Current System

If a person wants to build a house and he requires tiles for his habitation then he has to peregrinate in the local area to probe for the tiles shop thereafter he can cull from the available option of the particular shop which is very inhibited in cull ergo the customer has to optate from the Circumscribed access provided by the shopkeeper.

This system is hectic and require physical labor of the customer because he requires to peregrinate in the market and search for the tiles shop then additionally he requires to cull the type of the tiles from the range provided by the particular shopkeeper this will constrain the access of purchase for the customer and he will leave nothing but to buy those tiles.

The system is obsolete and requires incipient system which is capable enough to handle every customer cull by providing them customizable tiles option according to their interest and color coalescence. Because in the current system it is not possible for the customer to optate different amalgamations predicated on different tiles ergo they require standing for the customary tiles cull.

Proposed System

The tiles management system is a one stop solution for the customer as well the shopkeepers because now they do not require engaging the customer for longer duration they are accessible for many customers concurrently. Similarly, it is very propitious for the customer because now they do not require probing for the tiles shop.

The customer will get access to more than one Tiles shop from his residence and now we can book for many tiles at the same time and he does not require to stress out for the distribution of the tiles because this withal can be done by the tiles shop.

The admin manage the system and avail the user if they get stuck while accessing the system. The system will additionally sanction the user to endeavor different color coalescences predicated on the pilot provided on their account screen through the user interface. It will withal sanction the customer to get the payment option by which they can opt for cash on distribution option as well as online payment through the system.

The customers can book multiple tiles even from the palette provided by the system and withal he can customize an incipient design from the implements which are online provided in his account as well. This feature will sanction the customer to book the tiles according to his cull and interest. There are certain other properties through which the customer can relate and get plenary access in the system

Entity Relationship Diagram


This model represents how the data will flow into the system in different entities and their attributes which will help in sustaining the information of tiles management system. The customer will book an order of the tiles by looking at the pictures of the tiles after providing the quantity in which they require along with the payment process. This whole method is entertained by the management with the help of the relational model which is maintained by the admin who is the head entity. He is responsible for making the system error free and it also helped the other users to sustain their account and the data containing in it. The attributes and their related entities are defined below:


  1. Admin:

Admin support the system by making it error free and sustaining the account of other users who are enrolled into the system. He can edit or remove the account of other users based on their performance and necessity. This entity holds the information about the admin account which is feed by the admin authorized person. Sometimes the management will allow more than one person as the admin power to distribute the workload equally in order to maintain the system and discipline. The admin can provide task to other user through his system and also he can edit the information in other user as well. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: An Identity Number attached with the admin account is saved in this attribute provided by the system itself randomly.
  • Name: The authorized name of each admin if saved in this attribute for verification purpose.
  • Contact No.: The admin is the identity therefore his contact number should be saved in this attribute to be connected by any user.
  • Email address: The official conversation is done through the email therefore the email address of Administrative person is saved here.
  • Gender:  It is necessary to showcase the gender of the admin in order to provide equal opportunity.


   2. Customer:

Customers are the user who provides the order of tiles to the management and they purchase it in bulk. This entity provides sustainable opportunity to the customer so that they can create their account and it and feed their important information related to their account. They can order from their account along with providing the information about how many tiles they need and also they can pay in advance through online mode. the customer can also send the pictures of the area in which they want the tiles to be fitted therefore this will give an idea to the management about how many times they need to send to the customer. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: This attribute holds the information about The Identity Number attached to each customer account.
  • Name: The name of each customer is saved in this attribute which is verified by the admin.
  • Contact No.: To provide the track record of the order book by the customer care contact number should be saved in this attribute
  • Email Address:  It is necessary to provide the email address of the customer to provide the information about the tiles.
  • Residence: The delivery is to be done at the address of the customer therefore it is required to save the address of customer in this attribute.
  • Order: This attribute holds the information about the order of the tiles given by the customer along with the order he has given in past.
  • Payment: The payment option provided to the customer and the data is saved in this attribute.
  • Profession: This attribute holds the information about the profession of the customer if they opted for cash on delivery option.


    3. Order:

The customer will provide order of the tiles to the management which is verified by the admin for any error. The centre will hold the information of each order provided by the customer and attached it with the complete information about the order provided in the description along with the number of tiles ordered by the customer. It also showcases the previous order provided by the customer along with the details of current booking status.

