The system is engendered to manage the attendance quandary of students on daily substructure and generate a report monthly for placidity. The students sometimes take leaves from the school due to health issues, family functions and other reasons as well and to manage this the class preceptor take the attendance on daily substructure in the register and then document it every day into the system.

The edifiers have to manually keep record which is hectic and time consuming process integrates extra burden on the edifier. The proposed system is automated who consummates all the registered information of the system in a civilized manner. The system keeps track of every information submitted in the system by the edifier and the students from their accounts.

The admin is the head that controls the system and ascertain the system should be error free and run smoothly. The attendance matrix withal avails in maintaining the leaves management of the students whenever they are taking leaves and the edifiers can take actions against the students who have taken more leaves and couldn’t meet the minimum criteria of leaves.

The proposed system withal avails the edifiers to manage their accounts and get the information about the salary and engender schedule of the classes they require to take in a week. The system withal sends alert to the edifiers for the classes scheduled next. Sometimes the edifiers mark the leave of the students which requires rectification consequently the system provide edit option in the account of the edifier to rectify the error transpires and redress the mistake of the leave management of the student.

This system avails all the actors in a great way by automating the system if incase it is require to visit the old or yearly attendance matrix of the students at the time of result then the edifier can withal view it as the system sustains the data old one as well the updated one which is needed at the time of end result mentioning the proposed attendance in the mark sheet.

Current System

The current system is manual where the class preceptor has to keep a register with himself and call the designations of every student thereafter marking their present of the day, the process is hectic and time consuming, daily it takes around 20 minutes to do this work apart from this he has to withal manage the register after the period.

The system is error containing and the data is not planarity precise sometimes the student can himself mark the attendance or anyone else can contravene the information ergo it is not reliable and authentic. The attendance management manually is withal require the safeguard of the data but it has risk of lost of register or mismanagement in the marking the attendance

There are many times when the class pedagogic marks the attendance of the student who is even not present in the class and sometimes mark the absent of the student who is present in the class it additionally sustain mishap in same name of the student consisting perplexity and error in the system.

The current system is needed to be change by the automated proposed system to maintain the data authentic and valid. There are certain other factors which are auxiliary in the proposed system and current system lacks.

Proposed System

The proposed system is engendered keeping in mind every person requisite and utilize interface providing the options compulsory for each entity. This system automates the process and preserves the data for longer durations. The proposed system is needed this time to avail the pedagogic by abating the encumbrance of attendance and other calculations by managing it in the system algorithms.

The system is head by the admin entity which is responsible for the overall actions and avail to make the system smooth functioning. The staff members withal avail in sustaining the system and to forward the queries which are raised by the students regarding any subject or other categorical terms.

Attendance matrix of every student is fine-tuned in the system which can be viewed by the students after logging in their accounts. Sometimes there is error in filing the attendance in the system by the preceptor or the student comes tardy in the class but the pedagogic mark absent thereafter this rectification is additionally done by the teacher’s account which will be shown in the student’s accounts.

The system provides support to every entity and it additionally avails the student to alert them for the fees payment if there is any due till the last date. The edifiers can additionally view how many students who haven’t paid the fees and detain them or alert their parents on time. Certain other factors which inspirit the proposed are that it is customizable as per the size and cull of the schools or colleges.



Entity Relationship diagram


The diagram represents the relation among different entities who are engage in each other for transferring the data through various modes simultaneously. The proposed system is simple enough to bifurcate the data in the registered entities for giving the information in different entities through the algorithms of the system. The entities and their attributes are explained below:


  1. Admin:

The admin entity is the head entity that controls the system and provides the data wherever needed in the system, it makes the system error free and provides the solutions to the problems raised by any other entity. The system may adapt more than one admin authority and separate their accounts data in different formats. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • System_ID: The admin is provided with a unique identity number which is system generated and attached to every admin entity.
  • Name: The name of every admin is saved in this attribute to bifurcate their accounts in the system and secure it from any malware.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the admin at any point of time, his contact number is present in the system through this attribute.
  • Email ID: The official conversation is done through the email id which is saved in this attribute for meet up.


