People are fond of caffeine whether it is provided by the coffee or tea as per their self interest. They consume coffee or tea 2 or 3 times a day. Mostly the people who work in company will get a tea break in which they will take tea which is managed by the tea stall standing near by the company.

The system will provide subsidiary feature to the customers that they can give order of tea from their place with the avail of the account and the tea stall owner will distribute the tea at the address provided by the customer himself. The customer can additionally make vicissitude in order, get an update of the order with the avail of the system.

It withal showcases the option to the customer through which he can pay the amount from his account via online mode or he can give the amount to the distribution person at the time of distribution. The tea stall owner can additionally manage the staff which he has hired for the tea stall accommodations provided by the system itself.

The system will additionally undertake the information of different industries which are residing in nearby areas because the employees will come at the taste or else they will give order with the avail of the system from their accounts. Consequently, the payment can be taken from the company itself by the Tea Owner

Current System

The tea break which is provided by the company for their employees is a time to relax from the hectic work they do to perpetually more than 4 to 5 hours. In the current system, the employee will require going outside from the company at the tea stall and then they require to inductively authorizing the tea after it to consume by them.

This will take time because the employee himself has to visit the tea stall and give order for the tea.  Consequently the system is needed through which the employees will get tea within the time and sultry. It is additionally not good for the tea stall owner because the tea break will be provided to the employees concurrently.

The tea stall owner cannot manage more people at the same time and will face error while taking order and payment by the employees or customers. The staff will additionally get discombobulated sometimes in providing the order to different customers concurrently.

Proposed System

The proposed tea stall management is sustainable for the owner as well as the customers because they will get benefit equipollent with the avail of the system. The owner can manage their employees or customers at the same time by providing them order within time limit.

The employees can additionally give order afore their tea break given by the company so that they cannot exceed the time limit in taking the tea. They can withal pay the amount through the avail of the system to the tea owner directly and the owner will additionally have the information about the payment provided by the customers.

The system will avail in decrementing the time of the process to provide the tea to the customers and time. The owner can additionally manage their staff members by providing them work through the system and withal provide them salary and leave policy by the avail of the system itself.

Entity Relationship Diagram


The Entity relationship model represents how the data will be flown into the system with the help of the entity and attributes which are managed by the admin. Admin is the sole responsible person for managing the account, he takes care of the system by making it error free and providing guidance to each user who have registered into the system at any level. The model showcases different entities including the information about the users and their accounts which they have created into the system. The relationship model is helpful in explaining the system of tea stall management not only for the owner but also for the customers who are a part of the system by providing order for tea. The related entities and their attributes are defined below:


 1. Admin:

The tea stall management system is maintained by the admin. This entity provides different account to the admin in which he can feed his personal information along with taking care of the whole system from his account. The admin can access the account of other user in order to maintain their accounts and information in it. Sometimes the management will provide new schemes which will be updated by the admin in their personal accounts. Admin can also edit or remove the account of the users who are no longer a part of the system. The management provides admin authority to more than one person if the tea store is open for 24 hours. The attributes of the entity are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: The system generated Identity Number is provided to each admin which represent their individual accounts.
  • Name: The attribute save the name of the admin according to the official documentation provided by him.
  • Contact No.: Admin provide his contact number in the system, so that the users can connect him whenever they need.
  • Email Address: Admin provide his email address on which the user can send their queries regarding any problem in the system.


  2. Customer:

Customers are of the people who will use the service of the tea stall after providing the payment for tea. The customer will create an account in the system through which they can order the tea from the tea stall management along with the payment which they can give with the help of the system through online mode. The customer can order more than one tea at the same time with the help of the system. They can also manage their order and edit it without any further query. These entities hold the accounts of each customer and help them in maintaining the accounts of customer simultaneously and provide security to their individual personal information. The admin manage the accounts of the customer but the customer cannot access the account of other people. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: Every customer is provided with an identity number which is different from each other by the system itself.
  • Name: The accounts of the customer are maintained by providing the title depend upon the name of each customer.
  • Contact No.: Customer provides their contact number in the system through which they can be contacted for any purpose.
  • Email Address:  If the customer opts for the monthly charge then the bill will be sent to him on their email address.
  • Residence: This attribute will save the permanent address of the customer for verification purpose.
  • Industry Name: Every customer is working in a particular industry nearby whose name is saved in this attribute
  • Designation: The management will also need to know the designation of the customer in the company he is working currently.
  • Salary: It is very helpful to know the salary of the customer if he of the for payment option monthly


