Garbage Collection Management



The world is running at a more preponderant speed and technology is transmuting day by day, additionally the population is incrementing daily consequently the garbage humans engender is brobdingnagian and immensely colossal, we are engendering more garbage then afore ergo to recycle it there are many trenching grounds are made by the regime but still many people don’t reach there consequently a system is required to take the garbage from the residence of the person and dump it on the trenching ground.                                                                                                    The garbage truck driver charges as per the weight and type of the garbage because different garbage requires different method to be decomposed. So the user pays the charges accordingly. In this system the admin can locate the user and direct the driver by tracking it too, to reach at the location.

In current scenario after the globalization and digitalization people are incline toward the technology therefore the e-waste has increased rapidly, people throw away the used computers, printers, fridges, AC, etc this has increased the amount of plastic in the surrounding and also it is polluting the atmosphere.

This polluted garbage is not only harmful for the humans but also for the animals and birds, even if we dump the garbage in the sea then many water animals die rapidly.

The key features are:

  • The garbage system is one stop solution for the overall requirement of the user to dump the waste.
  • The driver collects the garbage from the residence of the user, he doesn’t need to go anywhere.
  • This system is authentic, and save time and efforts, it is automated system deals with multiple works at a time.
  • The system provides full control to the admin so that he can manage the data flow into the system

Existing System

The current scenario includes the routine garbage trucks come in the major places in the city but they don’t amass garbage from every residence, ergo people throw the garbage wherever they optically discern empty ground but in some time the hip become great and it smells and pollute the nearby local residence. It withal increases the chances of malaria, dengue and other diseases due to the garbage.

The system needed a revised regime to be considered this problem daily because the government body also not seeing this situation therefore the proposed system is needed to collect the garbage from door’s of the user.

Some points which needed to be highlighted:

  • The sustaining system is very lousy and doesn’t cover the whole area of the locality.
  • It is completely inefficient to solve the daily problem of waste management.
  • The system is obsolete and doesn’t decompose the garbage properly which increases the mass of garbage in the area.
  • This system is not helpful in reducing the waste and hinders the incompetent issues of the authority body.

Proposed System

The garbage waste management system is helpful to the admin, user and the driver as they can coordinate properly and done the process smoothly. This system gets the alert raised by the requesting user then the admin finds the nearby locating driver and send him the details because the admin can track every garbage truck running in the area therefore he send the information to the driver after that the driver locate the address of the user and weighs the garbage after weighing the garbage is loaded in separate containers of the truck to take care of different type of garbage distinctively.

The driver then locate the nearby dumping yard but before rushing to that ground he search for the data whether the yard is full or not and the dimensions of the yard to hold the amount of garbage the truck is carrying thereafter choosing the right dump yard the driver goes to the dump yard and decompose the garbage separately according to the garbage type.

The salient features of this system are:

  • The system controls all the process from raising the request for collection garbage to the last process of decomposition.
  • This system supports the authenticity of the user and maintains his data safely into the database.
  • It reduces the time and it is very cost effective system, it doesn’t endure the reluctant hindering attributes.
  • It allows the user to send the garbage as per his time and date, the driver reach there at the time mentioned by the user.



Entity Relationship Model:



The model represents the cognation among varies entities which are very exclusive for the management system. This system establishes different entities along with their attributes that fortifies them and link in the system to showcase the connection if we found one entity we can get the data of other entity which is linked with it. It shows how the admin counterparts confronts when a user sends request for the garbage amassment from his residence and then the admin forward the query to the nearby garbage truck driver and then the driver goes to the place for accumulation and depend upon the weight and type of garbage he dump it to the respective dump yard. This model stores data which is considered in the entities which are as follows:


  1. Admin:

The admin entity analyses the request raised by the requesting user and then it controls the flow of data to where it needs to be send and also he is responsible for the smooth running of the system. The admin ascendancy is delegated to one or more than one person to divide the encumbrance as per the shifts of the admin. They also manage the driver data along with their vehicle and the requests which are raised by the users to be send to the respective truck driver. The following are the attributes which are comprehensive for this entity:

  • Name: The admin login is done by different admin so this attribute holds the name of every admin.
  • Unique ID: This is a system generated ID number which is given to each admin and used for login.
  • Connection Info.: The contact number of the admin is necessary to be in the system to contact him at the time of emergency.
  • Email: The email address of admin is important because the user would send the query to the admin on the email.


The admin entity is the head entity which governs the whole system now it manages the requesting user data who is either subsisting user or an incipient user. If he is new then he has to register himself on the system and then the database preserves the details entered by the user.


2. Requesting User:

The requesting user is the person who needs to dump the garbage of his residence so he raises a request which is analyses by the admin entity and then the system works further, now the requesting user entity saves the data of the different users uniquely and safely into the database and forward the data flow as per need. It stores the data of existing user as well as the new user.

