be achieved with one such system/interface in place.

Puzzle Game Android Project Idea:

Take up an entertaining yet obsolete gaming model and evolve it according to the modern needs. Your invigilator will also appreciate your efforts and will end up awarding you with good grades.

One such android project idea will have a lot of weightage in the outer world, you will be able to cater to a wider audience and generate good amount of revenue.

Quick Responder Android Application:

Bloggers, e-commerce entities and reputed companies are dependent upon quick responder android application for providing customers with instant updates. You can improve the already existing package or introduce something new that minimizes the space or enhances the quality of support and grab all the limelight.

Contacts and Image Uploading Android Application:

There’s so much to do with android and provide people with applications that will help them store files and data. One android project idea that can help people safeguard all their important data is the need of hour.

With this contact and image uploading android application, you can be sure that you are solving a problem, which will help you acquire the best possible grade.

Text to voice conversion android application:

This one application if designed intricately can change the course of your career for better. You will become the hotshot developer, every android-based enterprise will look forward to hire.

Monetise your application smartly and you will be able to generate huge amount of money in almost no time.

Task alerting android project:

In a world, where everyone is busy running from here to there, it is important to have someone who can remind us about the

tasks we are bound to do. Task alerting android project is going to be a huge hit among the millennial because of the occupied life they are leading.

Integrate some cool stuff in your application and everyone will provide you with a 5 star rating on the Play Store.

Fruit maturity Android Application:

This one application will revolutionize the food industry for better. People will be able to eat healthy and acquire the requisite health. One such android application is the need of hour and people will be grateful to have it.

Fruit maturity application will come with pre-defined data that will guide people whether the fruit is now okay to eat or not.

School Management System Android Project:

Schools are the most un-organized sector in the world. The world today needs an application that can help administration manage the accounts of varied students efficiently. This one single application can change the schools for better.

With proper maintenance of records, we can definitely build a better education system.

Student-Faculty Android App:

An application that bridges the gap between the student and the faculty is bound to go really popular. Every educational institution needs to have one such app that allows the students to engage with professors without putting their problems in the public domain.

This will not only help students do good at the curriculum but will also shape their over all personality.

Personal Book Android Project:

One of the simplest android project ideas but a very important and useful one. This app is going to help people of all age manage their records, reminders and everything else with great ease and grace.

One can also keep up with the court dates, payment deadlines and many more without missing out on anything. People who tend to be late all the time can use this app efficiently for leading a better life.

Energy meter, reader and flow control Android Project:

Engineers and other mechanical people are going to find this android project idea very useful for the modern world. Now that our phones are already working as a restaurant menu card, shopping outlets then why not convert it into an eventful engineering tool as well?

An energy reading application will help users make the most of every opportunity. One can use their phones for controlling the flow of energy through a particular appliance as well.

Online food app:

The world is looking forward to have more online food ordering options and your app can prove to be the next big thing. Pursuing online food app as one of your many android project ideas is going to help you make the most of everything.

You will be able to help restaurants as well as common people lead an easier and a simpler life. You can turn into an online marketplace or sell it to food agencies looking forward to make their online presence.

Period Bell Android App:

One of the smartest android project ideas to work upon; this one app is going to get popular among colleges from around the world. Schools and colleges are going to use this app for marking the end and beginning of classes.

These apps are obviously going to be better than those idiotic bells that rings and make a lot of noise.

E-Commerce application for mobiles:

E-commerce is ruling the modern Internet but it is also suffering because users are pivoting to mobile devices. One application for e-commerce that allows them to run on mobile devices with equal efficiency is going to be really beneficial for the businesses.

There’s so much for e-commerce businesses to achieve and with an android mobile application in place, they are going to ensure their revenue grows like never before.

Smart Phone book android application:

A phone book application as one of your android project ideas will look good on your portfolio. This one app solves a lot of problem and also allows people to manage their contact list with great ease.

There’s so much businesses can earn from integration of their apps with this phone book application. This one application is going to open doors of new and amazing opportunities.

It is the user at the end of day, which is going to benefit the most.

Automatic appliance control application:

It is now time for the world to start saving electricity and save the planet from apocalypse. There’s so much people can achieve using an automatic appliance control application that allows them to monitor and control performance from their android devices.

People can switch these appliances on and off from their offices. This one application is going to become really revolutionary and help people save a lot on their electricity bills.

Automatic volume adjustment application:

This one application will prove to be pioneering engineering work; everyone is going to appreciate the hard work and everyone will love to own one such app.

This one app will find usage in homes, offices, colleges, and theatres and almost everywhere in the world. People are going to finally have control over their sound systems without compromising on their comfort. You will be able to adjust sounds from the comfort of your bed.

