Medical Store Management System


Everything we consume today contains inimical chemicals and pesticides which are making our body and health impuissant. Pollution is spreading expeditiously through the air, water, food, etc a plethora of diseases are spreading along with the pollution and affecting the human lives, the freshness of air, cleanliness, and purity of water this all has become abating day by day and making us sick even the ozone depletion is causing the sun rays to physically contact us directly and spreading skin cancers. 


The human body is capable enough to rejuvenate itself from diseases and cuts, wounds of diminutive size, but it requires external medicines additionally to rejuvenate faster and expeditiously. There are many hospitals opened and clinics of doctors are open as per the ratio of the people in the society but people don’t always go to the hospital for minute viral diseases and incline to visit the medicos clinics.

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The medico after optically canvassing the patient’s symptoms and health prescribes some medicines to be taken conventionally as per the disease or rigor of sickness. The patient takes this prescription page to the medical store and buys the medicines, and if some medicines he doesn’t get then he goes to other medical stores himself, this system is very hectic and requires a management system to provide solution instantly, consequently the medical store management system is introduced which contains the information of all medicines and patient can get all the medicines at his abode after authoritatively mandating. 

The salient features are:

  • The system provides information of all the medicines at a single portal which is accessed by the patient.
  • The management system is needed in medicine to manage the store and track the medicines as per the prescription of the patient.
  • The admin can manage the staff information also which helps in salary generation and leave management.

Current System:

The existing system is a manually transmitted system that requires a plethora of physical work and sometimes the patient himself has to go to the medical store to purchase the medicines, it also requires the prescription page to keep handy at the time of purchasing which sometimes if goes missing then he cannot purchase medicines. 

This system is obsolete and required a system that tracks the record of every transaction. Till now the store staff has to manage the details of every customer or patient in files by indicting manually. Loads of paperwork lead to the inundating of the work physically and sometimes if a patient revisits the medical store then it would become hectic to probe the precedent file from the paper loads to visually perceive the history of the patient medicines course.

Consequently, a system is needed which can manage the details of every transaction along with the patient history file of medicine and diseases. The system requires time to consummate any task along with the payment done by every patient. The discount and tax file is additionally managed by the staff physically and it contains errors due to human involution in the calculation. It increments the peril and susceptibility of the system, some other points of this system are:

  • The amount of physical work and time requirement is huge therefore the system is obsolete.
  • The patient needs to come to the store to buy the medicines and also tag along with the prescription page of the doctor.
  • This system fails in maintaining the medical history of the patient along with the medicines requires by him regularly.
  • The details of suppliers are also managed in paperwork mode and calculated manually the quantity of the medicines available as stock.
  • There’s no track record of the in-house stock and is some medicine goes missing and also the expiry of medicines.

Proposed System:

The medical management system infuriates the desiderata of the current scenario in the medical store. This system is engendered keeping in mind the quandaries and difficulties faced by the patients and the store owner. Ergo the user interface of the management system is built distinctly for the actors of the system. It provides the tabs and options according to the data needed for the smooth running of the database link.

In this system, the patient first authenticates in the system, uploads the prescription of the medico, and then cull the quantity of the medicines he requires. This information is forward to the admin which further amasses the staff member according to the rack or department where the type of medicine can be found, and then they packed it up and parcel it to the patient’s address. The patient while culling the medicines gets an option in the interface to pay the amount through online mode which goes to the admin and the details are managed by the staff.

This system provides systematic data of staff members which helps the admin for calculating salary and leaves. It avails in sustaining the data of conventional customers along with incipiently integrated customers. The salient features of this system are:

  • The amount of data related to the patients, staff, and medicines can be managed by this system properly.
  • The system is well managed and customized as per the need of the owner, where the admin can control the flow of data.
  • This system is time-efficient and provides the medicines on time even the patient can order it from his home through the system.
  • Data and information is stored in the database securely and every actor has provided distinct login credentials.






Windows 7 Stable

Windows 8 and above


Visual Studio .NET 2003

2019 version 12.7


Version 1.7

Version 4.5.2


HTML – for coding.

JAVA script – for styling work.

Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.










Intel P-III system

Intel Core i5 and above ( Intel Core i7) OR AMD FX 4100 and above, or A6 and above



128 Gigabytes (GB)*

128GB+Solid State Disk(SSD) with at least 20 GB of free disk space






Wired Networking:

Ethernet LAN Port or USB

Ethernet LAN Port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle

Intra server

Wireless Networking



Entity-Relationship Model:



This model provoke the relation among the highlighted entities which are essential for the system to be present and compound a healthy yet systematic flow of data in the management system. It provides a virtual reference for the model to look and guide carefully the information as and when required. The model is explained in detail by the following entities:

  1. Admin:

This entity holds the key to manage the data of the system in the desired direction, it manages the information of doctors, staff, customers, and even the medicine stock which is available in the store. The admin entity regulates the system in accordance with the need for the information by the patient and medicine to be ordered by him. This entity is further elaborated by the following attributes:

  • Unique_ID:  This attribute holds the unique number which is system generated for each admin, it is distinct and provides a secure connection.
  • Name:  The admin entity is operated by more than one person so this attribute saves the name of each admin.
  • Contact No.:  To connect with the admin at the time when needed, this attribute holds the contact information of every admin.
  • Email:  The email address of the admin is needed for communication with the customer and even with the staff members.

The admin further manages the available stock of medicines in the store and contacts the supplier if there’s any medicine that is less in quantity. The admin provides necessary data to the other entities and the attributes.

