Things are moving with a great pace in the world and people are becoming proactive, they plump to polish their skills and upgrade themselves to great extension. They deprived to do work more and more in lesser time, initially it is good but now the dark side is that this thing is additionally making them impatient and insensately coercing them without any reason. Consequently to do multiple tasks at a same time they are relying more and more on technology to preserve time. Here, people rush in offices too, they espouse to work expeditious as possible and within stipulated time.

In every office there are multiple departments located in sundry places and they require communicating with each other, not only on call but through hard paper work withal consequently there are multiple files they send from one department to other through courier and utilize this system.

Initially, an outsider body is required to do this task and maintain felicitous coordination among two or more departments by sending the respective file and other things within time through courier services. A company needs to establish congruous coordination not only among the internal departments but also it requires to do the same with the clients or the customer whether in native region or in peregrine, so the courier system is not only needed to convey the files, letter, application, proposals, any other physical item in the native region but withal to convey it to the peregrine addresses additionally.

Apart from the professional world, the courier system is also needed to send sundry items here and there domestically on a personnel level. People convey any kind of items through courier to their relatives and friends for different purposes.

There are some companies who do business by providing the items to be delivered at their door step in this the courier service is manageable.

This is also a very cost efficacious and trusted medium to send and formicate items and things from one place to other in no time, there government owned courier service available in every country like post offices, from that people can send letters, documents, files etc. and also there are multiple privately owned courier companies as well, who charges subsequent amount to do the work. They use all mediums of transport from bus, personal conveyance to trains and even flights also to heighten the services and diminish the reaching time of the parcel.                                             

But in today’s world, the couriers require to do a plethora of paperwork daily and also there are many distinct items are transported in a day so to keep a record of its sending till receiving process many times paperwork is needed to be done physically, ergo an automated system is required to manage the courier services opportunely along with adscititious utilizable features for extra comfort and guidance therefore the proposed courier management system is needed which is customizable as per the companies need. The hidden prospective are:

Ongoing System

People use the courier services of government as well as the privately owned courier companies whichever is bearable by them. Now this system work can be understand by taking an example, when a person wants to send a document through courier first he goes physically to the courier office then on the basis of the weight of the courier and destination to where it sends, the charges are applicable then after a courier boy forward it to the mode of transport and then the other courier boy receives the document in the destination place and deliver to the respective address.

Now this whole system is done manually and requires a lot of extensive physical work along with signature corroboration of every individual who is receiving it. Now it is marginally staunch process which is dependent on the paperwork analysis and record consequently it’s always a concern to take care of paper file till it reaches the desired address. Sometimes due to human error, if something happens to the parcel and it lost in transit then we cannot track the way to the point from where the parcel or document goes missing.                                                                                                                                            

There are many couriers send and receives daily in the world through all medium of transport even though plane cargo and ships dock shipments. As the moving speed of the world, the speed and accuracy of this system is becoming obsolete and slow, therefore to compete with it the proposed automated courier management system is required. This system is off bit and requires time to done the task whether in professional world or in personal people daily work.

Some underrated key areas of this system which made it obsolete are:

Proposed System

The subsisting system is not keeping hand in hand with the current requisite of the worlds courier accommodations consequently the proposed system is engendered after consistently analyzing the market need and requisites. This system is blearily automated and avails the admin to do the task efficaciously, it keeps record of every parcel and courier which is sending or receiving. This system has abbreviated all the manual work along with the utilize convivial interface. This system is controlled by the admin or the head entity that has the ascendancy to govern and manage the whole system felicitously.

In this system the interface is made considering the desideratum of admin, customer and even employees withal who are running this process, this system is capable of providing the estimated charges the customer will be bear on the substratum of the document type along with the details of the size, weight, and destination distance.

After alimenting this information the database amasses the details and on the substructure of algorithms it exhibits the estimated charges. A customer can book a courier from his place he doesn’t need to visit the office and then he can additionally pays the charges through online mode. Apart from booking, this system holds the data of employees and the admin can maintain it properly, this method is very cost effective and provides real time information of the parcel to the customer.

The system provides a unique tracking ID which is attached with the parcel by the system and then customer can even track his courier by entering the unique and distinct tracking ID into the system till it reaches its final destination then automatically the system erase this ID from its database for security purposes.

The hidden features of this system are:



ER Model


The proposed system is linked with each entity through internal channel and transmits the linking data whenever needed from the database therefore this model shows the cognation of entities along with their attributes with other entities and provides an opportune authentic view to describe the database hierarchy as required. Here the admin entity controls the other entities and according to the situation it modifies and manages the data based on the requirement.



