Library Management System for Final Year Students

Library Management System for Final Year Students

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Introduction of Library Management System

Apart from the overtake of technology into the world still the real knowledge comes from reading the books. The library management system is a project which persecutes in developing a cybernetic system to timely maintain & manage all the circadian work of the library. This project has many unique and incandescent features that are generally not available in mundane library management systems like facility of utilizer authentication and a facility of edifiers authentication. This withal has a facility of admin authentication through which the admin can monitor and control the whole system, it can also make sure the smooth running of the process by which the librarian as well as the teachers can be up to date with the system.

It has created a facility where students after logging in their accounts can optically discern a list of books issued and its issue date as well as return date and additionally the students can request the librarian to integrate incipient books by filling the book request form. The librarian after logging into his account i.e. admin account can engender sundry reports such as student report, issue report, pedagogic report, and book report.

It additionally has the facility of an online notice board where edifiers and student can put up information about workshops or seminars being held in our colleges or nearby institutions and librarian after felicitous verification from the concerned institution organizing the seminar can integrate it to the notice board.

The challenge and targets with the intention to be accomplished after the final touch of this challenge are mentioned in this subchapter.

The objectives are as follows

Current System

In current scenario the authorities are dealing with so many major tasks therefore the current available system has become obsolete and a new proposed system is required for smooth running of the library management. Currently, the system requires manual input to conduct tasks and extinguish paperwork where the librarian, students, teachers has to do work manually and this process requires time for completion and sometimes the loss of record is also one of the major task which needs to be dealt with in time. Whenever there’s a number of student approach library then the real scenario starts because manually work is very exhaustive and time taking so, it’s time for uplifting the existing system. Books and student maintenance modules are however included in this system which would keep track of the students utilizing the library and add a detailed description of the books a library contains. With this computerized system, there will be no loss of book record or member record which generally transpires when a non-computerized system is utilized.

In integration, the report module is uniquely included in Library Management System. If the user’s position is admin, the utilizer can engender different kinds of reports like :

  • lists of students registered.
  • A list of books issued and return reports.

All these modules can avail librarians to manage the library with more accommodative and in a more efficient way as compared to library systems which are not computerized.

There are certain points which are necessary to highlight in order to enhance and emphasize the real necessity of the library management system :

Presenting System:

Library Management System is a systematic management that concentrates on particular quandaries encountered by librarians and experts day to day in library management. Library Management System Provides you with an organized book management system, manages library members, issues books, and receives them. It basically keeps a sharp eye on every minutiae. A congruous computerized book management system will make any library more functional. It sanctions you to integrate and control your library resources digitally. It includes standard administrative activities, and additionally responsible for academic liberation and outreach.

Digitalizing your quotidian process would make you more productive and more prosperous. We have rigorously proposed a module Library Management System which eliminates the manual process involved and simplifies the way books are published, preserving time and efforts.

Now lets bifurcate the system properly:

OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


ER Model of Library Management System


This diagram portrays the relation of the librarian with the teachers and the students. It also helps him in maintaining the official and accurate record of the books which are issued to every students as well as teachers with accuracy, this will help out in easing the manual paper work and help in lessening the burden over the librarian from various aspects, therefore, this system intensifies the productivity of the librarian and save time as well as the energy. It is also very cost effective and requires less human interaction as before. It conveys the description of all the physical objects involved in the application like the library, books, students etc. It withal briefs the operations to be done on these entities. This will minimize all the redundancy and endeavor to store all the required information in as diminutive space as possible.

The sundry entities are described as:

  1. Library:

In a particular college or university there are more than one libraries are available therefore, to find out the exact library of a particular department this supreme entity is needed. This is the main entity which subsidized the overall processing of the system and regulates attributes successfully. There are various departments available in a particular institution and universities therefore one need to keep a stock of every specialization along with the variety of same books of different authors. In order to lesser the burden every library has given specific and unique ID codes and also interlinks would be different. This system is automated and controls the other links which are linked with this supreme entity. The concluding attributes are:

  • Name: There are many libraries in a particular college and every library has a unique name sometimes the name given on the name of honored people. Therefore, this entity distinguishes from other entities.
  • Address: It clarifies the address of the library as a university is spread in a big area so in order to find it early it includes the block number as well as the lane number.
  • Building No.: This attribute identifies the building of the library as the libraries has given unique numbers in order to make them distinct. So this attribute holds different libraries building numbers.

 Now the library authority consists of many librarians and every time there shifts changes and also there place of working in a particular library changes. This shuffle is conducted by the meetings done prior weekly or daily among the members of the libraries of university and thereafter they elects librarian for particular library.


