Gas Booking Management System Project for Final year

Current System of Gas Booking Management System

The current system is pen paper predicated in which the information about the customer if preserved in documents by the employees which is very hectic process. Customer need to visit the agency to book the cylinder each time. But now the customer does not have time to put the cylinder while visiting the agency every time.

The system is pristinely offline through which not only the employees but withal for the customers have to put extra efforts for booking the cylinder each time. It increments the workload of the employees because now the employee has to manage the file of the customer along with the number of booking he has done in any date.

The current update about the booking of the cylinder is withal not provided to the customer ergo he has to again visit the agency to track the cylinder status if it is not distributed at residence

Proposed System of Gas Booking Management System

The proposed system is engendered to avail the customer as well as the employees for gas booking.  The system is capable enough to sustain all the data of the customers along with the booking done by the customer.

The system additionally provides payment option to the customer through which we can pay the charges of the cylinder. It withal sustained the information about the number of cylinders booked in a particular day to visually perceive the traffic on the database server.

There are so many other advantages of the system which will be auxiliary for the employees and customers because the system is automated and does not require preserving the data supplemental through manual process ergo the system is ecumenical.

Software Requirement for Gas Booking Management System

OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Model


The Entity relation model programmed to show the data which is interlinking within the system therefore this model is most important with all aspect. There are certain other explanations it can be considered through the online gas agency model because it shows how the different type of entities along with their attributes holding the crucial information about the actress which is helpful and providing sustainable efficacy. the system help the customer to book the cylinder online from their home now they don’t need to visit the agency manually the work can be done through online mode by the help of the system. The entities and their relative attributes are defined below:

   1. Admin:

The gas agency system is sustained after the automated process. The admin is the head entity who provides Full support to the system and makes it error free by holding all the data in a synchronized manner within the system database. Management provide more than one admin  the authority to sustain the system therefore this entity provide separate accounts each  admin person where they can control the system and the accounts of other actors who are enrolled into the system. The attributes of this entity had discussed below:

  • Admin_ID: An identity number made up of 14 digits is provided to each admin account which is unique in nature and helps the admin login into account.
  • Name: The name of each admin after verification is saved in this attribute which will be helpful in logging into their account.
  • Contact No.: Admin is the identity which can be connected at any point of time through their contact number which is saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The official conversation with the admin and also the sharing of documents through online mode is done with the help of the email address.
  • Gender: The gender of each admin is defined in this attribute for providing equal employment opportunities to them.


      2. Employees:

The system is managed by the employees therefore it is necessary to take care of each employee. This system is helpful in providing solution to the Employees daily work while automating their work. the system also possess the accounts of each employee in which the employees can save their crucial information along with the daily work they do while handling the customers also. They can even send a brief report to the admin providing the work they have done in a particular period. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Employee_ID: Each employee will be provided with an identity number which define their account as well as their information into the database.
  • Name: More than one employee work in the organization there for their names which are official should be written in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The employees can be connected by the admin or the customer if they have any query regarding any problem they are facing.
  • Email Address: Official email address of employees saved in this attribute for conversation and exchange of documents.
  • Designation: Employees are designated on various positions according to their skill set and their experience decided by the management.


       3. Gas Agency:

The system is capable enough to provide services to more than one Gas Agency at a single time which will benefit the customer by choosing the gas agency through the system and compare the prices of the gas cylinder according to the latest rate charges and how far the gas agency from the customer house is. This will also help the gas agency and maintaining good relations with the customer because the customer can pay the price of cylinder through online mode and even provide the rating to each gas agency. They have their separate accounts in this entity in which the whole information about the gas agency is created by them. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Agency_ID: Unique Identity Number is attached with each gas agency by the system to bifurcate their information.
  • Agency Name: The register name of each Gas Agency which is also written in their documents is saved in this attribute.
  • No: each gas agency is provided with unique registration number provided by the regulation authority of the city.

Contact No.:  The official contact number is provided in this attribute through which the customer can raise their query with the gas agency.

  • Email Address: The customer can even send an email to the gas agency regarding any issue which he is facing.


