Online Crime Management System Project for Final Year

Online Crime Management System Project for Final Year

Summary of Online Crime Management

An online crime management system is a tool which helps the jailor to manage the details of the crimes happening in the city as well as keep an eye on the records of the criminals along with their past records which can be seen with just one click through this system. It shows the details of the prisoner along with the personal information and to whom to connect at the time of emergency.

The system provides authority to the jailor to manage the system and feed the information regarding the duty timing and schedule for the posts of the guards who are on surveillance and change their shift accordingly. The Report can also be send through this system to the necessary senior authorities as the police personnel wrote the FIR and can send it to the jailor also if the criminal come in that particular jail for the punishment.

The system is capable enough to hold the data of the recent crimes along with the criminal history and details of the kin address and contact number if incase of the emergency. The system also provide report to the admin and staff members who are required to send daily work report along with the progress in the  criminals.

 The system also help in tracing the criminal if he runs away, the system provide related information and past records where the police can go and search for him also to check him at the residence of the relatives. The criminal database is also recorded in the system which further helpful for the government if they need any assistance in future.

Sometimes if the data and files of the crime are recorded in the hard files then it is risky and many times anyone can manipulate the proofs and data. Therefore the proposed system is necessary to be implemented soon. The staff can also get the salary through this system and leave management is also done through it.

The related points are as follows: 

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Current System

If a criminal commit any crime than first his FIR is noted down and then he has detained in the jail after that his name file is searched and found and then see any past record in this heap of the papers. The process is very hectic and require good amount of physical work from the police or concerning authority.

The staff also needs to manage the details in different registers and files which are needed to be kept safely in the strong room, but also there are chances of tempering the evidences due to personal agenda taken by the prosecution.The system is very weak in keeping the record safe and secure. The criminal and other person can hamper the process. These systems also consume the energy and time for the staff and delay the process of the court case. If any criminal is caught for some crime than it is very difficult to find his past record in the database of the police station through paper files kept in the closet for long.

Proposed System

The crime management system save the record of the criminal which he has commit recently and also his past files which can be correlate at the time of new event occurrence. The system provides information of the FIR, punishments, court dates etc with just one click which help in maintaining the database secure and can be seen anytime as needed.

The criminal address, relative details and other information is already saved in this system to help the staff and police personnel to do the case shut as soon as possible and sort out the detention provided to the prisoner. If the jailor sees any improvement then he can less the prisoner punishment by sending letter to the senior authority.

The proposed system is managed by the admin who bears the responsibility of the system and make the system error free. He can also remove or add the database with new criminal database which is needed to get the details of the past record of the criminal and attach it with the recent one.

Entity Relationship Model of Online Crime Management System


The crimes of the system are managed and the details are provided in the interface by the help of the entity and their attributes. The model explains the flow of data and the amount of the information to be transfer from one entity to another simultaneously, it is very smooth transition of the data and the system is controlled by the admin entity that takes care of the data and the flow in it. The other entities cannot control each other and the admin can manage all the accounts of the system. The entities and their attributes are explained below:

  1. Admin:

The admin manage the system by manipulating the data in the system and flow the details in the entities by holding the accounts of other people actors. This entity manage the accounts of admin who are authorized to use the system and so the functions are done by them sometimes the management provide authority to more than one person therefore this entity play important role in managing the accounts and its data.

  • Admin_ID: the system provides identity number to the admin which is helpful in accessing the accounts of the admin.
  • Name: The names of very admin entity user are saved in this attribute which is used in verifying the accounts of admin.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of admin is saved in this attribute to connect at the time of emergency by the other users of the system.
  • Email Address: The official conversation is to be done through the email address of the admin it helps in having written proof of the conversation.



  1. Staff:

The staff manages the system as well as their individual accounts in this entity it also showcases the functions to be done by the staff in a particular day and provide the report of it in the end. The staff members help admin in maintaining the system secure and surveillance the system to be done in a civilized manner. The staff member can also check their salary and leave details in this system and manage the work of other user through it, the related attributes are as follows:

  • Staff_ID: The system generates a unique identity number provided to every staff member which helps them at the time of login in the system.
  • Name: The staff is accessing their accounts based on their names, which is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of every staff member is needed to be in the system through this attribute which is helpful to connect them.
  • Email Address: The staff member can be connecting via email address to send the queries and other documents if needed in digital format.
  • Qualification: The designation of every staff member is allotted based on the qualification of each staff member and their level of experience.


