The matrimonial management system will sanction the user to connect with the other user in order to get a match so that they can get connected and reach to the state of marriage. At a point of time in life of every person they will require a partner who will enhance their work life and their personal life by providing a sustainable life partner.

The system will sanction a user to engender a profile in which they can submit their personal information along with the professional data so that they will get a good match which is suggested by the system itself.

The system depend upon the criteria of the user, it will suggest a good match to the user depending upon the filters which are utilized by the person for getting a good reach. The system can be utilized in a simplified manner.

There are certain other possibilities which can be authoritatively mandated by the admin who is responsible to manage the system while maintaining the data of each user who registered in order to get an impeccable match for marriage

Existing System

In current scenario, people will require to meet with other people from the place where they visit in a particular day. The people will face many quandaries while probing for an impeccable candidate. It will additionally decrease the chances of meeting with incipient people.

The relatives will additionally avail in circulating the bio data of the user in the groups of the relatives. But it will take time to consider along with the other profiles of the users.

There are certain other possibility by which  the user can access the profile of other user in order to get an impeccable match in order to get that, they require to go to the mundane Pandit who have connection with many relatives so that they can circulate the data in a designated manner.

Current System

The proposed system will avail in providing a sustainable system to the user so that he can get an impeccable made for him in order to get espoused. It withal provides the profiles which are an impeccably matched with the user.

The user needs to submit his personal data along with the professional data and engendering an account in the system. The system will automatically get the information about the user and suggest best profile to him so that we can cull and filter out the profiles in which he is intrigued.

Entity Relationship Diagram:


Marriage is a crucial stage of life and it comes in every person’s life at any point of time. People meet with each other at many places in order to get a good partner for themselves but they cannot engage with each other sometimes due to difference in thinking and other habits. A system needs to be created which can provide a platform to the people who wants to connect with each other in order to get married therefore the system is capable enough to provide information to each other while managing similar profile to engage the bride and groom side. The admin will also manage the accounts of other users to sustain their information and provide necessary outcome of the data while maintaining the prophecy in the system. The diagram will explain how the data can be managed in the system which is stored in the database while providing the overall development of each account. The entities and their related attributes are defined below:


  1. Admin:

Admin is a crucial part of the system because he is responsible to manage the system along with the accounts of other users therefore he needs to manage the system according to the best way possible. He can authorize any person in order to provide the task which is delegated as per skill set which is possessed by each user. The admin can also provide other benefits which will help in sustaining the account more often. The management sometime provides more than one person as the admin authority in order to delegate the task equally which is also beneficial for the users who are using the account and taking the services of the system. The admin will also help in edit or delete the accounts which are obsolete and no longer a part of the system. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: A 14 digit Identity Number is attached with the admin account in order to sustain their information in the system.
  • Name: It is necessary to keep the real name of the admin saved in the system with the help of this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The system will sustain the contact number of the admin which is needed at the time of necessary.
  • Email Address: Admin also provide his email address through which we can be contacted by any user.


 2. User:

The people who will use the service of the system in order to get married are the user’s whether from the bride side for the groom side. They will manage to register their different account in the system so that the user can get registered in the system and will get a similar match with the other user who wants to get married. After that, they can connect with each other and start messaging in order to have a conversation with each other. the user first feed his personal detail and bio data in the system thereafter it will circulate in the system and we’ll show to those users who are interested to get married by using particular filters depending upon the personal information provided by the user. The user can also edit the information at any point of time. The related attributes are defined below:

  • User_ID: Each user will get an identity number by the system to bifurcate there account in the system.
  • Name: The user who has registered in the system will also provide his original name which is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The user will also provide the contact number through which the other party will get connect to him for the proposal.
  • Email Address: It is necessary to provide registered email address in order to get the notification from the system.
  • Residence: For The authenticity of the user, the system will require to save the permanent address of the user.


 3. Profile:

Each user after registering into the system, he will need to create a profile including all the personal detail in order to provide a good bio data in front of the other user to get a perfect match for marriage. This entity will hold the information for each user creating different accounts and saving the information which is very crucial for the user because it will contain all the necessary personal detail which the user need to share with the other user in order to get a match which is perfect for marriage. Therefore, the system can also help in providing similar match to the user as per the choice which is registered by the user. The user not only provides personal detail but also provide professional details as well. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Profile_ID: Every profile which is created by the user is tagged with an identity number provided by the system.
  • Name: The user will submit his official name based on the documents provided by him in the system.
  • Contact No.: It is very necessary for the user to provide contact number so that the other match will connect him for marriage.
  • Email Address: The notifications will be sent on the email address of the use of which is provided by him in this attribute.
  • Residence: This attribute will hold the information about the permanent address of the user.
  • Profession: It is very necessary to get the information about the profession of the user which will increase the demand of match.
  • Income: It defines the income of a particular user how much he will earn in a particular year.
  • Payment: After creating a profile in the system, the user needs to pay particular charges for the services provided by the system.
  • Side: The user will also define the site from which he / she belongs whether from the groom side or from the bride side.


