Hadoop Project Ideas for Final Year Students

Need Hadoop Project Ideas ? or Hadoop Project Help?

If you are looking for an expert who can help you in Hadoop, Big Data, or Data Mining then you are at the right place because I am here to help you.

Hadoop comes under advanced database concepts and working on Hadoop is quite interesting if you like to play with data. In Hadoop, we perform operations in big data using some programming models.

Hadoop Project Help, Hadoop Project Ideas

I am writing this post for Hadoop project ideas and Hadoop project help, it comes under advanced data concept and now the days it is very broad filed of database and you can perform a lot of database operation on it.

End the end of the post I will provide you some best Hadoop project ideas for final year, MS students. And I am sure it will help you while choosing a topic if you are interested in Hadoop or advanced database concepts.

So we will start with the introduction of Hadoop and I will explain all the basics of Hadoop in brief.

What is Hadoop? 

Hadoop is an open java based frame-work which is used to processing large data set. Hadoop consists of two part-

1- Storage Part (HDFS- Hadoop Distributed File System)

2- Processing Part(MapReduce)

Hadoop does not fit to all requirements.it works well on large number of data and can run on legacy systems but now a days data is getting generated tremendously and Hadoop can be useful in fast analysis of this big data. 

What you should know before starting the Hadoop Project

  • Relational Database

                        Administration, Queries

  • Programming Language  

                       Java, Python

  • Basic Linux Command

Hadoop Distributions

Hadoop Distribution

Advantages of using Hadoop 

  • Scalable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Resilient to Failure

Hadoop Project topics

If you are looking for Hadoop project topics for the final year then you at the right place, I will provide you some interesting Hadoop Project Topics that will help you for sure.

Clustering A Very Large Multidimensional Dataset with MapReduce

Nowadays handling the data is the biggest problem because per day a lot of data is generated, the best example of the large dataset is social networking sites.

So if there is a huge multidimensional dataset is given then the biggest problem is how to cluster them?

For example- Twitter crawl > 12TB ( Its a huge multidimensional dataset)

Yahoo Operation data is 5 Petabytes,  Facebook has also a very large multidimensional dataset.

So clustering a huge dataset is very difficult and you can do your final year project on it and you can do so many interesting things on that.

There is a lot of datasets is available for you like whether the record, population record of your country, your state or your city and you can use the cluster to get useful information from that.




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