World News on one click android application:

Bringing the world of information on your fingertips. Here is one of the many android project ideas that will help people acquire knowledge like never before. People can now be dependent upon such quality services where proper and accurate news is delivered to their fingertips.

One can access it across the world at any time and have the requisite information being served.

Online Gazette android Application:

Governments will finally be able to release all the important information related to policy changes with great ease. The online gazette application will turn out to be one stop shop for everyone who wants to keep up with the government policies. Government can also use this pioneering application efficiently to make people aware about the varied programs, benefits and subsidies.

Android maze games:

The maze continues to be one of the most popular games on this planet. People of all ages from around the world have loved this game and are constantly looking forward to making the most of it. There are so many people who can actually try but these games continue to be the favorite of everyone.

It will make people nostalgic and also bring back the best memories.

Open source Shopping Cart App:

A lot of developers find it really difficult to design a shopping cart for e-commerce businesses; it gets even more difficult when it is about designing a shopping cart for android apps.

With this open shopping cart application, you will end up helping a lot of engineers in need. People from around the world will be able to download this app and integrate a shopping cart in their e-commerce business and achieve the requisite success.

Hush text android application:

the world today is very un-secure and there exists almost no interface that allows people to communicate without putting themselves on the un-secure lines.

Hush text applications with the requisite security features can help people make the most of every opportunity and communicate without any fears.

The problem here will be solved and people will crave own one such app, which will make this application go viral.

Vehicle Financing App:

There’s so much that can be achieved with the help of mobile applications, vehicle financing applications can help people check

whether they are applicable to get a vehicle financed or not.

The application will also serve as one point of contact and make it easier for people from around the world to get their vehicles financed in almost no time.

This application can also hold requisite documentations, come with a calculator and also provide people with information related to laws and the vehicle protection act.

Mastermind game application:

There’s so much to do with these android applications; developers can always come up with a mastermind game application and help people make the most of every opportunity.

The world today is looking forward to having games that are interesting and very much intriguing. Developers can actually come up with one such game and provide people with the entertainment they deserve.

RSS New Reader application:

Bloggers and popular webmasters are going to fall in love with this application. RSS reader application is going to help bloggers acquire the requisite traffic and become really popular and rich.

Bloggers will be able to acquire new readers and loyal audiences on daily basis and see their business rise in front of their eyes. The world will finally reckon the presence of such apps and make businesses thrive better than ever.

Train journey Planner application:

There already exists planning applications but here we are talking about a train planning app that integrates with other train ticket booking apps and can provide important details like the availability of seats.

One can always use this application for managing their work, planning holidays, and doing the requisite bookings. In a world, where people are constantly battling to save time, this application is going to have a brighter future hence final year engineering students should try this as one of the potential android project ideas.

Free SMS Application:

Businesses are going to have a great time using this amazing service that allows them to send free Marketing Texts. There are so many businesses can do with one such application in place.

The unique idea when taken up as one of the ambitious android project ideas can help students garner impressive grades and built a highly appreciable CV.

Location-based reminder:

It happens a lot many times that we visit the market and forget to get a few things. Well! This modern idea can solve the problem really smartly.

All you got to do is fill in all the items you want to shop for when you visit a particular area. As soon as you step into the market, the android application is going to send you a reminder so that you can grab all instead of forgetting the most important items.

These location-based apps are going to be really helpful. If any engineering student decides to use this idea for creating an android project then he or she can garner some good grades and pass the final year with flying colors.

Notes tracker android application:

students from around the world are going to be grateful to the developer of one such app. This application can aim to solve one of the most common problems. Students will be able to track the most important lessons with just one touch.

The developer might need to work on the basic idea to improve before actually work on it.

Phone charging alert:

A simple android application that intimidates the owner to charge the phone as soon as it spends 10 percent of the battery. This app can also remind people to put their phones on charge at a particular time on a daily basis.

There’s so much for common people to make out of this amazing application.

Friend finder application:

We have Tinder where people can find individuals with romantic interests but what about friends? Can we not have an app where we can find new and amazing friends?

This new app idea can help a lot of introverts find some good friends on the basis of their location and interests. One such app might not go well with college exams but it is going to help students impress the HR of popular companies.

E Campus Android Application:

Centralizing information related to campus at one place. This one application alone can help new and fresher students to make their college lives simpler and fun.

This application is going to let people make the most of the facilities provided in college from the very first day. This android project idea is one of those rare ideas that can change the way people do things and interact with people.

Online local ticket finding and reservation:

Till now it is not possible for people to find local tickets online, check availability, and booking them. The central agencies are not pursuing it because it will put a lot of load on the server.

