Human body is composed of elements like Air, Water, Fire, Soil etc. and it majorly constitute of water which is around 75% in the body. Consequently water is very essential element for the survival of human beings. The 72% of the whole Earth contains water and the rest is the land on which the whole population of the world live. But the ocean water is not drinkable for the human being as it contains salt in astronomically immense amplitude, they can imbibe only ground water or the river and ponds water. 97% of the earth’s water is found in ocean which is too salty for drinking and also it cannot be utilized for irrigation in agriculture, if we verbalize about the percentage of drinking water available for humans in the whole world from the total amount of water then it merely contributes around 3%.

We can estimate how less amount of drinking water is available in the world but still people don’t preserve water, they waste it unnecessarily without any reason. Because of this we can now optically discern the scarcity of drinkable water around the globe as there’s no supersession of water and a human being can live up to one week without victuals, but he will die within 3 days without drinking water.

Therefore this system has already setup a plant for the distillation of water and then it manages it by distributing the water to the offices and at the venue of the customer wherever he wants. The plant filters the water and it will avail in retaining the minerals in the water.

Existing System

In current scenario, people around the globe are dealing with water scarcity and they have no other choice but to drink the dirty water of the river and ponds without purification. Drinking water is not only obligatory for the humans but also for other living beings. Every year many animals and humans die due to unavailability of drinking water. Water is additionally utilized for agriculture crop magnification and also for the industrial purposes for making sundry items from different compositions.

These things are polluting the river and ponds water and making it poisonous for any living thing to drink, even they are abbreviating the magnification of the crops in the fields. Because industries and factories have annexed and dump the waste directly into the rivers which is deleterious even for the water animals.

People are digging more and more pot apertures to get the ground water from below the land, but now the water level inside the land has also gone down further and the other subsisting pot apertures are draining day by day this is a very rigorous quandary which needs to be addressed in priority substratum. Due to climate change and ozone depletion the ground water, river and ponds are drying on the verge of extinction because the temperature of the atmosphere is evaporating the water rapidly.

The key points which are depleting the need of existing system are:

Real Time System

The proposed system is not depending upon the ground water and rivers, but it will provide drinking water through purification of sea water by the distillation process unit. The distilled water then accumulated into the water vessel, the proposed system sanctions the customer to book as many water drums he needed through the system then this request goes to the admin and after approving the required vessels are filled and send to the testing unit where the authorized personnel test the water quality along with the minerals present in the water, after approbation the vessels will be loaded into the conveyance by the transporter and distributed to the venue provided by the customer.

The key features of the proposed system are:



Entity Relationship Model


This model represents the relation among the different entities of the system which contains the heinous and expeditious data which is interlinked and important for the functioning of the database. Here the admin is the head entity which proscribes the process and manages it further, then the system bifurcate the order placed by the customer for the containers of distilled water, now the admin approves the request and send the required vessels for quality testing where the water’s credibility is checked along with the mineral dilution present in the water. After passing the quality control, the containers now loaded in the conveyance by the transporter and then distributed to the address given by the customer.

The entities are described in details:

  1. Admin:

The admin is the main entity who regulates the whole system, it controls not only the stock database but also the customer and the transporter entity database also where he can do the required modification needed in the interface of the other entities. It controls the flow of data into the system and provide specific help and troubleshoots whenever is needed. The admin authority may be given to one person or more than one person as per the system requirement for the business. But, the credentials of the people authorized for admin would be distinct and unique to trace any error in the system. The attributes of this entity are:

  • Credentials: This attribute saves the login credentials of the admin to help him in future if he forgets the password or ID.
  • Address: The address of admin is needed to be feed in the system through this attribute to establish any kind of communication with the admin.
  • Communication: The database to connect the admin like his phone number and work number is needed for future exigencies and emergencies when required.
  • Email: The email address of admin is saved in this attribute, it is needed if the customer or transporter wants to send any feedback to the admin.



The admin entity then relates with the distilled water entity in which the database of reserved or stocked water containers are available in the water plant or not. This entity holds the details of every purified water containers which are supplied and remaining also. It engenders a database for the containers which serial numbered container is failed in quality check or passed.