  1. Admin:

The head of the system is admin, this entity controls the functioning of the system and provides the help whenever needed. The initiating of courier process commences with booking the courier by the customer and it goes till the receiver gets the courier this whole process is managed and coordinated by the admin entity, it proscribes the liquidity of the system to make it smooth and handles it meticulously, the other aspect shows the management of the system by the admin in which all the entities plays different role and fortifies the process. The attributes which support this system are:

  • Login_ID: The admin access is given to one or more than one person to control the courier management so this attribute collects the distinct and unique login credentials given to every admin.
  • Name: This is the supreme entity therefore the name of every admin person is needed to be saved in the attribute database to authorize them after identification.
  • Connection Information: The other entities authorized person needs assurance and support from the admin so the connection information like phone number, address, email of admin should be collected in the attribute.


The admin entity’s primary task is to manage the Courier entity in which the proper coordination among the attributes is derogative and comprehensive refutes to maintain the situation as and when requested.



  1. Courier:

The whole central campaign is to manage the couriers in bulk and provide a sustainable cycle which is automated in nature and governs by the admin, so this entity handles all the details of each courier which comes in a day and also it supports the entries of incoming couriers as well as the delivered courier and save it in database.

  • Description: This attribute collects the information of the courier which is to be delivered, whether it’s fragile, glass, money, or any beverages are inside courier.
  • Type: There are different types of courier like documents, letters, food items, electronic items, fragile items etc so they all are bifurcated and handled carefully.
  • Dimension: The dimension of the courier is necessary to estimates the space needed to carry it, so this attribute provides the desired details.


The courier entity then estimates the delivery time and details which is prime entity for the courier entity, therefore in the delivery entity the admin updates all the details regarding the proposed courier section wise and destination wise to be delivered on time and simultaneously to optimum use the resources

  1. Delivery:

Every courier needs to be shipped within time and with felicitous care without any loss or damage so the minuet details of each courier need to be tagged with the respective courier and also the details of the courier boy and the receiver is needed.

  • Destination: Every courier is shipped to the destination address which is prior given by the customer so this attribute collects this data with the courier.
  • Delivery Person Details: The delivery person who collects the courier from the customer and the other courier who ships the courier to the destination both of them personal details are need to be submitted and share with the customer as well.
  • Courier Details: The information of every courier like, type of courier, material inside, any message with it, or any other sundry facts are stored.
  • Bar Code: Every courier is tagged with a unique barcode which is needed in identification and also to track the courier by the customer.
  • Receiver’s Details: The address and phone number of the receiver person is needed for communication to whom the customer needs to send the courier,
  • Status: The details of every courier is stored in the database even of those who are delivered therefore this attribute shows the active inactive or in process shipments.

The customer books the courier and provides the delivery information date and address till then he needs to send the parcel. The courier company has different mode of transport to send the courier depend upon how early the customer needs to send it and the charges are different.

4. Customer:

The customer is the person who wants to send the courier to a desired place. By the help of this management system, the user interface of the customer provides him easy features so that he can book the courier after filing the details of it and even pays the delivery charges online, so this entity holds the details of the customer:

  • Identity: This attribute collects the information like name and unique ID of the customer to help him in login.
  • Residence: The parcel needs to be collected from the venue of the customer therefore this attribute saves the residence information of the customer.
  • Contact Info: To communicate with the customer properly, the contact information is required to be feed in the system.
  • Payment: When the customer enters the details of the parcel then the proposed system shows him the estimate charges which he can pay online.
  • Booking History/ Status: The customer sends the courier more than one time then this attribute provides the details of customer when he logins in the future.



User Case Diagram


This entity is the whole sole of the system that is responsible for every task and every courier’s liability till it reached its destination. Therefore its interface requires the entire necessary component to deal with certain regularities and manages the other sections.


Courier Boy:

The employee who is field job person and ships the courier to its respective destination therefore its interface must contain list of courier he needs to deliver in a day along with the address and contact information of the receiver.



This actor is the person who books the courier and pays the charges online, therefore the interface of this actor is simple and gives option to feed the details of the courier he wants to send.

Admin Login:


The admin first needs to login into his respective account to manage the system, therefore this screen come first.



This is the same section for both the customer and the admin, it highlights the options through which the admin and customer can access further.


Courier Section:

The admin and Customer both can access this section in which the courier details are feed into the system.



The courier boy receives the parcel and delivers it to the final place, so this segment provides information of the transportation of every courier.



Once the couriers are received by the delivery boy, then this section provides the details of the distribution of the parcels along with their respective time frame.

Courier Track:

The customer can track its parcel in transit to gets the regular update of it, this section is sub headed in the customers interface page.



In the end of the process the delivery boy submits report to the admin in which he gives the information of the parcels he delivered and how many are yet to be delivered.


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