  1. Medicines:

The detailed information of the available stock of medicines in the store is provided and kept in this entity. It saves useful information like the name, manufacturing and expiry date, batches no., salt content, and the price of the medicine. The data is very useful because the system alerts the admin if any medicine is found expired. This contains the following attributes:

  • Name:  The name of every medicine is given by the parent company, this attribute holds the name of every medicine.
  • MFD / EXP:  The manufacturing and the expiry date of every medicine are crucial, therefore this attribute saves this data.
  • Component:  Every medicine is made of different salt components as per the diseases, therefore this attribute holds the salt information of every medicine.
  • Uses:  The medicines are made from multiple components and used for different types of diseases, therefore the use of medicine is saving in this attribute.
  • Doses:  Every medicine is taken as per the recommended quantity like once, twice, or thrice a day.
  • MRP:  The price of every medicine is different, it depends on the salts which are used in it at the time of manufacturing.

People are dealing with many diseases now a day’s therefore they need a variety of medicines for different diseases which are to be provided to them on the basis of the order given by the patient as per the prescription of the doctor.

  1. Order:

This entity holds the list of medicines to be needed by the patients from the medical store, there are many people who give orders of medicines to the storage system which is analyzed by the admin, and then the respective medicines are packed and delivered to the customer’s address. This entity holds the following attributes:

  • No. of Medicines:  Each patient requires a different number of medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Quantity:  The amounts of strips ordered by the patient are recorded in this attribute.
  • Price per Medicine:  Each medicine consists of different prices which are saved in this attribute for future purposes.
  • Discount:  there may be some discount is given on a number of medicines to the customer as per the company’s policies.
  • Tax:  Tax is levied on every medicine as per the government rules and acts because medicines are basic commodities.
  • Total:  This attribute provides the information of the total amount which is to be given by the customer.

The medicines which are to be taken by the patient are prescribed by the doctor after analyzing the problem or diseases the patient is going through, here the doctor also checks the medical history of the patient and suggest him to do some tests and then after observing, the doctor provides medicine prescription along with some other care.

  1. Prescription:

This entity saves the prescription provided by the patient for record and to safeguard from any fraud if happens. This entity also links the information of the medicines and sometimes cross-check with the respective doctor if the admin observes any mishap. The attributes of this entity are:

  • Medicines:  The number of medicines, syrups, capsules which are written by the doctor are save in this attribute for the record.
  • Disease: The doctor writes down the disease through which the patient is suffering along with the symptoms which the patient is facing.
  • Dr. Name:  The patient goes to the doctor as per his choice so the name of the doctor who has prescribed those medicines is written in this attribute.
  • Dr. Qualification:  The type of degrees and other certified courses which are done by the doctor is saved in this attribute.

The prescribed medicine is taken by the patient once or twice a day as per the severity of the disease he is facing. 

  1. Customer / Patient:

There are numerous patients who is facing problems related to health every day, their health history is also important to understand the type of problems or if the patient is facing any kind of reaction or allergy by any medicine or ointment. The related attributes are:

  • Name:  The name of every patient is written in this attribute for billing and other references.
  • Contact:  In case of any incident or information need, the contact number of every patient is needed.
  • Address:  To provide the medicines of the patient at his residence the address of every patient is needed in this attribute.
  • Assigned Dr.:  Every doctor treats the patient accordingly and the type of doctor who treats it depending on the type of disease the patient is facing.
  • Health History:  There are many diseases that prevail and last for more than a month or year also have a tendency of reoccurring so their health history is important.
  • Medicine History:  This attribute provides the information of the type of medicines taken by the patient and the medicines which react and which are not.

The system is managed by the admin but he will pass the filtered order to the staff which then gather the respective medicines in prescribed format and deliver to the patient on time.

  1. Staff:

There are many people working as staff members in the store, they all are well qualified and consist of the required knowledge about the diseases and the medicines for the patient. This entity holds the personal information of the staff along with their daily work done and patients’ orders attended by them. The attribute which helps this entity are:

  • Unique_ID:  The system generates an ID number for every staff member that is important for login and making the respective staff information safe.
  • Contact No.:  Connection information is saved in this attribute of every staff member within their other personal details.
  • Email Address:  The admin and patient communication with the staff through email, so their email address is written in this attribute.
  • Qualification:  The required staff persists of different degrees and courses in medicines for senior and junior posts in the store to operate the work.

User Interface:

Medical Store Management System

The medicine management system is customized as per the medical store’s need and requirement, it provides a legitimate interface for every user and entity. It contains all the options and tabs which are needed for every user viz. admin, staff or patient. 


The login page opens up while starting the system by any actor but varies in some options like for Admin it shows the login account, for the patient it shows existing login options and registration option for a new user, for staff members, it provides login options with the forgot password tab also.


After logging the dashboard opens which then leads to the different sub-options as per the actor’s login page. The admin sees options to get details of every customer and staff member along with their modification option whereas the staff can access the patient’s account which is assigned to him, also the patient can access his account only.


This tab is shown in every characters page because the patient gives the order which is direct goes to the admin and after verifying he sent it to an assigned staff member as per the disease and rack.


The prescription is uploaded by the patient through his interface while ordering the medicines to provide the authenticity of the medicines by the doctor whom he visited. This is visible on the staff member’s dashboard


The medicine details and quantity is provided by the patient through the portal and the data is forwarded to the staff members’ dashboard also to give the medicines after verification.


The patient gives the charges of the total medicines through the interface via online mode and this information is sent to the admin account through the system.


After doing necessary work and tasks the interface provides a logout option in each actor’s dashboard to keep their data safe and which cannot be accessed by another person without authority.

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