People incline to buy the items which are unique in design and designations, they dote to embellish their houses with sundry items to make it look preponderant. Now a days, an incipient vogue is going on which is to décor the rooms theme sagacious, so people will purchase the furniture, curtains, bed sheets, all on the substructure of the paint of the room to make it look symmetrical. Adscititious, in the market variety of things are available in different shapes, sizes and color accumulation so that people find it simple to purchase the matching items.

Furniture is the main course to décor the room, it includes beds, wardrobe, almirah, dining table, chairs, and sofa etc all is composed of wood and sun mica. So a variety of furniture is available in the market according to the space and size of the room dimension of the buyer, he’ll purchase it. In recent times and ecumenical trend transmutes every day, now people buy innovative and ingenious designed furniture and if they can’t find the furniture of their choice then they customize it as per their cull, they opiate design catalogs, color of the furniture, type of wood, size of furniture etc.

The customer would pay the price as per the amount and type of the raw material he wants to utilize while making furniture because different design and wood have different prices as per there availability and inductively authorize in the market. In current scenario people need to visit showrooms and shops to visually perceive and buy the furniture but sometimes, it doesn’t fit in the dimension of the room size or withal mismatches with the room color.

The proposed furniture management system withholds all the quandaries of the customer as well as the seller. The interface includes all the options which are compulsory for the buyer and the admin to smoothly run the business and the process. The user interface design is different for customer, admin and the staff to manage their desideratum and opiate, they sustain while working.

The customer can view the variety of the furniture after logging into the system then he chooses whether he wants to buy readymade furniture or else he can choose to make it customized. Now if he chooses to buy readymade then he’ll pay the amount through online by the system, and if he chooses to customize then the system gives option to the customer interface to select the raw material and design as per his will. In this type he can pay half the amount in advance and half after completion through the online mode provided in his interface by the system. After completion the furniture will be deported to the customer’s address safely.

Some characteristics are:


  • The system provides option category wise like, type, color, material type, wood type, design preference etc.
  • Global trend changes every day therefore the system also gets updated as per the recent market.
  • Customer can order to make not only sofa but also wardrobes, almirah, tea tables, wall fencings etc.
  • The system also provides the admin to manage the data of the employees and the sales representatives.
  • It reflects cost effective and doesn’t require visiting the shops every time.

Prevailing System:

The customer analyzes the size of the room and space remaining for the furniture then he goes to different shops to view the furniture and additionally probe for the furniture according to the space remaining in his room, design, color, price etc. which is resplendent and budget constraining. Consequently, the area of visiting and viewing the type of furniture for the customer is inhibited, he cannot optimally peregrinates to every shop and view all the furniture it’s virtually very hectic so he culls any furniture based on taking minute sample size from the market.

If he initiates to buy customize furniture then he withal have circumscribed access to the design available in the market so he has to optate the design and type of the furniture by only culling it from the catalog book. The customer is restricted to a diminutive size of the market which is narrow, and additionally sometimes the size of the furniture and the dimension of the room don’t matches then additionally engender havoc. The restriction which the customer faces circumscribes the inefficiency of the perpetual system.

                                                                  After getting the order, the owner initiates the work by prescribing the workers and staff and consummates it, but there are many factors which can engender superstition and errors while making the furniture and additionally the workers are different so there are high chances of procuring the errors. Ergo a systematic and well managed system is needed as per the vogue trend of the market.

The prevailing points are:


  • The system is obsolete and doesn’t matches with the changing nature of the market trend.
  • It requires plethora of physical work even for the customer to visit and demand the order as per his need.
  • It increases the chances of errors while making the furniture as there’s no proper coordination among them.

Required system:

The proposed system is the desideratum of an hour, it includes all the options which are needed to facilitate the work of the owner, employees and the customer. The system is designed keeping in mind the requisites of the users and adscititious provided advance features on the interface for better functioning and efficiency of the users. The admin interface gets all the features to control and manage the whole system, he can manage the accounts of the customers, employees and the workers.

The customer gets the option to view the already available templates of the furniture and select if any design he likes, also he can select the customized build furniture option in which he’ll get subdivided options in category wise according to the size, design, wood type, etc. the system estimates the price and show it to the customer’s interface to give him an idea and then the customer can pay the charges online through the system.

 After receiving the order from the customer the admin assign a team of workers according to the workers skill set and the type of furniture the customer demanded. It would be better if the customer provides the exact information about the furniture as per the calculated dimensions of the space he allocated for the furniture. Thereafter, the admin analyzes the need and forward it to the back office employees whom will do the documentation process and the data entered by the customer.

The system sends alert to the customer about the progress of the furniture and also informs after completing each step of making to get the feedback of the customer, so that he can advise if any changes he wants to make while ongoing process.

The most important functions of this system are:

  • The system helps admin to manage the accounts of all the users and also provide a report of daily work done by workers and the employees.
  • The system is pro active and suggests the design to the customer as per his choice and demand.
  • It remembers the last setting done by the users and save it in the database.
  • The system is efficient enough to estimates the price of the chosen customized furniture and shows it to the customer.
  • The admin analyses the requirement of the customer and assign a team of worker who are expert in that furniture.
  • The workers can operate the list of requirements to be needed by the customer and make the furniture accordingly.



