Online Vendor Management System Project

Online Vendor Management System Project

Introduction of Online Vendor Management System Project

People around the world need daily variant of items for the conventional purposes which are auxiliary in their circadian ternary. But they don’t have time to visit the store regularly to buy the products or items which they need also does nearby store contains the items in a constrained amount therefore people don’t get the type of the products they need.

The proposed the system is subsidiary to each working class person because they can book the type of the items they need from any place and get stress free to physically go to the store, stuck in the queue and pay the price of the items they bought full stop the system is designed as per the desideratum of the actors and their daily routine.

Before the working era, people usually physically circumventing around the corners of the city because they got time at that time but now as per the diligent schedules feet person they require a place where they can find the type of the items without any hassle and within the stipulated time period full stop this need is consummated by the proposed the system it also provides the payment option so that the customer can pay the total price through online mode.

The vendors can provide each type of items in which they deal. The interface of the system provides details of each items feed by the vendor and also the customer can calculate the total price by the system anyone pay the amount through online mode. The customer can also so get various types of the items depend upon the type of the companies and the brands they require. They can also select multiple items at once which are backed up by the system.

The vendors can display the type of the items in which they deal along with the details regarding the items which showed in the interface of the customer and if the customer clicks on a particular items he gets the full information about it.

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Current System

In the current system, the customer need to visit the nearby store physically and then find the type of the items need in a trolley after visiting the whole store and then stand in a queue of the counter to make the bill and pay the amount of the items he purchased. This process is very exhaustive and time taking in which the customer needs to visit physically in each section and by each item through his own hand.

Sometimes the customer do not get the type of the items he needs and now he has to purchase it from the different brand  while compromising with the quality of the item and also sometimes the other brand price are higher than the usual one but the customer needs to pay the full amount without any option.

Proposed System

The market needs a system which is helpful for the customer as well as the vendor in managing the data because the previous system is obsolete and now the market needs a new strategically optimized system which is created by keeping in mind the problems faced by each actor whether the customer or the vendor.

The customer can register into the system and make his own account through which he can select the type of the items he wants to purchase and add into the cart. He can purchase multiple items along with more than one quantity as per his requirement and after selecting the items, he can pay the total amount through the system by the online mode or as he can opt for the cash on delivery option.

Entity Relationship Model of Vendor Management System Project


The model is created to showcase the relation among different type of entities which helps the user to bifurcate the amount of information in an identical way. The model explains how the information is travelled in the system and providing the system support to each user who is registered in the system. There are different type of entities who was supported by their attributes containing the data feed by the actors. The entities and their attributes are explained in brief below:


  1. Admin:

Admin provide the basic support to the system by manipulating the data and providing the guidance to each actor in order to maintain the system secure and the data to be valid format. The admin gets the authority to look into any actors account and modify the information which is preferred by the user. He can even remove the accounts of the users who are no longer part of the system and become obsolete. The registered attributes are as follows:

  • Admin_ID: 12 digit numerical value which is identical in nature is attached with every admin’s identity providing access to their account.
  • Name: the authority is to be given more than one person therefore the name should be mentioned in this attribute for verification purposes.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the admin due to any problem faced by the actors while using the system the contact numbers to be saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: Official conversation as well as the sharing of documents can be done through the email address of the admin.
  • Login Time: This attribute holds the data of the login time from starting till end of the admins.



  1. Customer:

The items and the products order by the customer who are in need of that particular items but couldn’t find in the local areas therefore the system is necessary for them to get the products at a valuable price and within the stipulated time period. The customers can register into the system and maintained their information along with the option that they can order from their account and even pay the charges. The attributes of this entity are discussed below:

  • Customer_ID: Unique Identity Number is attached with each customer’s account who has registered in the system.
  • Name: There are many customers who tag along with the system therefore the name should be saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The customers contact number is saved in this attribute to connect them at the time of need.
  • Email Address: Information about the order they have given is to be sent on the email address of the customer where he can also track the order.
  • Orders: This attribute holds the history come to customer’s orders which he has done in the past.
  • Residence: The permanent address of the customer is saved in this attribute for verification purposes.