  2. Staff:

The staff is the backbone of the firm, they provide legitimate support to the system and do all the work while sustaining the teacher and students accounts and their queries if they face any from the system. The staff entity holds the accounts of every staff which can be accessed by them individually and they can also access particular student and teacher’s accounts. The staff gets their salary details in this entity along with their daily work schedule. The related attributes are:

  • Employee_ID: The staff members have given a unique employee ID which is unique and system generated to bifurcate the information in different accounts.
  • Name: The staff members are many and therefore their accounts are managed based on their names which are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of every staff is saving in this attribute for connection at any point of time which is valid and authentic to be provided here.
  • Email Address: The staff members are connected towards their email address which is saved in this attribute, they connect through this and also provide solution to every query raised.
  • Designation: The staff persons are designated to different designations according to the experience and qualifications they possess.
  • Report: The staff members provide report about their work done in the end of the day or weekly which shows the progress of employee and assigned work.



 3. Students:

The students are divided as per the class and section wise through which it is easy to teach them and distinct them, this entity has accounts of every students they have created through which they can add their information and can get the updated points about the class schedule and other important notices. They can also see the attendance matrix and leaves they have taken monthly date wise. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • Student_ID: The ID card is given to every student which include a unique number which is system generated to help in accessing their accounts at any time.
  • Name: Every student has different names which are saved in this attribute and the accounts are titled as per their names.
  • Class: The students belong to different class as per their age and passed classes which is mentioned here in this attribute.
  • Section: The classes are further divided into different sections as per the grades of students, the sections are attached with the names of every student.
  • Roll No.: The students when they take admission have given a serial number by the school which is their roll number to be present in the class.
  • Class Update: This attribute provides the information of the updates regarding any new test, class, or other information provided by the teachers.
  • Fees Payment: The students have paid the fees or not this information is also checked through this attribute of every students.



 4. Attendance:

The attendance entity provides all the information regarding the attendance of every student, teacher and other actors who are present in this entity. This entity has accounts as per the students and their attendance information when they come to school or not and also to manage their leave management which is provided by the class teachers. The related attributes are:

  • Student Name: This attribute collects the names of every student whose attendance matrix is in this attribute for further enhancement.
  • Roll No.: The roll number of every student is saved in this attribute to distinct their accounts information as sometimes their names can be same but the roll number is always different.
  • Section: The student section number is saved in this attribute whose attendance information is provided in this attribute for management.
  • Status: The status attribute holds the regular update about the attendance of every student if there is any further information which is also saved here.



 5. Teachers:

The teachers have different accounts in this entity. They provide information of every student and update their attendance and other information in their accounts which can be seen by the students in their accounts. The teacher can also manage their information in the accounts of them and see their salary and class schedule as well. They can inform students about any update or test they will take afterwards. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • Teacher_ID: The system generated identity number is attached to the accounts of every teacher which is unique and provided distinctly information.
  • Name: The teachers are separated by their names as in their accounts which are titled by it saved in this attribute.
  • Classes: The teachers are assigned to different classes in a particular day for taking lectures in different classes and sections saved in this attribute.
  • Subjects: The teachers are assigned to take lectures based on their subject’s knowledge and taking lectures as per their qualifications and Excellency.
  • Qualifications: The teachers possess different type or level of qualifications which they have achieved till yet and then they teach students as per it.

User Interface Diagram


The first phase which starts in every actor interface is the login page, it shows the options which requires the access credentials of every actor. It also provides the forgot password option which can help the actors to regain the identity number and passwords. The interface itself is different for the actors as per their requirement and need therefore it can be customizable as per the authority.



The login page refers to the dashboard which consists of the options necessary for the actors to access the accounts and do the required changes by altering the information or data. The dashboard control the bring up starting options which contain the sub options inside while clicking it is also customizable.



The attendance option is visible to the accounts of students and the teachers. Students can see their attendance date wise and also to analyze their leaves and holidays which they have taken in the month. Students can only view the information they cannot change or update anything in it. The teacher can change or update the attendance information of every student which showcases in their timeline.



The attendance matrix of students is updated by the teachers of the particular class. The teacher also has the options in his interface to correct any mistake or error and mark absent in the list of student if he didn’t come. The update in any information flashes in the dashboard of the actors to alert them as per the importance.



If any student feels something is not right or facing any trouble then he raises a query while sending a message by explaining proper points in it which is forwarded to the concerning teacher who first observe it and provide legitimate solution which can also seen by the admin actor if he needs to.



The query of students are resolved peacefully by the concerned teacher, if the student is still not convinced with the solution then he again raises query to resolve it further by other concerning authority. It takes lesser time to raise a query from the system because it directly sends to the teacher who is responsible for it to answer.



The end matter is the status whether the raised query is active or not, this information is updated by the teacher and analyze by the admin for confirmation. The propaganda of it is to resolve the issue within 24 hours so that the students don’t suffer any problem and get solution as soon as possible regarding any point.

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