All over the world people need a place to stay, where they can feel safe, secure and togetherness with their family. Now people built houses after purchasing the land by optically discerning the location, rates and other factors as per their cull. Sometimes people invest their maxima in property by purchasing more than one for investment purposes. People prefer blearily furnished home yare to stay rather than the land and after building it as per the cull because it takes time, resources and efforts to do the thing.

People doesn’t need to roam in the places to find a good home and then own it, now the technology has advanced and the properties can be visited in online mode to get the details of property and its owner’s as well. The proposed system provides an opportunity for bidding system where the owner proposes the property and the bidding commences.

The clients participate in the process and raise the bid as per their capability and interest in the particular property, the client who raises highest bid within time range wins the bid and owns the property after paying the amount to the property owner.

There are certain other factors in which the system avails the admin and other actors, it provide overall details and track record of every actor working in the system frame. The market is transmuting abruptly now the client doesn’t go door to door for purchasing they will do it instantly through technology. Daily so many bidding is done where people win or lose as per their raised bid. The system avails the staff to manage the details and accounts of every clients and owners.

Building a home for family is a dream for many people not only for the middle class but also for every person and sometimes people do business in property dealings. There are many agencies do this work all over the world even in the international market therefore the system is designed to be capable of handling any market, it refers to the bidding system in which the clients from any region can bid on the property from any place through the online system. The salient features of this system are:

Proposed System

The proposed system provides a unique interface which is containing all the options necessary for dealing with the system. The customer requires registering into the system one time after that he can login and access his account at any point of time. He can visit any property information which is uploaded by the house owners irrespective of the place and location.

The customer after selecting the property to buy he places the bid according to the amount he thinks would be best suitable for it. After that the bidding starts and the amount is raised as per the number of customers interested in the particular property.

It provides benefit to the property owner because people will pay more prices to buy the house than usual. After winning the bid, the customer need to pay the amount he has bid through the online system after that the admin cuts the service charges and pay the whole charges to the property owner. The system also helps in completing the documentation transfer process.

The admin rules the system and ensure the smooth running without any error. He manages the accounts of every customer and house owner and also provides assistance whenever needed. Similarly the staff members manage the process and solve any query raised by the customer into the system and help them. There are certain points when the customer need to interact with the house owner, so the system also provides chat option and details of the owner and customer to each other so that they can contact each other for any conversation.

The system doesn’t require the customer to be of same region as the property placed, any person can bid for the property irrespective of his personal location provided in the system, this feature helps the customer to buy property in other regions also.

Software Requirements

Navagation to menu

IDE React Js
OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
Programming Lab Frameworks Coding Background
Pycharm Eclipse ClionVersions 2.4 Multi threads
.NET FRAMEWORK: Dart Programming : Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
Mern Stacj Angular Vue
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Model


The entity relation model helps in reviving the exact flow of data into the system handled by the admin in all cases. There are multiple times when the system runs simultaneously many programs and needed data at the same time, then the admin controls the data and forward it to the required sections first. It shows the entities which hold various attributes to load the data and bifurcates them as needed. The entities are described below:


  1. Admin:

The authentic personnel who control the system and every other entity in the proposed system are the admin. This entity holds the data of every admin personnel if there are more than one admin is logging in the system. They make sure the smooth running of the system and make the system error free. The related attributes are:

  • System_ID: If there are more than one admin manage the system then each one get unique system number which separates their data from others.
  • Name: This attributes holds the names of every admin who login into the system to process their personal data.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the admin, their contact number is provided into the system in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The official conversation and documents are verified through email address which is saved in this attribute.


  2. Staff:

The admin manage the data and other related issues but the staff helps him in daily work by managing the clients, their requests, queries and also manages the house owner problems. This entity provides the separate data of each staff where they can edit their daily work and send report in the end to the admin also they can add their personal information into the system. The related attributes are:

  • Employee_ID: The system has given a number to each staff which is different for every staff members and helps them in login into their accounts.
  • Name: This attribute provides the name of every staff member through which their accounts are created.
  • Contact No.: There should be communication among the staff members also with admin which can be done through contact number.
  • Email Address: This is used for official communication with the staff members, the owner and buyer can connect with staff through email address.
  • Designation: Every staff member is assigned to different designations as per their skills and capabilities
  • Salary: The employees get salary as per their designation and skills which is saved in this attribute.