  • Name: This attribute saves the name of every requesting user to differentiate their information.
  • Contact Info.: The contact number of the user is necessary for connecting with him at any time.
  • Type: The requesting user may be a teacher, student, business person so this attribute holds the data of type of person.
  • Address: The address of every user is important so that the driver can go to the location for garbage collection.
  • Email: The email address of every user is saved in this attribute to connect with the user to send invoice of the bill charges and other information.
  • Time / Date: The date and time of user to collect the garbage is fixed as per the schedule of the person so it saves here.
  • Feedback: The customer send feedback according the service he gets which is directly sent to the admin.
  • Payment: The user can pay online through the system so the payment details are saved in this attribute.


 Now the requesting user initiates the request from his account which is alerted in the admin account and he send the driver of nearby area. The user has different types of the garbage which he collects in a bag and separates it to decompose the garbage differently.


3. Garbage:

This entity stores the data of the garbage which is going to be decomposed. The garbage decomposition process requires separate garbage of different kind. It stores the data periodically and as per the dumping ground type also. The user according to the garbage type pays the charges if he hasn’t sent online through the system. Then the driver loads the garbage which is segregated in different sections. This entity has certain attributes:

  • Type: The garbage can be of anything which we don’t use or the things which we throw after single use, therefore the collection should be in separate containers.
  • Quantity: The garbage is collected in a container but the weight is first check so that it can send to the yard which is empty for the garbage
  • Cost: This attribute saves the estimated amount which the user pays according to the type of the garbage he wants to send to dump yard.

The garbage is collected by the nearby driver of the garbage truck who gets the notification by the admin along with the address and location of the user, he also gets the contact information of the user to contact the user for the approbation.


  1. Driver:

There are more than one drivers working in the company, they all roam the city in different areas or zones, therefore this entity holds the information of the drivers who are connected with the company system. It also helps in the generation of the salary and the circadian work done by the driver. This entity has following attributes:

  • Name: As there are many drivers so the name of every driver is written in this attribute to separate their accounts.
  • Unique ID: All the drivers who are attached with the system are given a system generated unique identity number to help them secure their account.
  • Phone No: The phone number of every driver is necessary to establish connection whenever required.
  • Address: In case of emergency the address of all the drivers are stored in this attribute.
  • Vehicle No.: The company has allotted garbage truck to each drivers therefore their vehicle number is stored in this attribute with respect to the driver.
  • User Address: This attribute holds the address of the user whom the driver goes to the place of user to collect the garbage.


Every driver has allotted a conveyance to amass the garbage from the places, this conveyance is owned by the company but allotted to the drivers to avail them. So, every driver entity has linked with the conveyance attuned to him.


  1. Vehicle:

This entity holds the data related to the vehicle allotted to each driver, they are govern by the company but the maintenance is done by the driver thereof the vehicle details are affixed to the driver who will drive it so that the responsibity can be provided to him of the vehicle. There are different attributes of this entity:

  • Name: The name of the vehicle is different therefore it should be added to the system which is hold in this attribute.
  • Contact Information: The contact number of the dealer of the vehicle is also stored in this attribute to contact him if there’s any problem appears in the vehicle.
  • Brand: The vehicle is manufactured by different brand, so the name of the brand is added in this attribute.
  • Size: The size of garbage truck is different according to the vehicle type so the space is saved in this attribute to have an idea of the load this vehicle can take.
  • Model No.: Every vehicle has a unique model number as there may be same vehicle available in the company so to differentiate them this attribute is needed.


The driver loads the garbage separately into the garbage truck and then takes it to the trenching ground for the disposition of the garbage in a systematic manner.


6.Dump Yard:

There may be more than one dump yard available in a particular area according to the need to dispose the garbage of different kind. Also this entity saves this data and allocates different attributes like:

  • ID: The system has generated separate ID number for different dump yards which is saved in this attribute.
  • Name: The dump yard has different names around the city so to distinguish them this attribute save it.
  • Location: The location of every dump yard is saved in this attribute.

Dimension:  The size of trenching ground is different so this attribute holds the size of the ground to bifurcate the garbage.

User Case diagram



This is the common interface which comes up whenever the three actors wants to login into the system by their account. A slight difference is seen as the options are more or less as per the need of the actor.



This is the main interface which can say the common ground of the system it includes the options which are sub divided in the database helpful as per the need of the actor, all three actor’s interface are same but the color and slight options are different to attract more.



The garbage option is available in the dashboard of user and the driver to get the common ground for both of them as the user can address the type of garbage he has and the driver can get an idea about the weight of the garbage.


Dump Yard:

This option is only available in the interface of the driver. He can get the information of the dump yard its size, dimension, location, name etc into his account so that he can choose which dump yard is nearby to his location.



The charges are paid by the user for the garbage he wants to dump therefore this option is available for user as well as the admin.



The feedback is given by the user who gets the service offered by the admin therefore the option is in the interface of the user so that he can send feedback as he wants.


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