Car Rental Management System Project for Final Year

car rental management

Introduction of Car Rental Management System

Car rental management system is a self sustaining system which is the best opportunity for the people who cannot afford to buy the car in their family. Due to this system the people can borrow the car on rent for some time and do they compulsory work while paying the charges the rented car.

People need to peregrinate at different places due to their official work, family issues and other major things. If the travelling is of a more preponderant distance then a person needs a car to peregrinate because it is comfortable apart from the other public conveys consequently people prefer car rather than public convey.

The public convey is not very flexible and halcyon like the trains, buses etc. ergo people cull self car in lieu of other options. After the technology advancement, every family needs a personal conveyance for themselves because of the desideratum to peregrinate at different places which is far from their residence.

The proposed system provides an opportunity to the middle class people who cannot afford to buy a car even if they don’t know how to drive the system provides driver option while charging a minimal amount for equipollent. The user can rent out a car according to his desideratum and his budget depending upon the number of people wants to peregrinate in a single car

Car rental management system final year project

Current System

The current system is a manual driven system which requires paper work to be managed by the employees when a car is sent out by the company to a customer they require doing the paperwork for the process which is very arduous to manage because it is in the physical form and it is not a very trusted format.

The car rental system is well equipped method to handle the overall requisites of the current people’s cull. There are certain responsibilities which can be managed by the system if not compulsorily done by other peoples.

The current system is not capable enough to sustain the magnification of the market and to calibrate the round equities of the system which are high enough to transform the cognation of the concerned person.

Proposed System

The manual work done by the employees need to be automated because it is requiring much time and effort of the employees ergo the proposed system is engendered keeping in mind all the functions and quandaries faced by the customers while dealing in renting out the car.

This system provide opportunity to the entities who need to manage their work through the system and avail the ground authenticity where the rental car data is optimized in a format sustaining the accounts of each employees, customers and even admin account additionally

The customer after registering into the system can access their accounts and edit the data in it. They can withal book the car on rent through the system after depositing the advance payment to the admin. The admin is the head entity who can control the system data in a legitimate form and manage the accounts of other entities.

Entity-Relationship Model of Car Rental Management System


Car rental management system is created to anonymously help the needy people who cannot afford the car and belong to the middle class family but they can take the car on rent and does their work. Entity Relationship model explain the data to be driven into the system and how it should be sent to the entities and their attributes simultaneously. There are certain other factors which are handled by the admin along with the other actors provided in the system:

  1. Admin:

The admin handle the system efficiently and it provides an overall development of the system by keeping an eye on any error occur in the system. The admin also manage the other actor’s accounts and Update the data in the accounts of them. The management sometimes provides more than one person authority therefore the system separates the accounts of each admin entity. Related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: Unique identity number is provided is provided to each admin   entity which helps them in accessing their accounts.
  • Name: If the management considers more than one admin than their names are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each admin is saved in this attribute to connect them at the time of need.
  • Email Address: The email address of each admin is saved in this attribute for official conversation.
  • Gender: The gender of the admin is defined in the system to provide equal opportunities to them.


 2. User:

The users are the customers who used this system and take the cars on rent for their personal work. This is to manage their accounts separately in the system and to bifurcate their data in the system while managing their accounts. The user can access their accounts and manipulate the data in it. The user can book car on rent from the system and even pay the charges of the same. There are some other specific features which can be customized by the user initially. The related attributes of this entity are defined below:

  • User_ID:  The system provides an identity number to eat user which will be helpful in their  interacting with the system
  • Name:  There are so many users who have created their accounts in the system their names are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.:  The contact number of each user is saved in this attribute to connect them if needed by the admin or employees.
  • Email Address: The user’s email address saved in the attribute for official purpose while connecting them.
  • Residence: The permanent address of each user is saved in the attribute for verification and confirmation process and also to send the car on their address.
  • O.B: The date of birth is needed to be saved in the system to calculate the age of the user for driving a car.
  • Occupation: The system also says the occupation of the user to view whether the user can afford the rent of the car or not.
  • Status: The user can book a car more than one time therefore this attributes what’s the active or inactive status of the user.


