The agency management system provides legitimate solution to the problems of maintaining the data of the agency in the hard files and doing the calculation manually. There are many types of agencies who deal in different types of products some are interstate and some do business overseas. The agencies take franchise and partner in the business and provide their services to manage their information of employees, customers etc and maintaining them in documents.

They also provides the sale done by the agency throughout a particular period to the company they are representing. The agency can be say as the small representative office who deals in the data and products of the company and represent them in the market, this system provides an edge to the agencies so that they can manage their work better and efficiently.

The companies may affix to sundry agencies at the same time but deals them with different department’s information or products. The agencies charge commission or share in the profit from the institutes and in reciprocation lesser their load of maintaining the files. 

The agencies nurtures their clients and provide legitimate products to the customers thereafter they can be managed for the long run in the future. The best way is the online agency management solution which can handle all of the data of the agencies after bifurcating as per the type and variety of the data. The agencies can attach from the system being in different places in local or overseas it just requires internet connection to commence the peregrination. 

The individual admin maintain the whole process and it periodically check every actor’s account as maintenance and to visually perceive any suspicious activity in the process to blacklist it and provide trouble shoot for it.

The characteristics of this system are:

Current System

The company hires many employees to run the business but here the manual works always take one step back to utilize the energy of every employee because of the peer pressure. The current system is time consuming and it takes the physical efforts of the agencies to manage the data and do the business. The proposed system ergo providing the automatic works after consuming all the data and automates them to the whole incipient caliber.

The current system additionally causes quandary for the owner, he cannot track any transaction did with the clients from the past history for any reason, besides the automated system gives the compulsory data just a click away. There are certain other prospects of the system which are becoming obsolete and couldn’t collaborate with the current required entities.

The coordination among the staff of the agencies and customer was not minimal and they lack in it due to sundry reasons. There are a particular trend which circulates in the market all the time and clients purchase the items as per the current market trend ergo the agencies has to be more vigilant in this topic to magnetize more customers.

Proposed System

The agency management system is automated managing the data of the agencies which are of variants and additionally dealing in different domain. The proposed system lesser the time taking in the process and additionally provide a sustainable solution for the multi layer quandaries in the process. The staff members manage the agencies details and their data along with the information of the customers of the agencies.

The staff withal provides solutions to the queries raised by the customer at sundry levels. They can even manage their personal accounts in the system to showcase the circadian report to the admin and withal submit their circadian work which they have done. The agencies data resembles toward and to include them in a coordinating format the system bifurcate each data according to the agency type and entities.

The agencies even involve sundry types of data possessing the items in which they do business but the structure provides external support to the agencies. Here the admin is the head entity who takes care of all the activities of the process and act accordingly. The agencies are able to take more work from the clients as they do not require to manage the data manually instead they can now focus only on the client pitching and providing the booked items to them at their doorstep.



Entity Relationship Model


The agency management system deals with the online configuration of the work related to various agencies by automating their data and the whole process is to be done through the system apart from this the details and data of the customers and employees are also managed by the system itself because it create the data in a summarized manner. This model showcases the flow of data into various entities at the same time whichis explained below in details:

  1. Admin:

The admin coordinate with the staff member about the work to be done by the customers and to manage agencies also. This entity bifurcate the accounts of every admin if the authority is to be given to more than one person, their personal details and other login credentials are separated to protect the individual data as well as the security of the account. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • System_ID: The system automatically creates a unique number which is attached to the account of admin and needed at the time of login from next time.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of every admin member to separate their account and entitle them.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the admin at any point of time, the contact number of every admin person is saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The official conversation is to be done through the email address of the admin by the customer and the staff members.



 2. Employees:

The employees are the central force which manage the whole system and provide assistance to the agency coordinators, customers and provide the end report to the admin. This entity provide the employees to manage their own account

  • Employee_ID: The system generated ID number for every employee is saved with the account of the employees.
  • Name: There are so many employees work in an organization, the accounts are maintained by the name of the employees, and this attribute holds the names.
  • Contact No.: At any point, if the customer or admin wants to convey with the customer through the call, therefore this attribute save the number of each employees.
  • Email Address: The email address of employees is important to send queries and other documents officially.
  • Designation: In a firm, the employees are designated at different positions to operate the work in a summarized manner.