       4. Cylinder:

The Gas Agencies provide gas cylinders to the consumers at a reasonable cost which is estimated by the government. in the Agencies provide cylinders in different types according to the weight and how the cylinder should be used for example commercial or domestic as per the choice of the customer it will also affect the rate of each cylinder according to the type of cylinder. The cylinders are to be made which will be safe to use by the people. This entity holds the information of each cylinder type and customer who are booking that cylinder by paying the charges through online mode. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Type: The type of the cylinder like commercial or domestic defined in this attribute for clarity.
  • Weight:  the cylinder is to be provided by the agency in different weights according to the choice of the customer.
  • Date of Mfg: each cylinder is concerned with the date of manufacturing to provide the information to the customer.
  • Cylinder_ID: Identity Number which is also known as serial number is provided and written in each cylinder which is to be delivered at the customer address.
  • Amount: The charges of each customer are changes frequently as per the notice of the government which is to be showcase to the customer when he books the cylinder for use.


       5. Booking:

The cylinders are booked by the customers as per their need through the system. there are many customer who book the cylinder simultaneously at the same time therefore the system is capable enough to sustain each customers booking while making different catalogues for each booking containing the booking reference and customers detail. This entity safeguards the information of each booking while making different account for each one. The customer can view this booking but he cannot edit the information after placing the booking order for the cylinder. The related attributes of this entity are defined below:

  • Booking_ID: The system generates an identity number which is attached with each booking as a reference for the customer.
  • Customer_ID:  The cylinders are booked by the customer therefore while placing booking it also contains the customer ID.
  • Customer Name:  This attributes gold the name of each customer to book the cylinder for their personal use.
  • Cylinder No.: Each customer is provided with a certain number of cylinders in a particular year which is saved in this attribute.
  • Date: This attribute holds the information of the date of booking done by the customer.
  • Status: the status of booking of the cylinder done by the customer is shown through this attribute.


      6. Customer:

There are many customers who take the services of the agencies. This creates the separate account in the system and thereafter the place the order of booking a cylinder for their domestic use and also they can book cylinder for commercial purpose also. The customer can edit their personal information in the system in which we can also see the current update about the booking of a cylinder. He can pay for the price of the cylinder through the system by online mode. The customer can also raise a query regarding any issue with spaces while using the system through his account. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: While creating the account, the system provides an identity number to each customer.
  • Name: The customer feed documents while creating the account in which his official name is written in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each customer is used in this attribute to connect him by the agency if needed.
  • Email Address:  Customer also provide his email address in which he can get the Alert about the booking he has done.
  • Residence:  The cylinder is to be delivered at the permanent address of the customer therefore it needs to be saved in this attribute.
  • Of Cylinders: This attribute holds the information about the number of cylinder a customer has taken in a particular year.
  • Payment: The system provides an opportunity to the customer so that he can pay the price of the cylinder through online mode while booking.


User Interface Diagram for Gas Booking Management System


The user interface is created as a simple and sound so that each customer can use this system. The first page which comes initially is the login page through which the customer can login into their system it is also helpful for the admin and the employee as they can also login into their system. The system also providing option of registering the new user and the forgot password option as well.


The dashboard appears to be different for each user as per the type of options provided to each user decided by the upper management which is customizable time to time.  The customer gets the option booking the cylinder through the system and pays the charges along with the service charge by online mode. The admin can also edit the information while accessing the accounts of other users as he is the identity therefore he gets special privileges to hold the information of other users.

Gas Booking

The interface provide information about the gas booking done by the customer and this information is to be seen on the interface of the customer as well as the admin because he is the head entity who confirms the order of the customer. Interface also provides information about the number of gas cylinder booked by the customer because a limited number of booking can be done by a customer year.


The gas booking which is done by the customer is authenticated by the admin. After the confirmation is provided by the admin the gas cylinder is booked and to be delivered at the doorstep of the customer after the payment of the cylinder done by the customer through online mode or at the time of delivery. The confirmation message is also provided to the customer through the email address and also that date of delivery is provided to the customer for reference.


The system is capable enough to provide online payment option to each customer on their interface after the book the number of cylinder they need and the type of cylinder they choose then after the payment option is provided to the customer through which a customer can pay the price of the cylinder along with the service charges. He can also opt for the cash on delivery option so that he can pay the price while delivering the cylinder


System booking is done by the customer whom we can see while login into the account or else you can get the Alert update on his phone number and email address by the system. The current address what the update about the delivery of the cylinder is provided to the customer from time to time. 

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