The lawyer fight cases in the court cognate to different matters and forwarded by representing their client in the court. As the client doesn’t know the law well enough so he hires an advocate who fights and represent the case from his side. In this world people have many disputes related to personal, professional, domestic, business etc. the court then do the equity predicated on the facts present by the lawyers in front of the judges.

The case management system helps the lawyer to maintain his work cases without doing the physical paperwork and abate the encumbrance to manage it. The system itself save all the data in an account and save it for future prospects as well. The system bifurcate the details and maintain it into the system in different headings.

It alerts the advocate and the client about the hearing date of the case and also suggests necessary presentation papers to do before the tribulation commences. The details of the case is very sensitive and need to be keep in secure position in which the system helps the client and the advocate to save the data in secure way. 

The system helps the client to search for the best advocate as per his case type and need, it also suggest the fees charged by certain advocates based on their experience and qualification. The system holds the details of every case and save it for further use. The advocate can book meeting with the client to understand the case and get the obligatory documents signature by the clients to be submitted in the court.

                               The system suggests best advocates as per the case type of the client. The client can see the profile of the advocate and if he chooses, the client’s detail also forward to the advocate to understand the situation in a better way. The client can pay the advance fees through the system online process and start the trial process with the help of the advocate.

The salient features are as follows:

Current System

The current system is very hefty and time consuming, here the client need to first search for the lawyer by arbitrary publicity or through the newspaper advertisement. Then he goes to him after searching his chamber address and then explain him the case and situation. After that sometimes the client feels the fees of the lawyer are higher than his budget so now he has to find an incipient lawyer.

The client cannot find many lawyers while searching by roaming in the area, it is proximately infeasible to get the advocate from astronomically immense sample size, and instead he has to hire the lawyer who is in nearby area. This restricts the data of the best lawyer and sometimes the client has to compromise with the available one.

The system is obsolete and error mix, there are sometimes the agent comes in the picture and promise to provide good lawyer by taking extra money from the client this process also do fraud with the client by taking more than necessary charges. The process is time consuming and the client also needs to do the work physically and manage the documents in the portfolio.

Required System

The proposed system is made keeping in mind the problems faced by the clients and the advocates and design the user interface helpful enough so that the user can get optimum use of the system.

The system showcases the profiles of the lawyer to the client along with past achievements and experiences through which the client gets an idea about the advocate and then he decides to connect him or not. The client can pay the charges of the lawyer through the system in advance. There are certain times when the client needs to connect with the lawyer which can be done directly through the system interface.

The system is also helpful for the lawyer as well he can see the details of the case along with the client in his interface. He can also get his fees in advance via online mode and get the ratings of his profile which will be helpful in attracting more clients in the future.

The admin overpower the system and manage the data in it. He is advisable to check thoroughly the system and rectify the errors if he finds any. The admin can access the accounts of all the users and do the necessary changes if needed.



Entity Relationship Model:


This model entertains the stigma of the cases provided by the clients for different reasons, but this diagram shows the data to be driven inside the system and how this complex structure manages the data to be controlled smoothly and function in a well manner. The admin withal the system information and provide it to the entities for smooth functioning. The system allows the user or client to manage his details and provide the information about his case through the system itself. The entities and their attributes are discussed below in detailed:


  1. Admin:

The admin manage the accounts of the clients, advocates and the employee’s details. He is responsible for any malicious activity happens in the system and to troubleshoot it. This entity holds the accounts detail of every admin if the authority is given to more than one person. The admin manages the payment methods also and deduct the service charges as per the type of case. The related attributes are:

  • Admin_ID: The system provides a unique number different for all the admin accounts it helps in securing the data inside the account for long.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of every admin and their accounts are maintained on the basis of their names as title.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of admin is registered in the system to connect him whenever required.
  • Email Address: The query resolution or forwarding of the documents or any other paper is done through the email address provided in this attribute.



 2. Employee:

The employees control the system and manage the cases handle by the advocates of the clients and distinguish the accounts of each advocate as well. This entity holds the accounts of every employee where they save their personal information, cases details, and their salary and leave management also. This entity separates the accounts of every employee as per the data. The related attributes are as follows:

  • Employee_ID: The system provides an employee identity number to each employee which is attached with their accounts and help at the time of login into the system.
  • Name: The employees are many in the organization and to hold their accounts separately, their names are saved in this attribute for reference.
  • Contact No.: The employees can be contacted through the contact number provided into this attribute.
  • Email Address: The query regarding any case or payment is raised by the client or advocate who is sent to the email address of the employees.
  • Qualification: The employees are designated to different positions as per the qualifications they have gained in previous times.
  • Employee Type: The employee is of various types as per their work and qualifications and designated accordingly.
  • Cases Assigned: The employees handle the cases which are assigned to them and make sure to connect properly with the client and the advocate as well.