  1. Order:

Customers provide order as per the need in a fixed time period through the registered account which they have created in the system. This entity bifurcates the order as per their type and the category from which they belong save it in a simplified manner so that the admin and any other user can access this data easily. The orders in the system are maintained by the admin to enhance the system performance. Related attributes are explained in detail:

  • Order_ID: Every order which is provided by the customer consists of Identity Number which is unique for every order.
  • Name: The orders are booked by the customers along with the title sometimes as per the customer’s name saved in this attribute.
  • Quantity: The customer can add many items in a particular order which is mentioned in this attribute as per the quantity.
  • Customer Details: The customer who has booked the order his details are also added in the order to distinct it.
  • Total Price: The total amount including the base price, delivery charges and the system charges are mentioned in this attribute.
  • Time of Delivery: The system calculates an estimated time period in which the delivery is to be done by the delivery person of the company is saved in this attribute.



  1. Items:

The customer Need various types of items  as per the need and the use  of the item  which he is unable to locate in his nearby area therefore the system helps the customer to get the type of the items he want. This entity holds information of the items which are added by the vendor to sell. The information is to be filled as per their type of the items and the nature of how to store it so that the quality should not be hampered at any cost. The information about the attributes is discussed below:

  • Item_ID: Every item is tagged with an identity number which is unique and helps the admin to locate it if needed.
  • Name: The name of the item is saved in this attribute which is provided by the company who has manufactured it.
  • Price:  every item contains the overall price which includes the manufacturing cost and the labor cost while making it.
  • Vendor_ID: Different type of vendors feed the types of the items in which they deal therefore every item contains the information about the vendor ID also.
  • Category: The items are distinguished as per their type and the category to which they belong which is saved in this attribute.


  5. Vendor:

The person who deals in stocking the different types of the items which are needed by the customer as per the need through the system is called the vendor. This entity holds the different account of the vendors who are registered in the system for selling purposes of their items which are mentioned in the display of the customer. The vendors can modify the data of the account after accessing into the system. The attributes of the entity are discussed below:

  • Vendor_ID: The system generates an identity number to each vendor which helps them in accessing their account in the system.
  • Name: Different type of vendors register their details for creating the account therefore the names are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each vendor is saved in this attribute to connect them by the admin and other employees at the time of need.
  • Registration No.: The vendors are registered in the Council which provides a Unique Identity Number which is their registration number provided in this attribute.
  • Residence: The residence address of each vendor is saved in this activity for verification and authentication purposes by the admin.
  • Items: The vendors as per their interest deals in the type of the items to sell it by mentioning their details in the account for the customer.


  6. Staff:

The system is maintained by the admin but the whole process is managed by the staff members who support the customer in every step and make their experience better in the system. This entity provides different type of accounts of the staff members in which we can manipulate the data as per their daily work and they can also send a brief report to the admin at the end of the day. The attributes of this entity are mentioned below:

  • Staff_ID: This is to provide an identity number to each staff member which helps them in accessing their individual accounts security.
  • Name: There are many staff members who are attached to the system therefore the names are saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The date of the system is managed by the staff member therefore their contact number is saved in this attribute to connect them if needed by the admin.
  • Email Address: The customer can connect to the staff member if you have any query or facing any problem while ordering through the system with the help of the email address of the staff.

Location:  This attribute holds the permanent address of each staff members which help them in verification and authentication purposes.

User Interface Model of Online Vendor Management System Project


The initial page which appears on the screen of every actor at the time of login is the login page through which the actor can access his account and get to the data feed in the system. the login page is created with common options to eat actors along with some other customizable features like the forgot password and the new user registration option for the customers as well as the vendors who are new to the system because they need to enter their details in the system for once.



After logging into the system, every actor as per their role can access their dashboard which contains that app through which they can enter into the system deeply and do their work according to their nature full stop touchwood provides access to each area in the system as per the authenticity provided by the admin to each actor.



The orders are provided by the customers after selecting the items from the display in their interface which they can add into the cart and then order at once after the selection of each type of items they need. The interface also provides suggested options as per the history of the customer. The system works simultaneously because many customers provide orders at once.



The address provided by the customers includes the items which they need to buy through the system provided by the vendors for selling purposes. The items are distinguished by the system which attracts the customer in their display which increase the sales of the vendor and provide more profit to him because the customer now order more items which also increases the charges of the system.



The system is created to help the actors in a better way therefore the system also provide an interface through which the customer can pay is the total amount by the system through online mode or we can opt for cash on delivery option because the choice needs to be given to the customer for the payment purposes.



After the process of ordering and getting the delivery of the order safely by the customer a detailed report is submitted to the admin weekly or monthly as per the time period decided by the management to get a brief knowledge of the followed month and to plan a better way in enhancing the interface of each customer and their experience as well because this will attract more customer and increase the profit of the firm.

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