Trees are very consequential for the environment not only for the animals but are additionally essential part of the human being. We cannot survive without trees, they provide us aliment and water and the most consequential thing is Oxygen. But due to the modern era, we are polluting the environment allot and consequently it is compulsory to plant more trees to compensate the damage we have done to the environment.

Many people are dealing with earnest diseases due to the pollution caused by humans by the conveyances and factories while killing animals additionally. Now it is time to calculate the jeopardy of the survival of human being and plant more and more trees different sites.

 The tree management system will sanction the customer to book the trees as per their cull and taken withal come for plantation suggested by the manager at a particular site on a particular date and time. The customer can book more than one tree at the same time for plantation.

It is better to grow more trees because we require them ergo it is compulsory to grow in substantial amount which is good for all the living things. The system will sanction the managers to avail the customers in utilizing the best type of trees which will provide more oxygen to the environment because in the visit schedule people do not have time to cull the trees on their own

Current System

In current scenario, we do not have a system which will sanction the customer to book the trees initially and then plant it on a particular site by them. There are only a few numbers of people who are environment lovers, ergo they plant trees at different sites by locating the site on their role and purchasing the trees physically.

The system is obsolete  and require much time consequently it is compulsory to introduce an incipient system which is capable enough to integrate more and more people and divert their interest in tree plantation because it is indispensable that more people should come forward in this event and make this transpire.

It is the gregarious responsibility of each human being to plant trees but due to diligent schedule people do not do so. Consequently it is indispensable to sustain a system which will sanction the customer to book the tree and plant them on a particular site suggested by the manager

Proposed System

The proposed tree management system will sanction the customer to book the type of the trees they require to plant from the interface which will provide the information about each tree while integrating the information of water needed and the type of climate which is required for magnification.

The managers are allotted to particular customers, now it is their responsibility to suggest good type of trees to the customer and avail them at any point of time while providing them alert about the upcoming event then I the customer will come at a particular point of time for tree plantation.

It is very indispensable to convert the people interest in this process, ergo this system can avail in suggesting more and more people plant the trees and make environment pollution free. The customer can plant more than one tree as per their cull and interest.

Entity Relationship Diagram:


Trees are the important part of the environment on earth. We need them not only for oxygen but also for food and water. Trees are sustainable product of the earth because of them we are living healthy but due to our avoidance and negligence towards the nature the number of trees are becoming lesser and lesser everyday which is very a stressful situation. Therefore, the trees management system will help in sustaining the trees in the environment to produce a good amount of oxygen along with the food and water provided by them to the humans. This model will also showcase the relation among the tree management system module. The Entity and attributes are defined below:


  1. Admin:

The Tree management system is maintained by the admin who is the head entity of the system. This entity will save the data of the admin which is personal and provide him the full access and control of the system so that he can manage the account of other user whether it is customer account or employees account. He can also edit or delete any account in the system in order to maintain the database error free. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: The system attaches an identity number with the admin to sustain their account in the system separately.
  • Name: The name of admin is saved in this attribute as there may be more than one admin at the same time.
  • Contact No.: It is very important to save the contact number of the admin because he is the head entity therefore he can be connected at any point of time.
  • Email Address: The email address of the admin saved in this attribute for connection purpose by other users.
  • Gender: It is very crucial to provide equal opportunity to average and is therefore it is need it to save the data of the admin’s gender.


   2. Managers:

The managers are responsible for the smooth running of the system because they are the people who assist the customer for contributing in tree plantation and allowing them to plant the trees on the respected site. This entity holds the accounts of each manager in which they can add their information and manage their work accordingly. The manager can also see the bifurcation of their salary and leave policy management in their account. It will also help the manager to maintain the customer information who is assigned to them by the management. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Manager_ID: Every manager account is entitled with an identity number provided by the system itself.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of each manager separately for verification purpose.
  • Contact No.: the contact numbers of the manager are saved in this attribute to be connecting them at any point of time.
  • Email Address: Email address of the managers is saved in this attribute for official conversation by the customer.
  • Qualification: Every manager has different type of qualifications therefore it is needed to save this information in this attribute.
  • Assigned Customer: The management allotted different customers to the managers which information need to be saved in this attribute.


   3. Customers:

Customers are the user who book a particular amount of trees to be planted by them provided by the manager thereafter, the manager will provide a date and time on which the customer need to visit a particular site for plantation of the trees for which they have enrolled. This entity save the information of each customer who has created an account in the system and also help in saving their personal information in their separate accounts. The customer can also pay the amount through the system while logging into the account and paying through online mode. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: This is a system generated Identity Number provided to each customer while accessing their account.
  • Name: The name of each customer need to be saved in this attribute because there are so many customers who are attached to the system.
  • Contact No.: This attributes save the contact number of each customer to provide them alert and update for plantation.
  • Email Address: Email address is provided by the customers for authentication purpose which is saved in this attribute.
  • Address: The permanent address of the customer is saved in this attribute for various purposes.
  • Payment:  The customer can pay the amount prior to the plantation through the system which data is saved in this attribute.
  • Plantation: This attribute holds the data about the number of trees plantation are selected by the customer.