  1. Advocate:

This entity makes the accounts of the advocates secure and safeguards the data inside it. The advocates take the cases according to there are of expertise and solve it as possible after takedown in the court room. This entity allows the advocate to maintain their accounts and also they get their fees from this system through online mode, they can also see the pending cases details in the system, the related attributes are as follows:

  • Advocate_ID: The advocates are provided with an identity number which helps them in accessing their accounts without any hassle.
  • License No.: The advocates get license of legal justice from the chamber of advocate council, and the license number is save in this attribute.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of the advocates who are registered in this system and provide their services to the clients.
  • Contact No.: The advocates contact number is saved in this attribute to contact him if needed at any point of time.
  • Email Address: The client shares the details of the case to the advocate through the email which is saved in this attribute.
  • Residence: The authenticity of the advocate is measured as per the residence address to be mentioned in this attribute by him.
  • Qualification: The advocates hold different degrees and level of education with them which is saved in this attribute along with their accounts.
  • Experience: The level of experience an advocate has is mandatory to show in the system so that the client can choose the best suitable lawyer for him.



  1. Cases:

The clients sue many cases in a day which is created separately as an account in the system, this entity holds the details of every case introduced in the system and showcases the advocates list which is suggested as per the choice of the clients. They can see the experience of the advocate and choose the best suitable one. The related attributes are:

  • Case_ID: The system gives an identity number to each case and tags them in the system for long which is saved in this attribute.
  • Case type: The case may be domestic violence, fraudulent, harassment, and business related as well which is mentioned here in this attribute and attached with the case of the client.
  • Advocate_ID: The case is affix to be deal by a particular advocate which is chosen by the clients as per their interest and experience.
  • Court name: The case as per their nature is dealt in different courts which are mentioned in this attribute.
  • Case Description: The case is well explained in this attribute so that the crux of the case is to be understood by the advocate as well.
  • Last Hearing Date: The cases run in the court for many days and the court give date of hearing, this attribute holds the last hearing date of the case.
  • Next Hearing Date: The court provides next hearing date as per the space available for the given date and time which runs further.



  1. Clients:

This entity holds the accounts of the clients as there are many clients attached with the system and do the business. The clients can change their information into the system and also they can alter the type of data to be feed in it. There are certain other prospects which are necessary for doing the business and it provides the tabs for clearing out the system information. The related attributes of this system are:

  • Client_ID: The system provides an identity number with the account of the client and safeguards its data through the security.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of every client who is a part of this system and registered successfully.
  • Contact No.: The clients are connected through the contact number which is already focused in this attribute to be used at the time of need.
  • Email Address: The email address of every client is saved in this attribute which is used in transferring any kind of documentation process.
  • Residence: The residence of the clients is added in this attribute for security and reliability purpose or to send any document at the residence address.

User Interface Model

The user interface model shows how the different actors of the system will see the display in their screen. The interface will cover all the required options as per the actors and it is customizable that means other options can be added in future if needed at a point of time.


The front screen which opens initially is the login page in the interface of every actor. It showcases the credentials to be needed for accessing the account. The forgot option and registration option is needed in some actor interface added intentionally.



The dashboard is the page which contains the options to go deeper in the system and access the information seeking by the actors in various manners. The admin can access accounts of every other actor in the system but the other actors can’t access each other’s accounts due to security purposes.


Cases Provided:

The admin and the clients can see this option in which the client provides the case and its details whereas the admin acknowledges the information and analyze it properly. The cases documents can be sent through the email address of each other and referred advocate holds it.


Hiring Advocate:

The clients choose the advocate profile after analyzing all the advocates and choose the best suitable for him. The system displays the profile of the lawyers and their previous achievements and ratings. The client choose lawyer accordingly. This option is also visible on the interface of the lawyer, he gets the client’s details if the client chooses him for the trial in the court.



The system provide option to the client to pay the fees of the advocate through the system via online mode including the service fees of the system therefore the interface shows the total amount to be given by the client and directly transfer it to the account of the lawyer.


Resolve Cases:

The cases which are solved by the advocates are directly sustained in this interface. It is seen by the client and the advocate, they try to win the case by doing trials in the court and providing facts and proofs. The advocates take the cases as per their expertise and solve it with full efficiency.



After solving the case or taking the case into consideration, the admin confirms the case and do the necessary documentation among the clients and the advocates also include the system service charges into the proper charges.

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