The gate pass management system is a well defined system which is engendered to avail the security sentinels for amassing and surveillance of the visitors and their conveyances who has come in a particular company to visit for a categorical meeting.

The system is engendered to keep in mind the interlink work of manager and security gate personnel who are responsible for carrying out the data who are coming into the building of the company. The system is capable enough to endeavor the ingression and exit time of each visitor and it additionally avail in managing the parking of cars in a well mannered.

At the cessation of the month, it is obligatory for the manager to estimate how many people have visited the company and to track down how many people have visited conventionally for certain work. It is capable in tracking down the history of a person to show the date and time when he appears into the company.

Existing System:

The current system is a manual system in which the ingression and exit of visitors is note down by the security sentinels in their register through pen paper mode which is very obsolete and does not transpire up to the mark.

The current system requires the visitors to ingress inter register at the ingress gate which requires time and he withal needs to mention the details of this conveyance every time he visits and incite it down in the register as well which is a time-consuming process and sometimes if there are so many visitors come at the same time then it will engender hectic situation to control for the security personnel.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is interlinked which is monitored by the admin about the work done by the security sentinels at the entry and exit Gates along with the surveillance done by the managers as well.

The system is customizable as per the company through which the ascendancy can be given to the managers and withal to the security chief. The system is capable enough to record each and every visitor who visits the company along with detail of his conveyance consequently. It is a desideratum to mention it another time when he visits.

The upper level management can get brief report of the visitors who visited in a particular duration and how many of them are visited perpetually. This will be subsidiary in ascertaining the visitors to get the best perspective of the company in front of clients who additionally visits the company.


OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Model:


Gate pass management system is helpful for every firm in which there are so many visitors who visit the office daily to keep a track record of them when they enter into the premises. The following model displays the inner circle of the database in which the data is managed by the admin through various entities and their attributes so that the system can run error-free and within the hold of its management. There are certain other responsibilities that are to be grounded by the admin for the safety of the system and to keep the system Run as per the need of the actors available in the system. The entities and their attributes are discussed in detail below:


The admin is the primary entity that controls the system. It helps all the other actors in managing their accounts into the system and to maintain the database up to date. The management can allow more than one person at the admin, therefore, keeping their account separate from each other in this system so that one cannot access the account of another. Sometimes the management provides non-equal opportunities to the admins according to their work profile and experience in handling the team. The proposed attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: Unique Identity Number is attached with each account of the admin to give the main advantage of the primary entity.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of each admin entity to make a list of the admin authorized persons.
  • Contact No.: Admin can be contacted at any point in time if an actor suffers any problem in the system, then he connects to the admin through the system.
  • Email Address: The email address of the admin, which is official is needed to be saved in this attribute for official conversation with him.
  • Gender: If the admin power is administered to more than one person, then their names along with their gender need to be mentioned in this attribute.

    2. Manager:

The manager is the person who controls the department as per the required set skills and experience because it is a very tough task to manage a team of different people who are distinctive in their approach of handling problems and day-to-day work, but the manager controls all and Lead the team. This entity provides an advantage to the managers to keep their accounts separate in which they can hold their individual details along with the work they have done in a particular time period so that they can submit our brief report to the upper management. They also manage the security guard and if they face any problem with the visitors. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Manager_ID: There are many departments in the particular organization in which the manager is provided with The Identity Number, which is distinctive.
  • Name: Every department’s manager name is saved in this attribute for the documentation and verification process.
  • Contact No.: The manager is the key person which can be contacted by their team in any other person if they require any assistance.
  • Email Address: The official email address of the manager need to be mentioned in this attribute to connect them at the time of necessary for official conversation.
  • Residence:  As the manager is the upper level person therefore his permanent address need to be submitted in this attribute.
  • Age: The managers can be of any senior level therefore their age need to be mentioned in this attribute for various purposes.

     3. Security Guard:

The people who guard the gates of the company are the security guard persons who are responsible for the entry and exit of any visitor who wants to meet any random person in the company. They are responsible for any mishap if it happens so the whole scenario will be repeated exhaustively. There are certain other responsibilities which can be carried out in extra manner which is overburdened by the upper level management on the security guards. They need to register those people who are already working in the premises and now they need to look after the employees. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Guard_ID: The Company provides an identity number to each card which is their batch to be shown as their identity and it needs to be saved in this attribute.
  • Name: The names of every security guard who are guarding the gates are saved in this attribute for security purpose.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of every security guard is saved in this attribute to connect them by the management if the need to update about any visitor.
  • Email Address: The email address of each security personnel is saved is a tribute to share them any documents if needed by the management.
  • Residence: The permanent address of each security guard is hold by this attribute for verification and authentication.
  • Shift: The security guards work in different shifts as per the time decided by the management divided and night shifts.