 4. Pics:

The user who registers themselves into the system will also required to upload the original picture which is latest so that the other user can authorize that the user is verified by the system. It will also decrease the chances of fraud cases if any person creates a fraud ID in the system. Therefore it is necessary for each user to upload their personal picture to authenticate their account. This entity will hold the information about the picture which is uploaded by the user and it also holds the information about the picture depending on the size and other description. The system will automatically in match the picture with the documents provided by the user. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Pics_ID: Every picture which is uploaded in the system is provided with Identity Number by the system.
  • Name: The user will provide a name to each picture so that it can be recognized by the system.
  • Size: this attribute will define the size of the picture which needs to be saved in the form of tribute.
  • Dimension: Dimension of each picture need to be saved in this attribute to locate in the system.
  • Date: The picture will also include the date in which it is clicked by the user to get the information about when the picture of clicked.


 5. Matrimony:

People will meet with other people every day at different places like offices, School, colleges any other gathering area. some people will match with other people but some people will not therefore they will take the use of Matrimony sites which will provide a platform where the bride and groom side will get match to each other in order to get married. This entity will hold information of each bride and groom who have come in this stage of Matrimony in order to find a good partner for themselves. It is necessary to create an account in the system by providing the registered bio data for each user and also providing the other personal details so that the user can get information about how the users is in Reality. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Matrimony_ID: Every matrimony will get attached with an identity number provided by the system itself.
  • Bride Side: This attribute will hold the information about the user who is related to the bride side.
  • Groom Side: It is necessary for the system to get the information about the groom side as well to be present in the system.
  • Profile_ID: This attribute will hold information about the profile Identity Number which is attached to the system.
  • Date / Time: This attribute will define the date and time when the profile will be created by a user in the system.

User Interface Model


The user interface of the matrimonial site need to be simplified so that the bride and groom will not meet with any problem, in order to find a good partner for themselves. They need to register in the system that providing their personal information before that, they have to login into the system from this display by the help of the login credentials provided by the system on the very first time of login. The user will also manage to create a profile in the system which will help them in providing a good match based on the choice and the answers provided by the user in the system. The user can also filter out the profiles depending upon the different criteria provided in the system.


After logging into the system, the user irrespective of the bride and groom side will get the display of the dashboard from which they can update their profile by the options provided at the management. They can also update the profile and dashboard according to the necessary if it occurs in the future. Therefore the system is customizable by the management which is keeping in mind the usefulness of the system at any point. This will create a scenario where the user can get a perfect match without living here and there. The admin can access the account of other users from the dial report of screen but other user cannot access the account of any other person.


Creating Profile:

Every user will need to create an account in the system after accessing the account they will create a profile which include their personal and professional information which will get display to the other users in order to find a match for themselves. The system will also provide a filter option which cans you specify their search for the profiles in order to shortlist and save the time of the user. The admin will verify the data which is provided by the user in order to create an account by the help of the documents which are legally provided by the user itself. After matching all the details that men will approve to create the profile which is verified.



The system will provide fast enable filter option which include all the options as per the demand of the user so that they can shortlist and filter out the profile which are in demand by the user and also provide the information about the user personal data. The system will also suggest to the profile based on the previous search option of the user this will enhance the possibility of getting a perfect match for the user.

  • Bride:  If the profile is created by the bride side, then the information will include all the personal and professional data related to the bride including her family and relative information.
  • Groom:  If the user will create an account from the groom side then he will also possess his personal and professional information about how much he earned in a particular year along with the details of his parent and relatives.



If the users who have created their account will get a perfect profile then they will send a request to add with the other user and if the other user will also find the user attractive then they will confirm at. After that, if both the user will match each other than a text bar will open in both user interfaces so that they can chat with each other in order to understand in a better way.


After having a conversation with each other, the bride and groom side will declare that they have found a perfect match and the profile will get confirm the party admin from the both side. It will be used by the system as an advertisement in order to attract more customers so that they can create the profile in the system. It will benefit for the system owner because he will get the service charges from the users.


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