One separate application for online local ticket finding and reservation can help people solve their day-to-day issues. One can be late and still afford to own a ticket for the train.

This one application will help the railways as well as the real common man.

Scrap collection online portal:

Colleges, societies, and even offices can put up one such central system, which can be used by employees, students,s, and people for dumping their scrap in an efficient way.

One can always set up an appointment for garbage removal or one can always request the pickup boy to remove the scrap and clean the arena. One-touch and the place can be cleaned is an amazing android project idea to pursue.

Bus tracker Android Application:

Now that we have Uber and Ola, we can also have an android application that tracks the movement of buses and make it easier for people to plan their transit.

One can always see the bus’s current location before leaving their houses for a stop. One such android project idea is the best for final year students to take up because these solve real-life problems and will fetch you good grades and a lot of appreciation.

Smart blood bank android application:

One centralized system that can put up information required by people in need of blood with urgency; one such system that sends requests to everyone with a particular blood group to volunteer for donation and helps someone in need.

This one centralized system will save a lot of lives and help people be aware of their capability of saving lives.

City guide android application:

When we can have a university guide application then why not develop a city guide android application. One can depend upon this amazing app when one plan to visit a new city all alone.

There’s so much these applications can do for new people in the city. These apps can also generate good revenue by collaborating with local hotels, bars, and outlets for advertisement and also for exclusive suggestions to the user.

City guide android application is one of the smartest android project ideas to pursue and solve a real-life problem. One can also make a successful business out of this android project idea.

College Alert Application:

Students looking forward to taking admission in reputed colleges with vacancies can opt for this application. This one app is based on the idea of providing students with the latest updates related to their preferred colleges instantly.

There’s so much that can be done with this app and achieved. Students should consider it as one of the bravest and smartest android project ideas to work upon and help students in need.

Health care management system:

We as a community are not developing until and unless we develop our health management system. A proper system for health management in place is going to make lives easier and fun-filled.

This one android project idea has a lot of potentials and it is going to help students can their fortunes as well.

Pocket management system:

There are a lot of young employees can achieve with this application on their phones. Students can also pursue this android project idea aggressively because it has the requisite power to help them acquire good ranks and also solve a real-life problem.

Faculties are actually looking forward to award students with real-life ideas with the best of grades.

Meal ordering system android application:

Designed for smaller areas like office and university basis, where faculties and employees can order the mess guy to deliver their meal at their tables accordingly.

This one app will simplify the lives of employees working on giant campuses. It is yet another one of those android project ideas that solve a real-life problem.

Location-based car rental system:

Better than existing Ola and Uber; this one application will work on pre-defined charges and not go ahead with dynamic pricing. This one app helps people decide whether they want to take the ride or not based on the price it shows up before the beginning of the cab.

Online smart village monitoring:

NGOs and governmental organizations can make the best use of this app. This one application can help NGOs and other organizations reach to the base level and help them with quality services.

Online smart village monitoring app will also bring down corruption and promote a good working attitude among on-the-ground workers.

Donors and receivers Android application:

This is certainly one of the most preferred android project ideas for students, who want to make a lasting impression on their faculties. Donors and receivers android application is going to help NGOs keep a proper record of all the donations received and also of all donors.

This same app can also be used efficiently by NGOs for the proper allocation of funds and distribution of work.

Pair allocation app for enterprises:

Enterprises that run on huge human resources will love to have one such application in their satchel. This application can alone sort out the most dynamic problem enterprises are facing.

One can easily use this app for allocating partners based on skill match set. This app can alone help people manage their human resources with great ease and grace.

Final year students should pursue this application aggressively and give their teachers something very tangible to Asses.

Home automation system enabled by android:

It is going to be revolutionary for people, this one application will help people manage their appliances with great ease. One will be able to switch on air conditioners ten minutes before he or she reaches home.

There are so many people can do about it and with it. Switching off the light, geyser, and many other appliances as soon as their works are done.

The future is here and everyone should consider pursuing one such app for his or her final year projects.

Final year projects are important because it is the time where students get to put their efforts into something tangible and showcase their best skills.

Selecting an android project idea gets very important, selecting a project idea will not only do but selecting a perfect idea will do. One needs to make the best use of the available opportunity and put their best foot forward in order to grab the best possible grade.

This project is going to be there on your resume for life long hence putting a lot of effort becomes compulsory on your part.

We have tried to list some of the most ambitious and thought-provoking android project ideas here; students can always put a bit of research in the resting place and discover the benefits of pursuing these ideas.

Some of the ideas listed here, solve huge real-life problems; one can easily find whether a particular project will create a lasting impression or not by discovering the targeted audience. There’s so much to accomplish but then the beginning of all good things depends upon this one project. Give your best.


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