  4. Plants:

This entity will provide information about the type of the plants which are available in the management nursery and all the other information and data related to it are provided in this entity. There are many types of plant which are available in the nursery need different type of care and water level therefore it is totally depend upon the customer whether they choose any kind of plant for plantation as per the price mentioned in the picture of each plant elaborated on the display of the customer interface. There is also a sustainable time in which a particular plant will grow immensely. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Plant_ID: Every plant is suggested with an identity number provided by the system itself randomly.
  • Name: The name of the plant is saved in this attribute along with the botanical name sustained in the biology.
  • Description: This attribute holds the detail about the description related to the plant which will help in caring that plant in a better way.
  • Type: Each plant it is based on the different type according to the variety and the area in which they occur.
  • Water Need:  It is very important to get the information about the water need of each type of plant to display it to the customer.
  • Optimistic Climate: Every plant has an optimistic climate in which it will grow in a better way which is saved in this attribute.


  5. Site:

It is very important to grow plant everywhere but due to modernization it is not possible to plant the trees anywhere therefore the managers will suggest a particular site where many plants can be planted by the customers to grow in a better way. This entity holds information about every site searched by the manager for tree plantation by the customer. It also save the data about the trees number which are planted already in that particular site and how much area is left for plantation. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Site_ID: An identity number is attached with the site according to the area in which it is located.
  • Site Name: Every site has a particular name which needs to be saved in this attribute for documentation.
  • Area: The site can be of any size therefore the area need to be mentioned in this attribute.
  • Manager Alloted: The managers are allotted to a particular site so that they can take care of each site in a better way.


  6. Pictures:

It is very important to click the pictures of tree plantation by the customer because it will encourage more people to come forward for the plantation. Thereafter the pictures are clicked in a way to encourage people in a better way therefore they are uploaded in the website and the system sustain it to the other customer and flash it on their interface. The entity will save the pictures of the plantation of separate site in order to bifurcate the different events organized by the manager because people tend to plant trees on different occasions. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Picture_ID: An identity number is attached with each picture which is clicked for encouragement.
  • Name: A title is provided to each picture if it is planted by a particular customer in order to save them as a proof
  • Plant_ID: This attribute holds the Identity Number of the plant which is planted by the customer in a particular picture.
  • Manager Assigned: Different managers are assigned to take care of the pictures of the tree plantation done by the customer.

Size:  This attributes all the information about the size of each picture clicked by the managers.

User Interface Model


Login page is the initial display which comes initially whenever a user accesses his account. Interface is similar for all the users as it contains the login and password option along with the forgot password and new user registration option for those customers who are new to the system. It is a onetime registration process and after that the system will provide a Unique Identity Number to each user through which we can login into the system and access his files without any problem from now onwards.


After logging into the system, the user will get dashboard through which we can access the different portion of the system which maintained by the management and it is customizable at any point of time if the management will see a particular use of specific function. It is placed different for all the users because the management will provide different authority to every user. Only the admin will get full access to control the other users account apart from that all the other users cannot access the account of other user.


The customer will provide order of the trees which they need to plant as a contribution for the environment. The customer can choose more than one trees at the same time and even pay the price initially through the system. The display will show different type of trees in the account of the customer through which they can select the best drink which they want to plant by paying the amount to the company. Customer can access more than one trees for plantation as per is need and interest in the tree plantation.

Tree Selection:

The user interface will provide every single detail about the tree to the customer so that they can choose well according to all the criteria to be taken in their mind. Admin guide the customer through the whole process. The system will also suggest the type of the trees to each customer based on their previous requirement which is maintained by the system if a customer plant for another time as per his interest.


Customer will pay the amount of the tree plantation to the manager with the help of his system. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the manager to provide update to the customer about the upcoming tree plantation event and invite him for the tree plantation of the trees he has selected and purchased for plantation. The payment is done through the online mode by the customer or else he can opt for cash at the time of plantation.

Manager Allotted:

Every customer is assigned to a particular manager who will guide him for the selection of trees as well as for the tree plantation ceremony which will held in the upcoming time. It is the responsibility of the manager to guide the customer at every point of time in order to make the process easy for the customer. The customer will come at a particular point where he needs the help of the manager for tree plantation event. A manager is assigned to more than one customer simultaneously which he needs to manage accordingly.


The manager will provide information to the customer about the upcoming tree plantation including the information of the site on which the event will happen along with the address and time at which the customer need to attend the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the manager do bring the trees which are purchased by the customer thereafter he can plant them at a particular site. This will also encourage the other customers to come forward therefore the manager will click picture and upload it on the system.

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