Online Cake Ordering System

Online Cake Ordering Management System

Current System

People will go to cake shop physically in the nearby area in order to provide the cake order and withal they have to wait till the order will be yare thereafter they will pay in cash to the shop owner.

The system is very hectic because it will require the people to visit the cake shop on their own and this will withal limit the option of take for the people because they have to cull the cake from the available variety in the cake shop of their nearby area.

Proposed System

The cake ordering system will help the people to get the cake even in the night as per their order because there are so many times when the people will like to celebrate in the Midnight therefore it is very important to provide cake fresh at the same time.

The customer can also provide detailed version of the ingredients which need to be used while preparing the cake because the people will get taste as per their requirement and also they will provide the decoration instruction as per their event which they need to be celebrate.

Entity Relationship Diagram Online Cake Ordering System


In order to celebrate any occasion it is very important to have a cake at the moment so that the event can be maintained in a peaceful manner. There are certain locations which appear in a person life for example anniversary, birthday, or any other event which will make the person joyful and this moment will be celebrated with other close people of the person. The system is capable enough to book the cake as per the customer need and event. There are so many varieties along with the flavor of cake available so that the customer can choose the best cake as per his flavor interest. The customer can also give instruction to customize the cake as per his need according to this the cost of cake will be decided by the Bakery. The cake shop will provide the cake on the doorstep of the customer within the time limit provided by him. The entities and their attributes are discussed below:


  1. Admin:

The online cake ordering system is managed by the admin, he controls the system by maintaining the order provided by the customers’ everyday and getting the detail of delivery at their doorstep. The admin can also access the account of other users of the system and maintain the balance between the databases available in the system. The Entity will sustain the account of every admin person if they are appointed by the management, the account will include their personal information along with providing the services of access to control the account of other users of the system. Because of the head entity, the information of other accounts are manipulated and updated at any point of time. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: The system is capable enough to provide a Unique Identity Number to each admin entity.
  • Name: It is a necessary task to collect the original name of the admin in order to sustain the verification.
  • Contact No.: The head entity’s contact number needs to be saved in this attribute to be available in the system.
  • Email Address: The admin will provide his email address in the system so that the customer can connect to him. 


2. Customer:

The cakes will be ordered by customers who want to celebrate a particular occasion based on their choice, the cakes are to be ready by the cake shop. The Entity will sustain Different accounts created by the customers and include the data which is provided by the time to time whenever the order for different cakes based on their personal interest. The customer will added the information provided by them in the system along with getting a reference from the system in order to choose the cakes based on their previous choices and particular events which will be repeated every year. The customer can also visit the variety of cakes from different shop and also choose the quantity of cake which they want to be delivered at their door step by the shop owner. The customer can also provide description regarding the cake ingredients. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: The system will provide Identity Number which will be attached with every customer account.
  • Name: Every customer who is attached with the system is provided their original name in the system.
  • Contact No.: The customer will provide their contact number so that they can be contacted when their cake is ready.
  • Email Address: The customer will provide their email address in order to get notified about the order they have given.
  • Residence: It is very important to collect the information regarding the residence of customer to provide home delivery.
  • Occasion: The cakes are maintained on the basis of type of occasion organized by the customer.


3. Order:

There are so many customer who will give order of different cakes in a particular day therefore it is necessary to separate the information related to each order provided by the customers. The Entity will help in sustaining different account of each order provided by the customers including all the details related to the order by the customer. It also includes the description provided by the customer about the cake and for the occasion for which he wants the cake. It will also get the information related to the quantity and the amount estimated by the system itself which will be provided to the customer so that he can pay the amount through the system or cash on delivery. 

  • Order_ID: An identity number according to the number of order provided by the customer is attached with the order.
  • Customer_ID: It is a foreign key which include the customer Identity Number who has booked the particular order.
  • Cakes_ID: This attribute will hold the information of The Identity Number of the particular cake which is chosen by the customer.
  • Cakes Shop_ID: The cake shops Identity Number are saved in this attribute for the system.
  • Quantity: The customer will provide information about the number of cakes he wants to order.
  • Description: The customer will provide description regarding the cake he wants to create by the Bakery.