  3.  Order:

The customer after creating an account in the system, they can raise order from their account after editing the type of order they want to give including the amount as well as the quantity they need to be provided by the tea stall management. This entity sustain the information of each order provided by the customer therefore the tea stall can get an idea about what type of product is more utilized by the customer and which product is less valuable and popular among the customers. It is also beneficial for the tea stall management to provide order at time to each customer hot and fresh. The system manages the orders equally and simultaneously without submissive with each other. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Order_ID: Every order is attached to the identity number provided by the system to make the order distinct from each other.
  • Customer Name: The name of customer is saved in this attribute to maintain their account for payment purpose
  • Items: This attribute holds the information about the items which are required by the customer in their order.
  • Description: The customers sometimes provide additional information about the order he has given according to his personal interest.
  • Payment: It is very important to get the information about the payment if it is paid by the customer or not till yet.
  • Seller Name: The system can manage more than one seller at the same time therefore this attribute save the information about the seller.


  4.  Tea Stall:

The system will also manage in saving the information about the tea stall provided by the owner himself. There are so many tea stalls who will take the services of the system simultaneously therefore, this entity will manage the account of each tea stall In which information about the tea stall is feed into the system along with the services provided by each tea stall which will flash into the account of the customers in order to attract them for various purposes. The tea stall owner will also manage any new update if we start any new product for variation in tea. It will be done by the owner on the basis of the market condition and their interest in a particular type of tea. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Tea Stall_ID: Every tea stall is provided with an identity number decided by the system itself randomly and security.
  • Name: This attribute save the name of each tea stall which is given by the tea stall owner to the management.
  • Contact No.: Contact number of the tea stall is provided in this attribute to the customer if they have any query about the order.
  • Location: The permanent address of each tea stall is needed to be saved in this attribute for verification.
  • Payment: Each tea stall will provide different type of payment option as per their policy and interest of the owner of the tea stall.


   5.  Staff:

The tea stall owner will hire staff to manage the shop of tea including the tea maker, cup washer and delivery person as well. The staff can create their individual account in the system which is regrouped by this entity. The Entity will hold an individual account of each staff member in which day can feed information of their personal as well as their daily work which they do every day. Staff member can also get information about their salary and leave policy management. They can also send report to the owner at the end of the day from the system itself after logging into their account. They can also get order of particular customer with the help of their account and notification alert provided by the system itself. The attributes are defined below:

  • Staff_ID: System generated Identity Number attached with each staff member account to sustain their information individually and security.
  • Name: Staff personal name is saved in this attribute according to the documents they have shown to the owner.
  • Contact No.: The staff member also provides their contact number which is saved in this attribute to be connected at any point of time.
  • Email Address: They will also provide their email address in which they can get information and alert about the work and customer.
  • Residence: The staff provides their permanent address to be residing in the system by the owner himself.
  • Shift: The tea stalls are maintained in more than one shift therefore the staff will work in different shifts as well.
  • Job Profile: The tea stall owner will provide different work to each staff member according to their skill set which is saved in this attribute.

User Interface Model:


The login page contains the information through which end user can access his personal account with the help of the login credentials provided to him by the system. The interface is simple and ready to use by any user without any prior training. It also provides option to the new user who wants to be a part of the system and use the services offered by the system. It also provide the forgot password option with the help of this any user can access has forgotten password by providing other related information which is saved by him into his account and maintained at the time of account creation.


The role of every individual is different in the system therefore the system will provide different access power according to the skill set and the type of role each user will have in the system. The dashboard will provide access to the system solely dependent upon the role of the user. It is customizable by the management at any point of time. The superior access will be given to the admin because he is responsible to manage the system accordingly. Apart from that, all the other users will get access according to their workload and the type of work they do in a single day.


The customer will provide order through their individual interface of the account. It also sustains option of including more than one product in the cart which is provided in their account. The customer can also add more than one item according to their interest. After that the system will provide an estimated time which is needed to prepare their individual order and it will also provide notification to the customer if they are order is ready and will be delivered by the delivery person.

 Tea Quantity:

The owner will provide different type of tea according to the interest of the customers in the market. A variety of tea is provided to the customers whom they can get by giving order through their account. The delivery person will give the order at the desk of the customer who is a part of a company. The customer can order more than one tea at the same time with the help of the system he can also choose quantity of the tea from the variety provided by the owner himself for the customers.

 Payment Status:

It is very crucial for the owner to get the information about the payment status from each customer to home we have served the services of tea. The system will provide online payment option to the customer through which they can pay the total amount prior to the order. They can also opt for cash on delivery option through which they can pay the amount when the delivery person provides the order to the customer on their desk in the company.


The admin will manage the whole system throughout the service. He also manages the post service in which the tea owner will send the delivery person to give the order at the address of the customer. After giving the order to the customer, the admin will send a notification to the owner that the delivery successful and the payment are taken from the customer without any error.

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