Er Diagram

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The entity cognation model of furniture management system shows the link to interconnect among the well versed entities of the system. It shows how the data flows from one entity to other in a systematic manner. Here the admin controls the system and the orders placed by the customer then after assigning the task force of the workers as per the type of the furniture to be made. It withal shows how the attributes of an entity avails them to do the task spherically and with great efficiency. Let’s discuss those entities in detail:


  1. Admin:

The head entity plays a very vital role in handling the roles and responsibilities of the system to run it thoroughly. It governs the other entities and establishes a relation among each other, it beholds the customer, workers and employees data along with the stock management of the existing furniture fully ready or raw material.

  • Unique_ID: The attribute itself collects the unique ID which is system generated specifically for the admin to protect and secure the account.
  • Name: There may be more than one admin access the system from their respective account therefore there user name is saved in this attribute.
  • Connection Info.: The contact number is present in this attribute to contact the admin in case of any incident.
  • Email: The email address of admin is required to be present in the system because the official conversation information is send by it to the employees.


Admin entity further bifurcate the responsibilities and manage the stock list account of the furniture present in the showroom. It also keeps record of the incoming and outgoing of any furniture and its raw parts.


2. Furniture:

This entity beholds the information about the furniture available in stock and also the raw material available to build the furniture as per customer choice and demand. It mainly bifurcates in two sub entities they are:

  1. Readymade:

This sub-entity contains the data of the furniture which is ready made and it needs to be sold directly, no customization is needed in it. The consumer just purchases it and delivers it to his home. The attributes included are:

  • Brand Name: The readymade furniture is made by different brand companies so this attribute categorize the furniture with brand name.
  • Wood Type: The furniture is made of different type of woods therefore this attribute holds the brand wise wood category also.
  • Category: The furniture is of different type according to the category like sofa, almirah, beds, wardrobes etc.
  • Price: Every type of furniture has different price tag also it depends upon the company brand of which it is made.



3. Customized:

This sub-entity governs the information about the customized furniture items through which the worker can assemble the furniture. It provides variety of options to the customer to choose as per his requirement then the worker makes the furniture accordingly.

  • Design Type: The design of the furniture is selected by the customer which is hold in this attribute.
  • Wood Type: The customized furniture’s wood is selected by the customer which is hold in this attribute.
  • Category: There are many types of furniture based on the requirement and trend of the market it stores in this attribute.
  • Price: As per the customization the price of the resultant furniture varies as per the choice of the customer for raw material.


The furniture is purchased by the customer and the data of this entity is stored in the database, also the admin manages the customer entity data. This entity provides the valuable information about the furniture as he likes and the system stored this data and forward to admin or workers.


3. Customer:

The customer entity give the order to customize make the furniture, he can also buy it directly from the system templates whichever he likes, the entity further expand into other category and helps the customer by giving him suggestions based on the keywords he types. The required attributes are:

  • Name: This attribute sustain the name of every customer as the bill generated of the furniture would be named after it.
  • Contact Information: In case of any communication needed to have with the customer then this attribute has the contact number of him.
  • Address: After the completion of the furniture it will be delivered to the address of the customer.
  • Email: To send the customer alert of the preparation of the furniture the email address is necessary.


 The employee entity is holding the data of the employee’s day to day work and also provides the option to send or submit the report to the admin about the daily work.


  1. Employees:

This entity is control by the admin entity, it manages the details of every employee about their personal files, work and also their salary part as well, which is sustained by the admin. The following attribute helps this entity:

  • Unique_ID: Every employee has given a unique system generated ID and password through which he can login.
  • Contact No.: This attribute has the contact information of the employees to connect with them whenever required.
  • Email: To establish connection between the admin and employees email address is needed, also the customer send query on it.
  • Customer Record: Every employee manage the documentation and query work of certain number of customer, thus there information is feed in this attribute.


The admin entity also admires the workers of the company who make the furniture as per the points provided by the customer. Now the workers login in their system and update the work assigned to him, because admin summons a team of worker for particular furniture according to the type of skill set needed.


5. Workers:

This entity sustains the information of the workers and also the level of the furniture work is done by them step wise which is then forwarded as alert to the customer by the system to notify him about the work. The following attributes are included:

  • ID: The system has provided a unique Identity Number to the workers for securely login in their account.
  • Login Credentials: The ID and password used for login by the worker is save din this attribute.
  • Contact No.: Every worker has given a phone and its phone number is save din this attribute to communicate with him.
  • Description by Customer: In every furniture the customer gives specific instruction which is forwarded to the worker in this attribute.

Use Case Diagram


This actor heads the process so the interface first shows him the login credentials after that on the dashboard he sees the options to manage the accounts of the employees and customers.



This actor orders the type of furniture he needs therefore the system interface shows him system generated suggestions to buy furniture as per the keywords he has typed in the system.



The employees manage the files of the customers and also the documents for purchase and sale of raw material and wooden things so the interface provides direct option to the employees.



This is a common interface present in the system of every actor, it is the central place from there the options to go further are attached as per the actor type and responsibility.



The furniture option is visible to every actor screen but the options and sub options are slightly change as per the quality and nature of the actor.



After the completion of the furniture the worker or employee dispatch to shipments which is seen by the interface of employees to track it.



The customer pays the amount which is required for the making of furniture therefore online payment option is attached on the interface of the customer which is also confirms by the admin.

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