Gym Management System Project for Final Year Students


In this Hi-Tech world, most of the person spend time on Internet so every business is being done using the internet because it boosts our business and expands our business. The Gym Management System is a complete gyming and recreation facility system program that looks after all of your members, memberships, and activities. It is designed for gyms, recreation centers, and health clubs.

The maintenance of a system like this is hardly required until it needs to change any part of the system. The information about the various things contained in the system is like members, trainers, the equipment can get by just a few clicks unlike the paper documents required the serious reading for such information. You can keep records of your members, their memberships, and have quick and easy communication between you and your members. This proposed system also provides the total information about machinery and the data of coaches is also stored in it. Services provided by Gym are also handled by this system. It made it easy to generate the reports of various operations performed in the gym are like paying the fee it can be stored and later evaluated and get the list of the member who did not pay the fee. It also helps the users in reducing the carbon footprint as the amount of paper used in the company reduces. This also helps in keeping the standard with the management system as if there is a case where the administration involves more than one person to manage the gym. The members can have options like attendance and fee payment change batch requests etc. This will improve the transparency between the members which is always good quality in the system. There is a safekeeping system for the administration. The authorized users can only access their credentials.

There are some points for safekeeping:

  • User Registration using Mobile OTP (one-time-password).
  • Easy payment gateway
  • Notification of any information
  • Real-time updation.
  • Online customer feedback through portal
  • Virtual conversation among joiners and Trainers
  • Instant back option at the time of data loss

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Subsisting System

For a long time after the modernization took place in 1995, there are a lot of technological advancement has happened after which in the whole world people shifted themselves to computers rather than working manually on documents. This advancement was needed because the technology was upgrading day by day and manual work was becoming obsolete in every aspect in the market therefore in the gym management system in initial days paperwork was managed for every individual’s information store about their routine, gym diet, BMI calculations, etc. but now the world has shifted towards technology and now we need to update ourselves to a greater extent, so we need an up gradation in gym management also to store data as per our need and can be modified as per requirement in future. The owner can add/remove/update the existing data virtually to minimize the workload in later time to contribute to the smooth running of the business model. It stores data on a permanent basis so to leave the worry of data loss in the future, it’ll be kept as it is till further updation. It is an autoupdation system that allows the user to work efficiently and manage data accordingly. It stores all the data related to the trainer, diet schedule, workout regime, timing, etc. It is also good to keep user information secure and safe. Here the administrator can only see the user information and help them with any issue.

There are few drawbacks of the Subsisting System as elaborated below:

  • Manually work always takes much time.
  • Chance to have an error.
  • In obsolete time was more hectic Depend on laborious efforts
  • At was more pocket costly
  • Data is not available ecumenically to both clients and employees hence location restriction.
  • The whole thing is done on paper and these are extremely susceptible to reimbursements and require a substantial magnitude of security and space to store.

Anticipated System

After the orchestrating and analysis phase of the system gets consummated. Then the next phase required to transform the amassed required system information into a structural blueprint which will accommodate as a reference while constructing the working system. It is a phase when most of the jeopardies and error unveiled so it’s is good practice to take care of this thing from the commencement. This is a plenarily-fledged system that will be the backbone of the whole management of the gym so ignoring the jeopardy or error is not an option as later it can make a more preponderant form of itself. So, it is better to minimize the quandaries faces by both staff and the manager in the Organization. Let’s discuss the system in detail:








Intel P-IV system

Intel Core i3 and above (such as Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7) OR AMD FX 4100 and above, or A6 and above



128 Gigabytes (GB)*

128GB+Solid State Disk(SSD) with at least 50 GB of free disk space






Wired Networking:

Ethernet LAN Port or USB

Ethernet LAN Port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle

To use the CBS wired network connection on your ultra-light or MacBook Air PC, you will need to purchase a USB-to-Ethernet Adapter.