 4. Cakes:

There are variety of cakes which are created by the cake shops as per the need and demand of customer, the cakes are created and customized by the description provided by the customers. The cakes also come in various flavor as per the taste of the customer and also they will come in different sizes and shapes. According to the changes in market condition and Trend, the customer taste will also change and he wants unique cake in different styles so that the cake shop owner will create different designs on each cake to distinguish them and provide fresh cakes to the customers. The Entity will maintain different account of cakes including the information related to the ingredients which are needed to create a particular cake flavor and size as per the demand of customers. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Cakes_ID: Every cake is attached with an identity number provided by the system itself.
  • Name: The cake owner will suggest unique name of each cake in order to attract more customers.
  • Price: The attribute will hold the information related to the price of each cake depending upon the ingredients used to create it.
  • Ingredients: Every single cake is created by using different ingredients which information is saved in this attribute.
  • Size: The cakes will come in different sizes as per the requirement of customer.
  • Flavor: The customer will book the cake as per the flavor of cake which he wants to eat.



5. Cake Shop:

Different type of cake shops are attached with the system who will provide their services in creating unique cake in order to attract the customers and provide services along with discount and other benefits. The shop owner will create account in the system and include the information related to the shop along with the services they are providing and also upload the menu which will be updated by them on a certain period regularly. It also include the information related to the location and other details of the shop in order to provide the information to the customers if they want to visit the shop to get more variety which they can see face to face. The shop owner will also provide estimated amount of each cake so that the customer can get an idea about the price as well. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Cake Shop_ID: The cake shops are tagged with Identity Number which is unique created by the system itself.
  • Name: The owner will register the name of cake shop as per is choice and uniqueness in the market.
  • Contact No.: The shop contact number needs to be saved in this attribute so that the customer can contact the shop also.
  • Email Address: This attribute will save the email address of the cake shop because the customer can raise any query related to the cake.
  • Location: The permanent address of each shop is saved in this attribute along with the landmark and location.


 6. Staff:

Every shop or company is sustained by the staff members who are working in the particular shop. The shop owner will hire employees in order to get work in there cake shop. This stuff will be of different skills and designation as per the need in the shop by the owner. It includes chefs, waiters, cleaners etc. Every single staff member will create an account in the system which is distinguished in this entity including the information provided by the staff regarding their personal and professional information which they can edit at any point of time. The upper management will also provide the salary and leave management policy information in the staff account also. Related attributes are defined below:

  • Staff_ID: The staff will get an identity number by the system which is unique and separate their account information.
  • Name: The staff member will provide their original name which is to be written in their account also.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of every staff member is needed to be saved in the system to be contacted by the upper management.
  • Email Address: The customer will get information related to the order by the email address of staff members.
  • Shift: Staff members will work in different shifts that information is recorded in this attribute.
  • Designation: The staff will be designated on different position as per their skill and experience.

User Interface Model of Online Cake Ordering System



The user interface of online cake ordering system is capable enough to sustain the user information and the options will be provided to them in order to benefit them about all the services provided by the system. The interface is very simple and attractive which will help each user to use the system at optimum level. The front page will include the login credentials option so that any user can get access to their account with the help of login ID and password. If any new user wants to get attached with the system, will get the option of new user registration in the display.



The main page will appear in the interface providing all the options required by the user whether they are a staff member of the shop or customer who wants to book the order for cake. It is also customizable whose authority is to be maintained by only the upper level management. The admin can get the access to manipulate the data of accounts of other users by providing necessary information and updating the database in regular period. The cake ordering system will help each user in making their day to day work easier so that they can rely on the system and will improve their efficiency.



The interface will help the customers in booking the order for the cake they want to get for a particular occasion. There are varieties of options provided by the cake shop owner in the interface of the customer so that the customer can get the information of the menu provided by the owner along with the description of each cake through which he can select the cake as per his choice. The interface will book the order of customer in a separate format so that it will be transferred to the Chef of the Bakery and soon he will start to prepare the order cake.


Cake Selection:

Every shop owner will upload his menu in the system in order to attract the customers, they will also provide variety of cake options to the customers and also a display in which the customer can choose the type of ingredients they want in their cake as it will help the customer to get more satisfaction because now he is using each and every ingredient to prepare the cake for himself. He can also choose the type of bread and flavor of the cake as for his interest along with providing the information regarding the quantity of cake.



After customizing the cake depending upon the customer interest and choice, the system will estimate the total amount which needs to be paid by the customer and provide him option to pay the amount with the help of online payment option provided on the account of customer including the credit card and debit card option and internet banking option also. The customer can also pay the amount at the time of delivery if he will choose the option of cash on delivery option.



The chef of the cake shop will prepare the cake according to the description provided by the customer and the estimated time given by the customer. The cake will be delivered to the customers address by the delivery person of the cake shop owner. The owner will provide information related to the customer address on the system account of the delivery boy including each and every detail of the customer.


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