  1. Booking:

There are many users who book cars daily this transaction need to be saved in the system on a regular progress without any error. This entity saves the data by making accounts of each booking done by a particular user and it also holds the historical data of the user who have booked the cars previously it will help in providing the recommended cars to the user as per their previous choices. This entity provides the user detail also along with types. The related attributes are shown below:

  • Booking_ID: Corporate Identity Number is provided to each booking done by a particular customer and saved in this attribute.
  • Booking_Date: The date on which the booking is done by the system is used in this attribute for reference.
  • Vehicle Details:  the vehicle which is booked by the customer its details need to be saved in the system.
  • Driver Options: This attribute holds the data of the user if they have opted for the driver option or not.
  • Advance Deposit: For authentication purposes the user need to deposit and advance amount which is minimal for each user.
  • Amount: This attribute shows the total amount to be paid by the customer at the end off the track.
  • Customer Details: The detail of the customer who has put the particular car is needed to be attached with booking ID.
  • Timing: The timing of the car to be taken by the customer on rent is saved in this attribute.



4. Vehicle:

The Entity saves the data of each vehicle which is available for booking on rental purpose by the users. It makes each column for the details of vehicle like their registration number model number the brand of the car, and other details.  The Entity separates the accounts of each vehicle along with their particular details to be stored in the database. It will help the admin to manage the system properly and to show so the remaining vehicles which are available to be rendered by the users. Related attributes of the system are:

  • Vehicle_ID: An identity number with attached with each vehicle as a reference by the system.
  • Registration No.: the registration number of each vehicle provided by the RTO is saved in this attribute.
  • Model No.: every vehicle as a unique model number which is the company need to be saved in this attribute.
  • Availability: the vehicle which is chosen by the user for rental need to be available at the time of booking.


  1. Driver:

The customer will get option to choose the car on rent with the option of getting the driver or to be driven by self as per the use of the user.  The driver charges are extra apart from the rental charge of the car therefore it is  depending on the user whether he needs to expense more on the driver or else he can drive the car himself for the destination he needs to go. The related attributes of the system are defined below.

  • Driver_ID: An Identity Number is to be provided to each driver who is attached with the system as a driver.
  • Name: the name of each clever according to his driving license is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The driver contact number needs to be saved in this a tribute to connect them whenever needed by the admin.
  • Residence: For identification purpose, the permanent address of each driver is saved in this attribute.
  • Age:  The driver’s age is saved in this attitude for verification of the driving license of the driver.
  • Driving License: The driving license number of each driver need to be saved in the system along with the soft copy of the driving license.



 6. Employees:

The employees manage the system with the help of the admin to sustain the efficiency and smoothness of the system. There are certain other factors which need to be employed here by the employees. This entity contains the accounts of each employee in which they can save their personal data and taken view their salary along with their leave details. The employees can also send a brief record to the admin weekly or as per the decision taken by the management. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Employee_ID:An identity number is to be provided to each employee which will help in accessing their accounts.
  • Name: The name of each employee as per their documents is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.:  The employees can be contacted by the admin at any point of time therefore their connection number need to be saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: For official conversation the email address of each employee is saved in this attribute.
  • Designation: As per the skill set or the experience possessed by an employee, their designation is set by the management.

User Interface Diagram


The user interface of the car rental management system created in a simplified manner because it needs to be operated by the drivers, the customers along with the admin and their employees. The system is also customizable as for the need of each actor in the system therefore the display initially open as the login page which contains the forgot password and the new registration option for each new to actor who controls into the system.



After the login page, the dashboard page appears in front of each actor which is distinct for everyone because the authority to access any option is varies from actor to actor which is decided by the management. The higher authority also causes and manipulates the authority to be given to each actor whether to add advanced feature and it or not.



The system provides booking option in the interface of the customer through which they can select the type of the car they need and they can even see the charges which they need to pay at the time of delivery. Similarly, the booking details is also show on in the interface of the employee, admin and even the driver if the driver option is taken by the user.



The interface contains the detail of each vehicle which is available in the system including their brand name, registration number, model number and other details. This will help the user to select a car based on the information available of each vehicle. It will also decide the charges to be taken by the system as per the condition of the car and the model of the car to be decided by the management.


Driver Option:

The system also sustains the driver option which will be shown in the interface of each customer at the time of booking. The customer can either opt for driver option but for this he needs to pay extra charges as per the card type and the experience of the driver and also we can opt for self driven car. These two options are elaborated below:

  • Yes:   If the driver option is taken by the customer, depending on the car type, the driver charges for extra applied in the bill of the customer which he needs to pay at the time of delivery. And this detail is also shown on the display of the driver as well.  
  • Self Driver:  The customer can also opt for self driver in which the driver is not provided by the management but the customer need to submit valid license number as a software copy into the system to verify by the management with the customers is eligible to drive.



After booking the car for a certain time meaning and also opting for the driver option and estimated charges is shown in the screen of the customer which he needs to pay at the time of delivery. Apart from that the customer needs to pay advance amount as a reference for the booking through the system by online mode to the admin. This will help in booking the car for a specific customer. 

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