Wireless Networking








Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 10 and above


Visual Studio .NET 2002

2019 version 16.7


Version 1.0

Version 4.7.2


Visual Basic



Entity-Relationship Model –



Human minds are built to solve complex problems, yet it captures information more successively if it is written in a pictorial format. Here comes in handy the Entity-Relationship Model. This model typically represents the exact replica of a database and how they are inter-linked among themselves. Therefore, let’s bifurcate each entity further;

  1. Authority:

This is the supreme authoritarian who is the top management in the hierarchy. The top-scale authority and management decision-making power are leveraged by this entity therefore it termed as the parent entity. This top management is the owner of the gym and controls all the processes and higher-level work that is required for the smooth running of the gym business. It keeps an eye on all the works whether it’s related to payments, members joining, members queries, equipment maintenance, etc. it enjoys its separate login ID and password to keep his files and log in safe from other people. It keeps track of every other entity in the system therefore it manages relationships with all other entities, it also keeps the In and Out time of the system users. It consists of the following attributes:

  • Login ID: credentials made here are distinctive and are recorded in the real-time scenarios to compete with any fraudulent and malicious activities by any unauthorized user to steal the information. Credentials kept hidden and only authorized by the real user.
  • Password: These is unique system credentials that are made by the supreme authoritarian to protect the information stored in the system. This attribute needs to be kept secret and doesn’t share with any other person to drive away any suspicious activities.
  • Occasion: This entity keeps a record of every single click which has been made inside the trajectory of the interface and connects in a real-time manner.
  • Session Time: This attribute establishes the wholesome authority and the security of the model. It keeps a record of the event whenever it happens.

This entity helps in making a stockpile of joiners who have joined along with the active and nonactive members and trainers of the gym. It also gathers information regarding the membership of every joiner and also keeps update if their membership expires.

  1. Joiners

The people who take the membership of the gym are the primary entities. They are the backbone of the gym system. This entity keeps the data related to new joiners, old joiners, and also those people will be highlighted whose membership is going to expire soon, it provides real-time data about the joiners and also gives the option to update and modify as per the need. Joiners get access to their information through login password and see their regime and diet information etc. this entity has the following attributes :

  • Joiners_ID – This entity is auto-generated when there is a new joint that joins the gym. It’s a system-generated entity that is distinctive for every new joiner and helps the joiners to login to their information as and when required.
  • Keywords – It is unique for every different joiner of the gym, it distinguishes them and helps them login into their own ID without any interruptions.
  • Joiners Name – This attribute stores the Name of the joiners as mentioned on any of their Government ID in order for security breaches and future aspects.
  • Joiners Inscription – Joiners detail about their resident is necessary for any type of written communication if needed in the future in the case to send them to their residents.
  • Phone No. – This attribute is required to pass on any message related to the gym or joiners regard any communication in the future and also in case of any emergency.
  • Physique – Every individual BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is different therefore it is necessary to keep a track record of their physique measurements.
  • Session No. – The joiners can come to the gym at any of their preferred timings within the opening timing of the gym as it is divided into various sessions and joiners can choose anyone.
  • Active / Inactive – A joiners join a gym for a fixed time period, he may extend its limit if he needed so, therefore at a particular time a joiner is active until he comes to the gym daily and automatically became inactive if he doesn’t pay the fees of if fees is due.

This entity gives information regarding the measurements of the body of the joiners and it is distinctive in nature therefore it is necessary to keep a record of each and every joiner’s measurements.

  1. Physique

Gym helps in toning the body and helps in maintaining the best posture for your body by exercise and diet and regime. Different joiners have a different physique which requires a different type of attention and concentration. Some joiner’s bodies are lean and require core exercises whereas some joiner’s bodies are heavy which requires weight loss therefore a gym trainer first calculates and estimates the BMI of the joiners’ body and suggests a pact of exercises. It has attributes :

  • BMI – This is the primary attribute that requires information regarding your body type and all other basics structures of the body and stored periodically.
  • Apotheosis – This attribute requires the data related to the length of the joiner’s body and stores it until further changes.
  • Mass – Every joiner joins at different body weights, some want to put on, while some needed to shrug off weight therefore information is stored.
  • Age – Different age brace people come to the gym like teens adults and even old peoples, so it’s necessary to store this data.

This entity establishes a direct and important relationship with Joiners as it requires fund transfers related to fee payments, so to ensure secured payments without any fraudulent is the primary objective of this entity.

