The businesses are expanding in overseas countries given the innovative startups are expanding in a brutal format as per the competition running in the market and the Ecumenical Trend which changes expeditiously as per the need of the consumer and transmute in the vogue.

The companies and the organization need to handle the customers data in a better way, because there are many customers who visit the emulate in a regular interval therefore it is necessary to sustain the precedent data of each customer to get a conception of the customers need and the type of choices he has made in the past.

till now the employees handles the customers data which is very hectic because it is bulky and the employee needs to maintain the file format which contains the  errors and require ample amount of physical  efforts and time consuming process. Online recruitment handles the employees as well as the candidates who are seeking a job by providing open positions in the interface of the candidate.

The system is capable enough to do multi task simultaneously. Every actor can access their account facilely and securely, they can edit the information anytime and some factors can also access the accounts of other as per the authenticity and the ascendancy provided by the higher management.

It helps the employer to expand and grow exponentially in all the sectors without taking stress of managing the data in file format. The proposed system is auxiliary and time efficient who controls the inclination of the company and its magnification.  The candidates are enrolled by the Human Resource Department of the company, the HR Advertisers the open positions of the company where the job seeking candidates apply through the portal.

The system automates the information and capable enough to handle all the queries of the candidate and provide support to the Employees by sustaining the candidate’s data and maintaining the process from magnetizing the candidates till their selection.

Current System

In the current Scenario, the job seekers need to manually apply in every company either by on their website or through physically reaching out to the company itself. 

The employees need to manage the candidate’s data and resumes for a particular job post and staple them in a file with other documents.

The Human Resource Department of every company publishes an advertisement requesting the job seekers to apply for a certain post in which the department displays the need and relevant skills which they want in a particular candidate. The department needs to do the expenses heavily on the advertisement.

This system is time taking and sometimes the skilled candidates lost opportunities and even the companies will not get good amount of candidates due to non transparency in the system.

Proposed System

Job seekers can register themselves in the system while uploading their personal details regarding their academic and extracurricular activities which they have done in the past. They can also see the job posts which are uploaded by the employers magnetizing desired skills for relevant positions.

The employees can facilely manage the data of job seekers along with scheduling their interviews and providing them the end result of their application. The system is useful for the upper level management because they can analyze the work report submitted by the employees and how they are managing the job seekers.



Entity Relationship Diagram


The model explains how the information travels in the system while synchronizing with the standard format. The base entities along with their attributes hold the amount of information which is necessary for every actor residing in the system. The only recruitment medium upholds the data in a simplified manner which can be accessed by the admin because he is the authenticated person who is responsible if any error occurs in the system.


 1. Admin:

Admin controls the system along with the other actor’s accounts and manage the information as per the type of actor. The other identities perform the task under the guidance of admin to secure their information in maintain the workload constant. Sometimes the management of time ticket more than one person as the admin and also provide individual accounts to keep their data intact and secure. Only the authorized admin can access the account providing the credentials. The related attributes of the entity are discussed below:

  • Admin_ID: Unique Identity Number which is provided to each admin In order to make their account to save and the information secure.
  • Name: This attribute save the name of every admin to handle the accounts in transparent manner.
  • Contact No.: admin can be contacted at any point of time by any actor in the system Therefore his contact number saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The official conversation with the admin is done through the email address also to provide any documents through online medium.
  • Login Time: this attribute estimates the time when the admin login and when he logout the system to maintain his work time.



 2. Job Seeker:

The applicants who want to get a job register themselves in the system and provide their personal information along with their academic qualifications and family information too.  Entity upholds different accounts owned by the job seekers in which they can also upload their resumes and edit the information if they want to. Job seekers can apply more than one position simultaneously and upload their resume in the applicant page provided by the companies. The attributes are as follows:

  • Seeker_ID: The system provides Identity Number to each job applicant when they register themselves in the system.
  • Name: There are many jobs seekers who register themselves in the system daily and their names are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: Admin can be contacted at any point of time by any actor in the system Therefore his contact number saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The email address of every job seeker is saved in the system to give them information about the progress of their application.
  • Residence: the permanent address of every job seeker is saved in this attribute for identification purpose by the system.
  • Resume: The job seeker can upload his resume which is updated recently to be sent in every company.
  • Projects: The type of the projects done by this job seeker in his academic years is mentioned along with the details in this attribute.
  • Personal Info: The marital status and the parents information of any job seeker is saved in this attribute.



