18 Unique Excel Spreadsheet Project Ideas

Searching for Excel Project Ideas, Spreadsheet ideas for your Information Systems course, or Looking spreadsheet solutions for your small business?

Here I am listing the top 18 unique Spreadsheet Project ideas that will helpful for you. You can choose any one of the ideas from this list or You can think your own Spreadsheet Project ideas.

 I am an expert and frequent user of Spreadsheet software like Excel, NumberOpenOffice Calc. I am listing an awesome list of Spreadsheet project ideas. Stay with me for the next few minutes and read the full article, I hope you will have a great experience and you will get good

Are you ready to see these 18 Unique Excel Spreadsheet Project Ideas?

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Attendance Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Project idea

It is quite an interesting and simple project idea. You can create your own Attendance Taking Spreadsheet Project by yourself. If your professor is using the traditional way of taking attendance, You can create a simple attendance taking app in excel spreadsheet.

Attendance tracking Spreadsheet project contains students’ details like registration number(any unique number by which student is recognized in that class), Student name, day columns.

  • One the top of the spreadsheet mentions Professor details like name, subject, email, and phone number.
  • Blow the professor details, Spreadsheet can contain student id, student name, and days of the month.
  • The next column will be

I have created a dummy attendance taking spreadsheet in Google Doc. check it. It is a dummy and I did not try to make it beautiful, If you wish you can create a very attractive attendance tracking Microsoft spreadsheet project.

If something is not clear to in Attendance taking Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet project, Let me know in comments, I will resolve your query.

Daily Expense Tracking Microsoft Spreadsheet Project Ideas

Most people like to keep track of their expenses. When I was in kid living in a hostel, My father has developed a habit of keeping track of my expenses. I used a dairy for keeping the record of my expenses. But now I am using Google SpreadSheet for keeping all my records like project details, client details, Expenses details, etc.

You can create your own Daily Expense Tracking Spreadsheet Project that will be helpful for you to control your expense habits. In this spreadsheet project, You can keep track of all your expenses like traveling, eating, internet bill, girlfriend expenses 🙂 and a lot more.

Event Registration Google SpreadSheet Project (Premium Project Idea)

Event registration google spreadsheet project is a unique and smart project idea. Being an expert programmer, I have got many requests regarding the registration system, Usually they ask me to develop a custom registration system. I do according to their requirements, But If someone has less requirement and need quick and robust solutions for their event registrations.

I recommend them to use Google FormIt is fast, secure and reliable and Free, If you are thinking to create any registration system for any type of event, Take my recommendation and use google form.

I have created a small event registration google form. If you will fill this form your data will be stored in this spreadsheet.

Extra Bonus : You can also set custom message when user will submit this form, Your custom message will show. You will also get a beautiful interface for seeing the submitted form response.

T0-Do List Excel Spreadsheet Project Idea


If you want to remember your most important tasks then To-Do List Excel Spreadsheet can help you to remember the things. You can manage task names and due dates. You can manage and list the task list according to priorities. You can set the status like pending or completed.

So don’t wait and create your own To-Do List Spreadsheet Project and improve your skill in Excel.

If you need Excel Spreadsheet Project Ideas or Excel Spreadsheet Assignment/Project help, then please contact me, I am always here to help you.

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