  1. Fees – Every joiner who joins the gym chooses a plan related to his availability and requirements and pay the fees accordingly to the plan. This entity keeps a record of the fee transfers at the time of new joining or also at the time of renewing the existing joiners plan, therefore it is sensitive and requires great care. This helps in recording of the payments and helps in building, mutual trust between joiners and the top-level management of the gym.
  • Fees Receipt No. – This is a supreme entity that creates a unique receipt number of every fund transfers regarding fees payments as this is to ensure a track record of every joiners fee submission along with their payment ID.
  • Joiners ID – Since the fees are paid by different joiners every time therefore it is necessary to link the fees receipt number along with the joiners ID to clarify whether he has paid fees or not.
  • Real-Time Record – Whenever money is involved then the case becomes crucial in itself so, to keep legitimate measures date and time are also recorded by this attribute for future perspective.
  • Sum – According to the plan which is chosen by the joiners as per his requirements the sum of money paid by him comes here.
  1. Instructor

These are the professionals who are members of the gym to train joiners who come to the gym. They are highly professionals who have great expertise in body maintenance and building. They provide legitimate support to joiners and instruct them about their regime and plan which is followed by joiners strictly to gain results correctly. Instructors are part of the gym who give their services on a temporary and permanent basis. It has the following attributes :

  • Instructor ID – This is the primary key. Every Instructor has given a distinctive ID Number which is also written on their ID batch to provide them distinctive identity.
  • Instructor Name – Every instructor’s real name is kept and stored in this attribute for any misconception and future generated problems.
  • Area of Expertise – Every instructor has different years of experience and different areas where they are experts, this attribute stores raw data according to particular instructors.
  • Instructors Ph. No. – This attribute stores the contact number of every instructor and it would be helpful at the time of emergency or any sort of communication.
  • Session ID – Every instructor is assigned to a particular number of joiners who come in different batches therefore this attribute keeps a record of instructors’ session timings.

This entity stores information regarding the session timing of every joiner as well as sessions allotted to every instructor as well. It is also helpful in providing new session timings to the new joiners.

  1. Session Timing

Every session is of fixed time when it starts and when it ends to ensure the starting of another session, in order to maintain a balance among these sessions a timely record is necessary. Equilibrium of joiners per instructor is required to see whether is it required for new instructors or not and to plan out equal joiners per instructor. Attributes are :

  • Session ID – It’s a primary key. This is allotted to the respective joiners and the instructors giving their services in that particular session timing.
  • On-Time – This keeps a pace of time at which the session starts to calculate the session timing and keep update to joiners about time.
  • End Time – This attribute tells the end time at which current joiners should leave the gym for the next session joiners.

Graphical User Interface

The user interface of the gym management system helps in reducing the overall information in a digitized manner which is simple to understand and remove complexities. It involves the process from the beginning registration process to the end of the payment and feedback process. It upholds the common network which is inter-linked among each attribute to help in gathering information of a particular joiner as and when required. The diagram below further elaborates the UI:

Head (lead admin):

The owner of the gym is the lead admin who has the supreme power or authentication authority to login and access information regarding any of the trainers and joiners in the gym to access their profile and can do necessary changes if needed. He can access information regarding the joiner’s personal information as well as payment status also. It has certain other access to gym trainer’s profiles to send them daily changes in regime needed if any changes accordingly.


This actor is the joiner who joins the gym and takes the services of the gym as per his requirements. He will be given a registration number and access code for login into the system but he enjoys fewer privileges than the admin himself. Also, he can only access information related to himself only and not any other joiners.


This is the common point for both the joiner and the head admin. It displays the information about the gym and its policies also it contains the registration link as well as a login option for existing gym members and trainers profile access. Both parties enjoy the interface of this attribute as it is the initial page that opens up at the time of login.

User login:

The joiners can access their profile by logging into the system with a pre-existing user ID and password to navigate into the profile and also in the case of a new joiner he can take the proposed login ID and then he can create his password identical in nature.


If a newbie joins the gym he needs to register himself through the portal to become a member of the gym and access the user login privileges also he can see his information and daily workout regime uploaded by the gym trainers and the owners in case of any other information.

Fees Deposition:

Every joiner has to pay fees of the gym as per the package selected by him as per his requirements. He can avail of discount offers if any is going on at that time. He can submit his fees through the portal online by paying through cards either debit/credit and also through net banking, we can also provide the option to submit fees manually through the reception desk.


It stores the information related to the existing users either they are joiners or the trainers of the gym. It creates a system-generated report and bifurcates it according to the requirement of the user. Reports of the diet charts, workout regime, diet plans, and new package enrolled, etc.


Every joiner has assigned a particular Instructor to train him so that the instructor can keep up the records of the joiners and add the daily information into the log of joiners so that this accumulated information can be transferred or viewed by the owner if needed.

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