People are fascinated with spending their weekend time or vacation time by doing variant of sports in which the favorite is water sports. Some people are very much fascinated with boat riding through which they can get the experience of water while riding in between.

The boat management system will avail the people in booking the boat for ride as per the interest of customer. He can withal get many options which will avail them in culling the correct boat for themselves. The system will provide a token number after substantiating that the ride is booked for the particular customer.

The systems will withal avail in preserving the data of every customer including their personal information along with the data of boat owners so that both the parties can manage without any quandary. It will avail in making the peregrination memorable and would make it impeccable.

Customer can book the boat from his residence after engendering an account in the system, he will get so many options depending upon the cost and description, and the customer will optate the best boat as per his interest. We can additionally integrate other people with himself for the boat ride so that they will relish together.

Existing System

Any person wants to ride in boating, he has to book it manually by going at the office of the boat owner on his own. The system is very hectic and requires physical labor of the customer because he requires to visit the office of the booking owner boat. There are so many people who do not have any conception about the booking office ergo they cannot peregrinate with the boating.

The boat owner additionally need to  maintain the details of customer in paper and documents which will be very precarious and problematic for him if he wants to find any document then it will require a plethora of physical labor to probe for it.

The system is obsolete and will require an incipient system to maintain the overall data of the customers along with the boat data including the maintenance of both and other activities. The system is very gradual ergo the customer has to visit afore the boating dates.

Current System

The system will provide option to the customer so that they can book the boat of their cull depending upon the cost of ride and other facilities provided by the boat owner. They can additionally cull multiple rides at the same time for more than one person if they come in a group.

The system will manage the data of all the customers who have visited along with staff data. The boat on a will additionally provide other facilities to the customers in order to magnetize them. The process is managed by the admin. He is the sole responsible to manage the account of all the users available in the system.

The data is preserved in automated format ergo it is secure and cannot be abstracted. Customer can withal pay the charges of boating with the avail of the system and additionally he can get the detail of boat trip including the pictures of boat and other facilities which will be provided by the owner of the boat.

The system is capable enough to sustain all the activities concurrently. The owner will withal get the information cognate to the customer who has booked the boat for a particular time.

Entity Relationship Diagram


Every person wants to travel and enjoy their life by doing different kind of stuff as per their interest. Water is one of the major element in which types of sports are being one of the favorite in the list of people. They are interested in doing different type of water sports and also them like fishing and boating as well. The lake boat management system will provide an opportunity to the people who want to do boating so that they can book the boat prior to visit. The diagram will show how the data is interlinked in this system with the help of the entities and their attributes. It holds different type of information regarding the account of all the users who are connected with the system. It will help in saving the data without any other work and effort. The entities and their attributes are discussed below:


 1. Admin:

System is managed by the admin in different manner because he is solely responsible to sustain the information in the system. Admin can manage his account by saving his personal details and also he can allocate different type of work to the staff members. Sometimes the management will provide more than one admin has the authority in order to ensure the smooth running of the system and if any user will face problem while using the system it is the duty of the admin to rectify the error and help the user in anyway. Admin can also manage the account of other user while accessing his account so that we can provide sustainable assistance to them. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: The system will provide an identity number attached to every account of admin.
  • Name: Original name of every admin as per their documents received in this attribute by the management.
  • Contact No.: Admin will provide his contact number for the users if they want to have a conversation with the admin.
  • Email Address: It is important to provide email address of the admin to be connected by any person.


  2. Customer:

The people who are interested in travelling in the boat are the customers who will also pay for the ride. They will make an account in the system which is saved in this entity so that they can book the ride as per their convenience and timing. The customer will save their personal information in the account along with the booking details as per their schedule for travelling. The system will also provide them the option to pay the amount of the ride prior to the boating with the help of the system interface. The customer cannot access the account of other customer and this entity hold the account of the entire customer who has created their account in the system. The related attributes are defined below: 

  • Customer_ID: A System generated Unique Identity Number is attached with the account of customer.
  • Name: Customer will add their original name while creating the account in the system.
  • Contact No.: Customer will provide their contact number so that the board owner can connect then for any query.
  • Email Address: The management will provide information on the email address of the customer which is saved in this attribute.
  • Residence: The customer will also provide their permanent address for authentication.


3.  Token:

The customer will book the ride of boat whenever they want to travel as per their convenience. After creating their account in the system, they can book the ride and the system will provide a token number which will include all the details related to the riding. System will ensure that the booking of the customer should be done and the details related to it will be provided to him. This entity will separate all the booking details which are done by the customers on everyday so that the system can manage the information in a separate way. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Token_ID:  Every token which is raised by a customer is attached with the serial number by the system.
  • Customer_ID: This attribute will collect the information of customer who has booked the token for riding.
  • Boat Owner_ID: The token includes information about the boat owner and the condition of the boat.
  • of Person: Token will also specify the number of persons who will ride in a Boat.
  • Cost: Charges will be taken by the boat owner, is mentioned in this attribute.
  • Life Tools_ID: The life tool Identity Number which will be available on the particular boat is also mentioned in this attribute.