  • Order_ID: Every order is attached with an identity number which is randomly proposed by the system itself.
  • Customer Details: This attribute holds the information about the customer details attached with each order.
  • Quantity: The customer will give order of tiles in different quantity which is saved in this attribute.
  • Payment Status: It is very necessary to save the information about the payment status along with the customer details.


   4. Transporter:

The customer book the order of tiles as per the area in which he wants to cover with the tiles. This will be done in different quantity therefore it requires the Transporter to deliver the tiles at the residence of the customer within the stipulated time period and with safety of the tiles. It is solely the responsibility of the Transporter to transport the tiles safely therefore the customer opts for Transporter option. This entity holds the information of each Transporter account to secure their information and the data feed in it by the Transporter. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Transporter_ID: Every Transporter who is attached with the system is provided with an identity number to bifurcate their account.
  • Name: The official name of each transporter is saved in this attribute for the verification purpose.
  • Contact No.: This attribute save the contact number of each transport to provide the information about the delivery.
  • Email Address: The consignment is provided to the Transporter on the email address therefore this attitude save their email.
  • Vehicle Info.: The vehicle which is used by the Transporter its detail is saved in this attribute.
  • Address: The permanent address of the Transporter is saved for authentication purpose by the admin.


  5. Tiles:

The tiles are used for flooring as well as for sealing purpose by the customer as per their demand, the tiles will come in different sizes and quality which information is bifurcated in different attributes. This entity holds the information about the tiles management including that type, size, variety and category. It is also crucial to provide the information about each type of tiles on the interface of the customer their after they can choose the best as per their interest along with the detail of the price of each tiles. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Tiles_ID:  Each lot of tiles is attached with an identity number provided by the system itself.
  • Type: This attribute holds the information about the type of the tiles to which it belongs.
  • Brand: Every lot of tile is made by different brand and therefore its information is needed to be saved.
  • Size: The tiles are come in different sizes depending upon the requirement of the customer.
  • Price: This attribute holds the information about the price of each tiles according to their category and size.


  6. Stock:

It is very necessary for the management to keep a record of the stock of tiles in their warehouse so that there can never be shortage of a particular type of tiles when it is demanded by the customer in peak seasons. The system will help in maintaining the record of the stock of each tiles along with the quantity which needs to be purchased from the wholesaler to remove the shortage in future.  This entity holds the information of each type of tiles along with the demand and quantity by the customer. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Stock_ID: Systematization Identity Number with each type of a stock of the tiles of different kind.
  • Availability: This attribute showcase information about the availability of the different type of tiles in the warehouse.
  • Shortage: It is also necessary to keep the information about the shortage of each type of tiles demanded by the customer.
  • Stock In: This attribute holds information about the date and time on which the tiles are received by the management in the warehouse.

User Interface Model


The initial display which appears in the screen of user is the login page which requires a login ID and password to access the account of each user. The display also contain the forgot password option and the new user registration option through which the employees as well as the customer who are new to the system can make their account into the system and get the services accessible for them.


After logging into the system, the next screen which appears in the dashboard which contains all the detail options according to the access provided to each user therefore it is sustained by the management to provide Limited access to each user based on their requirements. It is customizable if the management needs to add any extra option for the user. The display also secures the data which can be filled in it while managing the account of other users as well


The customer can place order after selecting the type of the tiles they want and also including the quantity required by the customer. Interface practical enough to provide estimated price which will be paid by the customer either from the online mode or cash on delivery. The system will also approve multiple orders at the same time without any Hassle. The admin will manage the order ID separately and also include the detail of each customer tagged with the orders.

Tiles Selection

The interface of the customer will show a variety of tiles while give giving the proper description of each tile estimating the brand, size, category and the price of each tile. The customer can choose tiles from the variety of the pictures which will be forecast in his account. The customer can even select multiple types of tiles while giving information about the quantity of each tiles he need to purchase. He can also choose the same type of files but of different color for various designs.


After selecting the tiles by the customer, the system will estimate the total amount including the price of the tiles and the delivery charges and show it to the customer now it is up to the customer whether he needs to pay the charges through online mode prior to the delivery or else he can opt for the cash on delivery option in which he can give the total amount to the Transporter when he delivers the tiles at his residence


After the payment, the admin will sure that the delivery should be done within the stipulated time period. The customer can also track the tiles delivery which is provided in his account by the interface. It is the responsibility of the Transporter to deliver the order within the time and also responsible for any damage in the tiles.

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