  1. Distilled Water:

This entity tags the stock of purified water containers stocked in the storage for distribution to keep a record of distributed, remaining, quality failed containers. Sometimes in the peak season the demand for the water vessels increase instantly then the supply should be nominal enough to fulfill the need therefore the container needs to be stocked for emergency. The attributes which help this entity are:

  • Weight: The weight of every container is required to be printed on the vessel and stored in this attribute to have a record of the containers of a particular weight.
  • Price: The water containers come in various sizes therefore the price of each container should be mentioned on the container and a data is driven in this attribute.
  • MFG / Exp. date: The manufacturing as well as the expiry date of the purified water container is tagged along the container to track the containers which are expired.
  • Quality Approval: This attribute saves the data of the containers which are quality passed in the quality assurance department.


The distilled water is filled in the vessels after purifying and then each container is send for the quality control unit where they checks the purity of the water, the cleanness of the water, if there’s any peregrine particle is appearing in it or not, and the caliber of minerals contains in the water.


  1. Testing:

The quality of water is important because the water is used for drinking and other household works and therefore the quality should be of optimum level with purification standard match. The required attributes of this entity are:

  • Name: The name of every tester is saved in this attribute as there are many testers and they have provided certain authority as per their qualifications.
  • Tester_ID: Every tester has given a unique Identity code which is only accessed by him.
  • of Approvals: This attribute holds the units which are approved by the tester and those which are failed in the quality test.



After approving from the testing department, the containers are forwarded to the transporter’s vehicle where he loads the containers as per the number of delivery he needs to do as scheduled for the day at the customers place.


  1. Transporter:

Conveyor entity utilizes the data of the information provided personal of the conveyors which are affixed with the system for distribution, there may be more than one conveyor annexed at the same time to distribute at different zones simultaneously. The reserved attributes are:

  • Login Credentials: Every transporter is provided unique login ID and password through which he can access his system and get the desired information.
  • Vehicle Status: Every transporter has assigned a particular vehicle therefore this attribute collects the information of the vehicle given to the transporter.
  • Container Loading: The vehicles which are assigned to the transporter can hold different quantity of water containers. So the loading capacity is mentioned in this attribute.
  • Customer Info.: The transporter is given the information of the customer to connect with him and deliver the containers to his place on time.

The customer is the person who gives the order to book the number of containers he needs through the system and pays the charges through online mode. The transporter shifts the vessels on time and date given by the customer for his residence.


  1. Customer:

This entity holds the database of the existing customer and also the new user credentials so that it can help the customer to login again in the system and now he doesn’t need to fill the entire information again.

  • Name: The name of every customer is distinct therefore to remember the customer when he login again this attribute is needed.
  • Address: The delivery of water containers are on the address provided by the customer and then the transporter deliver there.
  • Contact Info.: The contact number of the customer is need for the communication with him at the time of delivery.
  • Order Placed: The customer needed water at regular time interval so this attribute save s the previous order of the particular customer.
  • Date / Time: The date and time of delivery is given by the customer as per his schedule and availability of him at his residence.
  • Payment: The customer can pay the amount by online mode prior to the delivery of the containers.

Use Case Diagram


The admin actor regulates the whole system and manages them according to the situation and need. This actor’s interface constitutes of the options which going to help him in functioning at great pace.



This actor pays the amount through which the transporter and admin earns the profit. He books the order online through system from his home therefore the interface consist of options to receive the order booked by him and provide options to choose from the category of database.



This actor when login, he needs the delivery details along with the quantity of the containers he needs to deliver in a day, so that he makes a plan to route in the vehicle in efficient way, therefore the interface is designed simple and unique for him.



The login window is slight different for admin, transporter and the customer because all three actor need different options like the customer is new he needs a option to register as new customer.


Interface Home:

After login the home is same for all of them it shows navigation to the desired option and also includes the information and overview about the company and plant.



Distilled Water:

The distilled water entity is the stock where the data for the storage of containers in stored, therefore it can be accessed by both the customer and the admin to look at the required information.



This interface is only present in the system of the transporter as he needs the information to the addresses where he will deliver the containers.



This screen is visible to both the transporter and the customer because the customer can pay online through this options and the transporter can see whether the customer has paid the amount through online and if not then he will collect the amount at the time of delivery.



This interface I help the transporter to submit the report of the work he has done in a day and forward it to the admin daily or weekly basis.


 Review / Feedback:

The customer can provide the feedback and reviews about the service provided by the transporter and if he has faced any issue or not this page also opens directly to the admin where he can read and take actions accordingly.

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