  3. Skills:

The job sequence process different types of skill sets along with the certification courses they have done in the academic skills to enhance their personal growth and mental ability. The co-curricular activities are helpful in maintaining the personality of the job seeker. The employer recruits the type of candidates who have relevant skills according to the vacant positions in the company. He also gives preference to the candidate who has much experience in this specific field. The relevant attributes are discussed below:

  • Skill_ID: the system generates a Unique Identity Number which is attached to the different type of skill sets and to distinct them.
  • Skill Type: This attribute hold the type of skills based on the field in which the employer wants to hire candidates.
  • Academics Details: This attribute holds the academic details of every job seeker which is helpful for the employer to find the suitable candidate.
  • Extra Curricular Activities: These candidates have collected certificates of the extracurricular activities which they have done in the academic years which show their potential.
  • Field: Skill set which the candidates contain is consumed in a particular field which entertains the interest of the candidate.
  • Experience: The amount of the Year candidate has invested in the professional world contributed in the experience of the candidate.
  • Performance Rating: The system provides performance rating to every candidate based on their academics and other skills.


  4. Requisition:

Management entertains the accusation through which the candidate applies for a particular position in the company. as there are many candidates who apply for a single post then it is necessary to shortlist the selected candidates who contains the relevant skills according to the position and the need of the management full stop because of this multiple rounds are taken in the form of face to face interview to understand the qualities and skills of a candidate. The attributes of this entity are discussed below.

  • Requisition_ID: The system provides recognition ID to each candidate who has applied for the post of the company.
  • Employee_ID: The employee who are involved in managing the requisition and the candidates who have applied for it and submit a final report.
  • Skill Type: this attribute bifurcate the candidates according to their skill type which they have achieved in the following years.
  • CTC: The company already mentions the CTC to be provided to the selected candidate which was the in hand salary as well as other incentives.
  • Criteria: Based on the position for which the candidates applied certain criteria is to be calculated by the management.



  1. Employer:

Many types of employers are registered in the system to get the benefit of the managed database which they have provided of the following candidates who have applied for a single post. This entity holds the data of every employer and makes accounts according to the employer type and the amount of candidates he needs from the system. The employer can easily manage all the data of the company through the system. The attributes are as follows:

  • Employer_ID: The system attaches Identity Number to each employer who has registered in the system.
  • Company Name: This attribute holds the company name of the employer and save it permanently.
  • Email Address: The employer provides its official email address through which anyone can contact him for any query.
  • Registration No.: The employer is registered as per the Companies Act of the country, the registration number is provided in this attribute.
  • Location: The registered company is situated in a place which is mentioned in the location attribute.
  • Contact No.: The Company’s contact number through which anyone can contact is provided in this attribute.
  • Owner Details: Every company is owned by a person whose personal details are needed to be saved in this attribute. 
  1. Employees:

The employees are the backbone of the company. They settle all the queries of the customers and provide relevant solutions to the clients as well. In this entity, the employees can easily manage their accounts and sustain their personal information in it.  The employees can also get the salary and leave policies in their accounts. They can also submit their daily reports of the work and send it to the admin. The attributes are:

  • Employee_ID: The system generated Identity Number is provided to each employee so that they can access their individual accounts.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of every employee based on their designation and their documents.
  • Contact No.: Employees contact number is to be provided in this attribute to connect them when needed.
  • Email Address: To do the official conversation with the employees, their email address is to be saved in this attribute.
  • Residence: The employee’s official address is saved in this attribute for the authentication and verification purpose.
  • Performance Rating: As per the service provided by the employees to the clients and customer, they provide rating to each employee.

User Interface Diagram:


The system is operated by many actors but manage by only admin. The user interface is designed as per the need of every individual actors and the kind of tabs required while performing the task in the system. The initial page provide login credentials  to each actor  after verifying  the distinct access codes of the actors along with some additional features like the forgot password and the new registration tabs. The actors can access their accounts and do the necessary changes in it. 



After logging into the system, the main page opens in the interface of every actor through which the actors can access the registered database as per their need and the access provided by the admin to sustain the diplomacy integral system.  Interface is customizable according to the need of the actors even in the future the interface can be customized to maintain the market level and the changes needed in a particular format.


Candidate’s database:

The system provides opportunity for the employer by sustaining the candidate’s database into the system in a secure format. The system can also sustain the type of data, So that the employee can easily access specific files of each candidate by entering the required details and search after legitimate filters. The system permanently saves the candidates resume and information if needed in future by the employer.


Applied Positions:

Candidate can apply for more than one open position if his personal skills sets are matches with the open positions. He can also apply for more than one employer simultaneously with the help of the system. The system help candidate by giving them opportunity to apply for many positions because of this they can get easily job & can start as early as possible.


Employer’s Verification:

There are many candidates apply for a single position, this data is sent to the employer who has advertised to the open position in the portal where the candidates have applied. The employee’s verification is needed for further procedures. The round of interviews taken by the employer is depending upon the type of the position and the scale on which the selected candidate will go to work. The applications provided by the candidate need it verification by the employer for further undertaking.



After the time period of the advertised job post, the job seeker applied on the post and fills the form provided by the employer to get the information of the job seeker which will help the employer in short listing the selected candidates based on their information they have provided in the format. The final report is to be briefed by the employer to the high level management after conducting all rounds of interviews and selecting the final candidates.

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