 3. Prisoner:

The prisoners are the people who have committed any crime and suffering their punishment in the jail. This entity holds the details of every prisoner and his crime which he has done and also the verdict of the court onto him, the level of crime decides the level of punishment one has to bear and suffer at the mentioned duration. The prisoner personal information and relative information is also added in this entity. The related attributes are as follows:

  • Prisoner_ID: The system attaches prisoner number which is the serial number of that particular criminal, which is also helpful in accessing his details in the system.
  • Name: The name of every prisoner is added in the system through this attribute to link their files with other crime and illegal activities.
  • Address: The residential address of every criminal is saved in this attribute to authenticate the living place of the criminal for future purposes.
  • Age: The age of the criminal is added in the system through this attribute to figure out the juvenile or senior citizen batch.
  • Punishment: This attribute holds the details of the punishment which the criminal is facing behind the bars and attach to the file of the criminal.
  • Crime: The crime which is committed by the prisoner is save in this attribute along with the other crime which if committed in past by the prisoner or history sheet.


 4. Crimes:

The crimes which are committed by the criminals are categorized and saved in this entity, it bifurcate the type of crime along with the details of every criminal which has past record or not in the system to trace the criminal affairs in the bar also with the cell mates or to be keep him in a different cell to safeguard other criminals. The crimes are divided in different types based on the happening and seriousness of the crime. The related attributes of the entity are:

  • Crime_ID: The system bifurcate the crimes and attach an identity number with different crimes which is saved in this attribute.
  • Criminal Details: The criminal details are saved in this attribute to attach it with the crimes done by the prisoner files.
  • Type: This attribute collects the data of the type of crime done by the prisoner like, robbery, rape, murder, etc which is saved in this attribute.
  • Jail Details: The crimes are serious and level wise high or low in which the prisoner is to be put in different types of jail based on their level of crime to be committed.


 5. Postmortem:

This entity is important as if any dead body is found on the crime site and if the police do the postmortem of the body then the cause of death and other things give clue to catch the criminal on site without any delay. The postmortem report and other detail are saved here along with the relation of the people with the dead body to keep in close surveillance for the crime spotting. The related attributes are:

  • Name: The name of the dead body is saved in this attribute which if to be found thorough the relatives or by any document if found on crime site.
  • Address: The address of the crime site is necessary to be saved with the dead body details to search for other proofs if they couldn’t find any in the first time.
  • Age: The age of the dead body is to be found out either by the site find documents or through the postmortem report created by the doctor.
  • Cause of Death: The cause of death is easily find out in the postmortem report done by the doctor who helps in finding the culprit and motive behind the murder or death of the body.



6. Jailor:

The details of the jailor is saved in this entity, the jailor is the maintaining in charge of the jail for particular time being. He is the control body of the jail and keeps a close eye on the activities performed by the criminals, he also analysis the behavior of the criminals in the period and help them in minimizing the punishment if he sees and improvement in the criminal’s behavior. The related attributes are as follows:

  • Jailor_ID: Every jailor is allotted a unique jailor identity number which is also attached with their accounts in the system saved in this attribute.
  • Name: The name of every jailor is saving in this attribute to hold their accounts named on it by the particular jailor.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the jailor by the supreme authorities in the control room, his phone number is needed in the system.
  • Address: The residential address of the jailor is saved in this attribute to authenticate the jailor and guide for the periodically assigned tasks.
  • Qualification: Every jailor has different set of skills which he has achieved in the academics time save in this attribute.
  • Experience: The experience gained by the jailor by posting in different jails across the country has provided the skills which are saved in this attribute.

User Interface Model of Crime Management System


The login page corresponds to the actors who want access in the system. It shows options which are necessary for the particular actors and also focus on providing the extra tabs like forgot password and registration for new users and provide credential support if someone couldn’t able to login in the system.



The dashboard affects the tabs for different actors and provides access to other options in the system which is helpful for the actors in deepening the access inside the system core and also the interface is different for each actor as per their requirement and need, it is also customizable as per the choice and necessity.


Crime Report:

Through this option the jailor and the admin can see the crime reports sustain in the system. This system is capable enough to save the history of every criminal along with the recent files and link the other cases if they have charged on a particular criminal. This database is helpful even if uses in the future also.


Criminal Information:

The system also sustain the criminal information regarding the crime he has committed now and the personal details also like the place of living, contact number of nay relative, other details etc which will provide authenticity for the criminal if he do any malicious activity in the prison also.



The status of the running criminal cases are shown in this interface, the cases runs in many trials and in the meantime the criminal has to be detained in the cell for police remand. The cases which are running has shown active scene while the cases which are completed has become inactive.



The end report is submitted to the headquarter of the police academy. The jailor sends monthly report regarding the jail maintenance and the behavior of the criminals along with the details like sending some prisoners in other jails as well. This all information is summarized and sends in a particular format.

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