  1. House Owner:

The houses is registered towards the person is the owner of that house which sells it through the bidding system and the highest bidder will get it from the owner and he gets the amount in exchange. This entity provides the details of account of many owners who enrolled in the system. The entity separates their accounts and holds their personal data as well. The related attributes are:

  • Owner_ID: The system provides every house owner a separate identity number which helps them in system login.
  • Name: The name of every owner is distinct which is saved in this attribute to manage their accounts securely.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the house owner, their phone number is saved in this attribute for emergency purposes.
  • Residence: The residence of every owner is needed to authenticate tem and their property which they want to bid out.
  • Property Details: The owner wants to sell his property, this attribute holds the details of the property like dimension, rate, location etc.



  4. Properties (Houses):

The bidding is to be done on the properties owned by various people registered as the owner into the system. The properties details are saved in this entity along with the owner data to authenticate the server data and relate them as necessary. The entity separates each property account and holds the relatable data in it. The attributes are:

  • Owner Details: Every property is owned by the person, whose data is saved in this attribute to attach it with the property details.
  • Rates: The property contains a stipulated rate as per the market policy and government charges depending on various factors.
  • Location: The location of every property is very important because the buyers would like different locations to purchase the property.
  • Dimension: The property size is different in height, width, and the length as per the area owned by the owner.
  • Market Price: The property holds different prices as per the market conditions and locality of the property where it is situated.
  • Availability: Sometimes the owner sells it once still after many people want to buy therefore this attribute holds the status of availability of the property.


  5. Customer (Clients):

The house owner sells their property to other people who are named as the clients who are interested in buying the property through bidding system. Their interest depend on various factor some do it for investment while some owns the property for themselves etc. this entity has many accounts which are created by the customers to bid in the system, they have various attributes also:

  • Customer_ID: The system provides a unique number to the customer who creates an account which will help in login every time.
  • Name: Every customer has different names and their accounts are maintained by the title of their names which is saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The customer can connect with the staff and admin through email and his email address is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The customer’s contact number is necessary to connect them at the time of need or for and instances.
  • Bidding Status: The clients can bid on more than one property to buy it, this attribute shows the bidding status of every customer.

Rating:  The system provides rating as per the previous transactions of every customer through which their authenticity is tested.

User Interface Model

The user interface of the system is well groomed as per the need of each actor who login into the system. The interface is customizable as per the firm and can be changed as they like. It shows options and tabs which can help them in accessing the account and bid.


The login page provides the access to every actor to open their account separately. It shows the data as the actor left last time. The login page also show the forgot password and registration tab for newly added owner and customers.



The main interface page is the dashboard which contributes all the options to go deeply into the account as per the authority given to each actor. The admin can access accounts of every other entity whereas the Owner and Clients can access only their accounts and do necessary changes as they like.


House Search:

This tab is stick to the client’s page only as he can search the properties of various places, see their rates, owner details and other data. The system provide full profile if the client show interest in particular property. The system also gives payment option to pay for the price after winning the bid.



The interface provides bidding option to the owner and client so that they can do the process without any interruption. The owner of the property includes his property in the bidding process where many clients bid on it and then the highest bidder gets the flagship of it. There are always two possibilities whether the client wins or lose the bidding which is as follows:

  • Win: If the client wins the bidding by raising his bid then he has to pay the charges of the bid he raised through the online mode provided by the interface.
  • Lose: If the client loses the bid due to any reason then he can participate in other bidding as well where he can bid for higher amount and win the bidding.



After winning the bidding process, the client needs to pay the bidding amount to the owner of the property through online mode and here he also has to provide the conditional charges of the system which is the service charge levied by the admin.

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