3. Customer:

The customer is the main authority who provides the profit in the business and firm. The agencies deal with many customers whose data is to be relied on the system through various modes.This entity consist of accounts maintained by the customer themselves to edit their information in the system without any problem. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • Customer_ID: Every customer is attached with a number uniquely given to each customer by the system which helps him at the time of login.
  • Name: The names of every customer are saved in this attribute who are working also those who left the firm.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the customers at any time, their phone numbers are saved in this attribute for any concern.
  • Email Address: The official conversation and sharing of any type of documents are done through the email address of the customer.
  • Residence: The address of every customer is saved in this attribute for identification and authentication of each person.
  • Qualification: The customer has done various qualifications as per their interest and experience which is attached with their accounts.
  • Type: The type of customer is written in this attribute like teacher, professional, student etc to understand their interest and need.



  1. Order:

The clients order various items through the agency which data is to be managed in the system. This entity provides full fledged information about the orders to be given by the clients and maintained the equilibrium into the work. The entity bifurcates the order details of every client as per their recent and previous orders to be seen the pattern and items related to him. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • Order_ID: To separate the order from each other if the client order same items then the order ID number helps in locating the exact one.
  • Order Date: The date on which the client places the order is saved in this attribute to estimate the delivery time to reach him.
  • End Date: The delivery of any item is estimated to reach in a particular number of days which are pre fixed therefore the end date is also mentioned with the items.
  • Status: Sometimes the customer or the client cancels the order due to any reason due to which the process gets hampered and the item has been returned back.
  1. Items:

The agencies deal in various types of items to be sold or purchase as per the market trend and value going on in the current scenario. The agencies provide number of items detail to be verified in the system after merging it with the central data. This entity has different folders of the items to be conducted and dealt by different agencies. The details of items are also connected with the particular items. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • ID: The system generates a code for each item which is stick to it in order to locate the items in the data of the system.
  • Name: Every item belong to a particular brand or title name which can be bifurcated through the name of the items.
  • Price: The cost price of every item is also stick and prints on the top of every item to help the client for understanding the price.
  • Quantity: The items are available in different quantity packets which can be printed on the front side of every package which are to be distributed.
  • Payment: The items are ordered by the clients in different quantity and there price is to be paid as per the customer through online or offline.

Type:  The items are of different type as per the category like stationary, office work, general items etc.

6. Agency:

This entity elaborate the agencies which are attached with the system and the firm is responsible for the management of agencies along with the staff members whose data is automated in the system after that they can also manage their respective accounts online in the portal. There are certain times when the agencies are remove or new agencies are added in this system whose accounts are managed here, the related attributes are:

  • Name: Every agency is registered by a name which is copyright to the particular owner therefore the name has to be mentioned in this attribute for future prospects.
  • Agency ID: The agencies are registered in the local government authority where they get a unique ID number which is also their Identity proof.
  • Type: Agencies deal in different amount of products and items which are managed by the system and the agency type is mentioned here.
  • Agency No.: The local authority provides an agency number which is given at the time of registration.
  • Location: The location where the agency is established is also saved in this attribute to authenticate the agency address.

User Interface Diagram


The initial stage of any system is the login page which form the initial access into the system therefore it has to be interactive along with simple and usable. This system is maintained so that any person can operate it, the interface is user friendly and the options are in front to operate any command.


After login the page forward the command to the dashboard page where the actors can see their responsible page and options to explore the system more and to manage their accounts and personal information in it. The details of agencies as per the authenticity of admin, staff and the customer is to be operated through this.


Agency Bifurcation:

The system enhances the agencies detail according to the category and data which is to be located into the system and initiated as per the requirement allocated by the admin in different entities. The Agencies online data is automated and presented in a respectful and understandable manner for the actors.


Every agency deals in different types of items which are inherited as per the requirement of the customer and the area of interest since the time lapse there are certain points where the items mismatch here comes the role of the system algorithms which manipulate the whole process therefore this section is containing the tabs which can help in easing the process.


The customer provide the order after selecting and adding the items in the cart into the system, the customer can book his order at the same or else he can grab this opportunity to delay the order and maintain the equilibrium. The order section is visible in the customer interface as well as in the staff section to solve the query if the customer raises any in the entire process.


The payment of the order is to be given after the order is provided by the client at various levels and the system gives the option to pay online the items final price. The admin acknowledges the payment made by the customer to ensure the smooth transition, he can also deduct the service charges and then pays the rest to the other person who owns the agency. This option also provides the transaction history of the customer which he has done in the past to buy different items.


The admin verifies the payment done by the customer and after deducting service charges he pays the full amount to the dealer. The delivery is to be provided at the doorstep of the customer therefore the customer provides his residence address. The items are to be delivered safely and with care to sustain the validity of providing valuable items finally to the doorstep of customer.

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