The building material management system sanctions the customer to book the raw material for buildings their own houses while sitting at home. It is a human proclivity to have a separate home of their dream consequently they put everything to build an abode according to their cull.

The system sanctions a customer to get the raw material of sundry qualities according to the desideratum and the price in which the customer is fascinated to buy. Without the system, people conventionally visit the nearby traders to purchase the raw material which is very hectic process and require much time and physical labor.

The Conveyor will get the notification through the system whenever the customer book raw material of particular quantity, according to the size of raw material and distance of the customer’s home, the Conveyor load his conveyance with the required material and leave for distribution which can be tracked by the customer at any point of time.

 Raw material contains cement, sand and bricks which are available in much quantity and stored in the godowns that information is available in the system withal. It withal provides the payment option to the customer in order to prepayment of the accommodations provided by the owner.

Existing System

The customer need to visit nearby traders to purchase the raw material and he is Partial to purchase the material quality which is available at the moment in the particular trader’s godowns which limits the purchasing power of the customer and he has to compensate the lower quality additionally.

This is very time taking process and require physical assistance of the customer because he need to visit the traders himself and he additionally face quandary while comparing the price of the raw material which he requires to buy  as he cannot compare the price with other traders.

Because of the system, the overall time taken to build house is more than the time which is preserved by the proposed system.

Proposed System

The proposed system consists of beneficiary options for the owner and the customer additionally. The customer can book order through the system and he can withal compare the price of the raw material culling different brand of different quality.

The booking request is directly forwarded to the Conveyor so that he can load the raw material according to the quantity suggested by the customer and the type of brand he requires. The admin keep surveillance on the whole process till the Conveyor distributes the raw materials to the address of customer.

The system withal keep track of the raw material purchased by the customer before. The customer can cull the mode of payment as he can pay through the system or else he can opt for cash on distribution option.


OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Model


The building material management system allows the user to keep a track of the raw material which is used to build a house. The system is capable enough to provide information about the raw material and the blueprint to be used while building a house irrespective of the size and area. This model represents how the data should flow in the system while maintaining the other entities and attributes related to the material management system. This system is maintained by the admin, who is solely responsible for the smooth running of this system without any error. The entities and their attributes are defined below:


  1. Admin:

Admin is the head identity, who is the administrator of the whole system. He has the access to manage the accounts of every user who are entitled in the system. If the workload increases, the management itself provides the admin power to more than one person. This entity separates the account of each admin so that they can do their work more regularly. The admin can edit or delete the accounts of other users from his account because of the power provided to him by the management. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: The head entity is attest with Identity Number provided by the system in random format.
  • Name: The name of each admin need to be saved in the attribute, if there are more than one admin authorized by the management.
  • Contact No.: The head entities contact number should be saved in the attribute to connect him whenever needed.
  • Email Address:  In order to have an official conversation with the admin, email address need to be written down in this attribute.
  • Shift: More than one admin work in a system therefore this attribute contains the shift in which a particular admin work.


   2. Godown:

The raw material used to build a house like cement, sand and bricks are to be stored in godowns of the owners.  the system manage the details of each godown along with the quantity of the material available in a particular godown so that the system can alert the admin to purchase more raw material for stock if he finds out any shortage in the godown. The godowns are available based on the different size and locality to store more units of the raw material. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Godown_ID: Each Godown of the owner attested with an identity number provided by the system for bifurcation.
  • Name: The name of each godown is saved in this attribute as per the name written in the documents.
  • Size: The size of every Godown need to be measured and saved in the attribute to check the available stock and the shortage.
  • Sand: This attribute holds the information about the amount of sand available in particular godown.
  • Cement: The pile of cement is calculated and saved in this attribute to see if there is any shortage of cement or not.
  • Bricks:  The number of bricks along with per unit price is saved in this attribute to give an idea to the customer.


   3. Transporter:

The customer books for raw material from the Godown with the help of the system there after this request will be send to the Transporter who is responsible for the transport of the raw material to the address of the customer. This entity holds the detail of each Transporter who is attached with the system. Every Transporter create an account in the system through which we will get the information about how many quantities he need to carry in his vehicle and at what address he needs to go. He is in charge of the safely delivery of raw material at the residence of the customer. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Transporter_ID: There are so many Transporters who are attached to the system, therefore the system provides an Identity Number to each Transporter to separate their details.
  • Name: Every Transporter official name should be saved in this attribute according to the document and the license he has provided to the company.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of transporter is saved in this attribute to connect him by the management whenever they get a new booking by the customer.
  • Time of Loading: It is very important to have information about the time of loading of the raw material so that in order to inform the customer also.
  • Vehicle No.: The authorized vehicle number of each vehicle used by the Transporter need to be saved along with the details of the Transporter.
  • Vehicle Size: The vehicle which is used by the Transporter need to be thoroughly checked and calculated its size.