2.  Librarian:

This entity submerges the various librarians work in a particular university and give them authority to control the other entities of the system. This entity is the main admin entity who controls the other students, teachers, & books stock entities. Under this entity according to the librarian appointed for today he/she logins through their credentials and can do necessary edits / removal and alter as per their need. It requires following attributes:

  • Name: This attribute consist the name of the librarian as every particular cycle the librarian changes so this attribute holds the list of names of the pre-edited librarians so that they can access data from the point where they left.
  • Code: Every librarian has given personal ID or Code number in order to increase their cyber security which is saved in this attribute and it also helps in linking with other attribute of the same person therefore it saves time.
  • No.: In case of emergency this attribute holds the contact number of every librarian to communicate with them as per need
  • Shift: Every librarian is allotted a particular shift time whether they can work. This attribute gives proper information about the shift allotted to each librarian whether its day shift or evening.

Here librarian keeps record of the books issued and return but, he is also responsible for the number of books newly added as per the existing pile of books available in the library. It is necessary to keep a record of books so that it helps in clearing out that how many new books are needed in the library.


3. Books (Stock):

This entity transpires the accumulated form of the pile of books available in the library currently. Every book in the library has somehow unique name and belongs to a particular department and written by a different authors. Therefore, books are arranged in a particular rack as divided by the department names so that a person can easily find a book as per his/her need. The attributes needed are:


  • Issued Books: In a particular day many teachers and students come and issue books regularly therefore this attribute keeps a record of the books issued in a day. It also provides information about who has issued which book so that we can track them and if needed it shows a full list of books issued in a day/week/ or month.
  • Return Books: This attribute keeps record of the returned books everyday. As it is needed to put them back to their respective racks, this attribute is needed to verify and also it is needed to locate the person who has returned the book if the book consists any wear n tear.

 Now the books are issued to students and teachers on a regularly basis therefore this entity is further linked with the students and teachers entities in a distinct manner to maintain the relation properly.


4. Students:

In a particular university there are thousands of students study in various departments so that the libraries are divided but after that also numerous students visits library daily. To keep a record of it this entity is needed. It allows a list of students whom are enrolled in the library and has separate account of each students as every student issue and return books regularly so it keeps the data intact.


  • Roll No.: This attribute sustains the unique roll number of every students to identify them particularly and related their attribute with other attributes without any glitch.
  • Student_Name: This attribute holds the student’s name as it somehow make them unique and helps in identifying the record of the students.
  • Class / Department: Every student belongs to a particular department or class therefore it is necessary to keep a data of their respective class as well.
  • Status: Every student issues numerous books in a day and return them regularly after their work, now there are students who are pass out from the university every year, so this attribute shows the student is active or inactive.

 After student entity now teachers or professors also borrows books from the library on a regular basis therefore it is necessary to keep a record of books issued to faculties of every department timely. So, this entity helps in providing on time record of books issued to faculties on a single click.


5. Teachers / Faculty:

Every department has many classes and every class has many subjects. So, it requires different faculties for every subjects who are specialized in that area. Now the faculty needs books daily of different authors to teach students regularly and they borrow it from library therefore this entity is required to record the daily procedure of books borrowed by faculties of different departments. It includes several attributes:


  • Faculty_ID: Every faculty has given an identity card along with unique ID number which helps them in access on various staff and other rooms. This ID is also stored along with their name in this attribute.
  • Name: This attribute saves the name of the teachers as there are many teachers available so it help them in keeping record distinguish from others.
  • Department: Every faculty belongs to a particular department and teaches student of that department therefore this attribute helps in maintaining the record of the department of the particular teacher.
  • Issue/Return Books: The books which are issued and returned by the teacher are recorded in this attribute daily.
  • Status: Now faculties can be interchanges as per the requirement of the management so it is necessary to keep the record of the teachers who are active or who are transferred to other departments.


User Interface Library Management System

Librarian (Admin):

The supreme authority who controls and navigate the accounts of every students as well as the teachers and reserve the right to change/edit/alter the data as per his need. This system gives him authority to look into anyone’s account and keep an eye of the records.


The library is build solely for the use of students this interface gives permission to access the student account and check the books he needs for upcoming classes as well as how many books he has borrowed and what are their last date of return.

Faculties / Staff:

After students the large crowd who uses library are faculties of every department this interface allows each faculty to watch over their account and take necessary books needed for upcoming lectures. It also helps them in remembering the weekly need of books as per scheduled classes in each department.

Books- Issued/Return:

In the library books are unlimited and it contains books of similar subjects but of different authors also, now daily many students and faculties borrow books and return as per the last date of return so to keep this record this userface allows admin to have a record of the issued as well as returned books along with their identity credentials.

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