    4.Gate Pass:

The visitors who approach to the company to meet their individuals then they need a gate pass to be allowed to enter into the premises which is to be given by the security guards to them. Therefore the gate pass is the necessary things which includes details about the visitor and about the person to whom they want to meet along with the vehicle details and there entry and exit time also. The gate pass is a system generated slip whose entry is to be made into the system buy the security guard which can also so be monitored by the head of security for confirmation. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Pass_ID: There are so many visitors who visit in a particular day therefore a system generated Identity Number is provided to each gate pass which is distinctive in nature.
  • Visitors Details: The visitors detail including his name, the person he wants to meet and other details are to be saved in this attribute.
  • Permission: The visitor needs to have permission for the meeting which we can show at the time of entry into the premises to the security guards.
  • Vehicle No.:  the visitor’s vehicle number it saved along with the visitors details in the attribute for verification.
  • Entry Time:  The gate pass also include entry time of the visitor which is also written down in this attribute.
  • Exit Time:  This attribute holds the exact time of the visitor after how much time he leaves the premises from the exit Gate.


Visitor is the person who comes to meet any responsible person of the company in to the company premises. The visitor can be anyone whether he is from another company, any friend or any client who has come with the purpose to meet with the defined person. Sometimes the visitor has permission prior for the meeting and sometimes the visitor come directly to the premises without any permission. The security guards are responsible for allowing the visitor after verification and checking out the details provided by the visitor to find out if he is a genuine person or not. The attributes of this entity are defined below:

  • Visitor_ID: A system generated Identity Number is provided to each visitor with a temporary ID card which he needs to submit at the exit Gate.
  • Name: The name of every visitor is to be written in the system through this attribute in which the name has to be same as per is government ID.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of the visitor is also written down in this attribute for safety purpose if the system finds out any.
  • Email Address: The visitor also needs to provide his email address to the system for authentication purpose.
  • Visiting Invitation:  If the visitor is invited by any company’s person then he gets a visiting invitation which we can show at the time of entry to the security guard.
  • Vehicle Details: The vehicle which is owned by the visitor its details need to be mentioned in this attribute.



Every visitor who visits the company carries his own vehicle or else he can take a cab to come at the premises. The vehicle of every visitor is also a responsibility of the security guard to take care of the vehicle therefore the security and briefly gets the details of the vehicle by the visitor including the vehicle registration number, model number, and the driving license number of the owner. All details need to be feed into the system for verification and future purpose. The security guard can easily manage and track the vehicle if it is a valet parking because sometimes the security guard needs to submit the car key of the owner. The related attributes of this entity are discussed below:

  • Vehicle_ID: The system generates an identity number which is to be stick with the vehicle details of the visitor.
  • Vehicle No.: The vehicle number which is written in the number plate of the vehicle is also written down in this attribute.
  • Owner’s Details: The system also saves the owners detail of the vehicle in this attribute.

Model No.:  The model number of each car is different therefore it needs to be saved in this attribute by the security guard

User Interface Diagram:


The system is very simple and easy to handle because of the user interface which is design in a manner so that any individual can access the system and get the help he needs. It is very beneficial for the security guards as well as the manager of the company to track the number of visitors who visit in a particular day along with the vehicle they are carrying with them. The login interface is simple and same for every actor although including some options like the forgot password option and the new user registration option


The admin will get the privilege of getting access to the accounts of other actors in the system because he is responsible for controlling the whole system and making it error free because there are so many times there the data needs to travel into the system simultaneously. Similarly the manager gets more equilibrium power through the tabs provided by the system rather than the security guards. He can also access the security gates surveillance cameras through the system for verification purpose of any visitor.

Gate Pass:

The security guards provide a gate pass to each visitor which is unique for every visitor because it contains an identity number of 14 digits designed by the system randomly through its algorithm running inside. It will help the security guard to track down the vehicle of the visitor if there are similar cars of the visitors available in the parking area.

  • Entry:  The security guards which are available at the entry gate provides this gate pass including the details of the visitor, the person they want to meet and the details of the vehicle they are carrying with them because of the valet parking they need to keep the key of the vehicle also.
  • Exit:  The system is unified and interlinked therefore the entries which are made by the security guard at the entry gate is also shown on the interface of the security guard who are available at the exit gate to verify the details of the vehicle along with the visitor you are leaving the premises after the meeting with the resemble person.

Vehicle Details:

There are so many visitors who visit the premises more than once in a particular we therefore the system need to save the  details of the vehicles who visit  frequently because it will save the time of the security guard who does not need to feed the details of the vehicle again into the system. The system is capable enough to retract the data of the vehicle from the history and it can also show how many times the person has visited the company in a particular month


The interface is capable enough to provide a brief report which is auto generated by the system which can be sent to the admin or the manager to give them a report about the number of visitors who visited the company in a particular month along with the details of the people they need to visit including the details of your vehicles in which they came into the premises. It will help the upper level management to maintain the number of visitors and provide them good opportunity if they come for any visit because it will also increase the reputation of the company

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