   4. Cement:

The important aspect of the raw material is cement. It comes in various types and of various brands which can be purchased by the customer as per his choice. The cement racks are managed by the admin in the godown and delivered to the customer by the Transporter according to the booking done by the customer. This entity that’s the detail about the available of the cement racks and how many racks are shortages is going through in each godown. The system will give an alert to the admin whenever the shortage of lower than the limit set by the management. The attributes related to this entity are defined below:

  • Cement_ID: An Identity Number is attached with the pile of the cement available in the godown by the management.
  • Brand: This attributes provide the information about the type of brand which is in demand by the customer.
  • Price: The Per unit price of the cement rack is saved in this attribute to give an idea to the customer whenever he books cement racks.
  • Mfg / Exp Date:  It is necessary to save the information about the manufacturing and the expiry date of the cement to get the values of cement racks.


   5. Bricks:

The bricks are used to make the basic structure of building therefore it is an important aspect to be considered by the customer and he always book bricks more than needed for safety purpose. This entity holds the information about the available bricks in the godown in order to keep safe from the shortage if it happens during the peak season. The system send alert to the admin if there is any shortage of brick in the godown. It is also helpful for wrong use of the bricks and keeps track of the same. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Brick_ID: The system attaches an identity with the bricks for more safety purpose for the management.
  • Brand: The bricks come in various brand therefore it is necessary to save the detail of each brand from which the management has ordered the bricks.
  • Price: The price of each unit of brick suggested by the trader from whom the bricks are purchased by the owner of the godowns.
  • Size: The brick come in various sizes according to the need of customer therefore it is necessary to save the information about each brick type.


    6. Sand:

It is also necessary to hold the detail about the amount of sand available in the godown as it is very important compound to be used for building houses, because this sand is to be used with cement and bricks to build a house. These entities provide information about the availability of site and the shortage if there is any in the godown. The management will call the trader to provide more sand. The customer book sand depending upon the size of truck which is needed to him. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Sand_ID: The sand is purchased from different traders therefore the quality of sand is different and the system attest an Identity Number to each sand purchased  from the traders.
  • Price: It is necessary to hold the detail about the price at which the owner has purchased sand from different traders according to the type of the sand and quality.
  • Availability: This attribute holds the information about the stock of sand available in the godown to be booked by the customer for building his house.


    7. Customer:

The most important aspect of the system is the customer who books the raw material from the owner with the help of the system. This entity holds information about the customer account which they have created in the system through which they can book the raw material and also pay the price. This entity holds different account of the customer two separate there information and Secure their account along with showing them the booked history and they can also track raw material which will be transported by the Transporter. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: The system update on Identity Number with each customer to separate their account and its information.
  • Name: Each customer name should be saved in this attitude for verification purposes.
  • Contact No.: Customer contact number is saved in this attribute to connect them by the Transporter for delivery of raw material.
  • Email Address: Management provide information to the customer on the email address provided by the customer.
  • Residence: It is necessary to provide exact address of the customer so that the Transporter reaches at the residence of the customer.
  • Payment:  System provides an opportunity to the customer to pay the price through the system.
  • Booking Details: Attribute also hold the information about the booking done by the customer of various raw materials.

User interface Diagram


The user interface of the building material management system need to be considered as simple and easy to use by any user because the system is used by the transporter and the labor class people who are sometimes not very educated therefore it is very important to make a system capable enough to help them and reduce their work load along with providing different opportunities to grow. The login page consists of new user registration and the login credentials through which any user can access their particular account


After logging into the account every user will see different dashboard according to the type of user as it is bifurcated by the management depending upon the use of each user which is customizable in future if necessary. Dashboard provides options to the user through which he can easily access the system and do his work properly


Customer book raw material according to his Need and send this booking order to the management after that the Transporter load the required material in his vehicle and go for delivery. The system provides opportunity to the customer so that he can book the raw material in bulk and he can also compare the brand and the price accordingly.

  • Bricks:  Customer selects the type of the bricks you need according to the building he is planning to build. after reviewing from the civil engineer, the customer provide an estimated amount of bricks to be needed by him and the time of delivery in which he need the raw materials to be delivered at his address.
  • Sand:  The owner provides and according to the vehicle sized therefore it is necessary for the customer to book the quantity of sand According to the size of the truck he needs. You can also select the brand and the type of the sand he needs for different purposes.
  • Cement:  The customer book cement racks in bulk And the system also show the price of each rack along with the brand type of cement. It also contains the information about the manufacturing date and the expiry of the cement because it is necessary to use good quality of cement for better building of the house.v


Transporter can also use the system through which he can get the detail about the customer booking and the amount of raw material to deliver at the address of the customer. He can also get information about the payment done by the customer or not, so that he will get the cash on delivery from the customer.

Payment Details

The system allows the customer to pay the price with the help of the system through online mode. The system calculates an estimated amount according to the amount of raw material booked by the customer. It also adds the Transporter charges and loading charges which is the necessary aspect to be considered briefly.

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