 4. Boat:

There are many type of boats available by the boat owner in order to provide different type of options as per the interest of the customer. The boats are come in variety of size and type as per the convenience of the boat owner. It will maintain different account of the boat including the information related to boat and the boat owner. The owner will take different charges as per the cost he is pending in managing a particular boat. Also it is totally depend upon the size of both about how many people can travel in a single board at the same time. The location of the boat is also saved in this entity. The related attributes are described below:

  • Boat_ID: Every boat is attached with an identity number by the system to save its data.
  • Name: The name of the boat which is provided by the owner is saved in this attribute.
  • Boat No.: Every board is allotted a number which is also available on the documents.
  • Parking Location: The boat is Park at various locations therefore it is necessary to sustain the information in this attribute.
  • Size: This attribute will mention the size of boat so that the number of customer can travel in a single time.
  • Cost Per trip: The cost of trip of a Boat is decided by the owner depending upon various factors.


  1. Life Tools:

Every boat contains life saving tools inside the boat which can be used at the time of emergency in the water. These tools will save the life of people if we will be drowning in the water due to any circumstances or accident. It is also necessary to maintain the life Toolkit proper and up-to-date by the owner of the boat. This entity will hold information related to the tools available on the boat so that it can provide information to the owner when the tools should be replaced if they expire after sometime. It is very crucial to contain good quality like tools on the boat while travelling in the lake. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Life Tools_ID: Every life saving tool kit is consisting of an identity number provided by the system.
  • Color: this attribute will define the color of toolkit depending upon the choice of boat owner.
  • Location: In the boat, the place where the toolkit is located is saved in this attribute.
  • Type: It is very important to mention the type of tool kit which is available on every boat.


 6. Boat Owner:

The boat owner also creates an account in the system to do their daily work and maintain the data related to their customer along with their profit report. The owner will also provide their personal details while creating an account in this entity. They can edit or Delete their personal detail and also they can get booking details done by the customers so that they can repair the boat and ready for travel on a certain date. The owner will also get the information related to the management of the system if they find any error in their account. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Boat Owner_ID: The system will provide a Unique Identity Number for every boat owner.
  • Name: The boat owner will sustain their original name as per the documents provided in the system.
  • Contact NO.: It is necessary to save the contact number of boat owner, so that the customer can contact them.
  • Email Address: The boat owner will also provide his email address to connect with the customers.
  • Residence: The permanent address of the boat owner is also saved in the system by this attribute.
  • Lake Name: The name of the lake in which the boat of the owner is located is saved in this attribute.
  • Boat Details: The owner will provide details regarding the boat he has owned for riding the customers.


User Interface Model


The users who are attached with the system will create an account by using the interface. It will provide new user registration options for those who want to connect with the system. Interface is almost the same for all the users but it can lead to different accounts which are created by the users. The system is designed in a particular way that the account of any user will not merge its information with any other user account. Any user can retrieve their account information with the help of forgot password option provided for the user.



After logging into the account, every user will see a different dashboard depending upon the nature of user in the system. It is customizable at to the some point like the color and shape of icons can be changed by the user but the information containing in it is only change to by the management. If any user will face problem while using the system then the management will provide new options in the interface of the user after authorization.



The customer will login into the system thereafter they will see different types of boats along with their details regarding the boating schedule managed by the boat owner. The customer can book the type of boat in which he wants to travel also providing the information related to the number of people who are coming with the customer as well. The booking is done by the system as per the slot available by the boat owner for the convenience of the customer.


Boat Selection:

There are different types of boats available Depending upon interest of customer and also but charges they want to pay for a particular ride. The customer will raise a request to book a particular boat which will be forwarded to the boat owner and after his confirmation as per the slot availability, the ride is booked. The customer can also see the other details related to the boat so that they can choose the best boat as per their personal interest.



After booking the boat, the system will show an estimated amount including all the charges and Taxes which the customer needs to pay. The interface can provide the payment option to the customer so that we can pay the amount through the system online mode or else we can pay at the time of ride to the owner directly. The payment will also include service charges and the tax to ride the boat in the lake.



Admin will take care of the whole process starting from the booking of the customer till the day when the customer rides the boat.  It is totally the responsibility of the admin to confirm if the customer needs any assistance while booking in a very smooth manner. After completing the ride, the admin will send a confirmation receipt to the email of the customer and also to the boat owner.


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