Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System

The current era is running at a very expeditious pace, people are in a hurdle to win the extreme race of life where they forget the most paramount thing in life which is eating food on time. They neglect this and become sick timely. Therefore this system provides online delivery of food option which is hygienic and safe to consume at all time of repast whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The people are so tensed towards their work that they always skip their meal even the women are going on work in companies so they also not able to consummate the desideratum of victuals. Here the online food system comes handy where the customer can book his order online from his abode or work place and the staff member delivers the food fresh and sultry to the customer’s location.                                                                                              

The children of modern era also demands the fast food now a day’s which is fulfilled by the system, the customer doesn’t need to reach at the restaurant location himself and then pack the food to eat at home or dine-in in the restaurant. He can simply order the pabulum while paying the amount through online mode. The customer also preserves themselves from the hectic period of booking the table on the restaurant and then waits for the food after queue system. Through this system the customer can get his food fast and within time limit to eat it fresh. The characteristics are:

  • The system is providing food which is hygienic and quality food to be tested and checked before packing.
  • The time taken for preparing the food is less and also the customer can eat it fresh and hot.
  • The system is also beneficial for the restaurants also as they can provide more order to the customer through online no need to manage them at the restaurant itself.
  • Customer can order the food from anywhere and also he provides the address to be delivered whether at the office or at the home.
  • Children can get their fast food online and doesn’t require visiting the restaurant physically.
  • This system also provides feature to book the table at the restaurant prior to going at the place.

Current System:

The customer need to Probe the good restaurant in their area also they need to ask many people to take the review of restaurant then he needs to go their himself to dine in, book the table after lining in the queue and pay the price after eating the meal. This is hectic and time taking process. Where sometimes they face unavailability of waiters and consequently the service gets delayed.

The restaurant have to make arrangement for the customers additionally it is not fine-tuned every day the number of customer increase decrease and the restaurant has to manage this desultory cycle each day which is stressful and delay the timing of providing food. The restaurant also has to manage numerous waiters to serve the food and manage them accordingly as per the reserved seats. 

Also there are many customers who stand in the queue for their number to reserve the seats for food. Sometimes they also panic due to the time required for vacating the seats and it truncate the customers interest in the particular restaurant and affect its goodwill for long because next time customer doesn’t come in that restaurant and switch to the other one. 

                                                                                                   After getting the seat now the customer provided a waiter who indie down the order of customer in a notepad and give it to the chef which is very sensitive as the paper can be mix up and the food to be delivered at erroneous table also anyone can alter the details in the paper which elongates the process and delay the time interval for preparing the food.

Proposed System:

The system is helpful in managing the whole business online and save the data of each transaction for future prospects also. It provides benefit to the customer as well as the restaurants also. The customer can login into the system and register himself first time of login and then he can access the restaurants and the menus provided by them.

He can select the items of his choice along with the quantity which is integrated in the cart of the system and make the payment after entering the location where he wants to locate the food to be delivered. After that the system forwards the order to the respective restaurant and they commence preparing the order.

The system algorithm estimates a time to be advent of food and show it on the interface of the customer so that he can get a conception about when will his food delivered at his door step. The customer pay the amount online through system or he can pay at the arrival of his food to the delivery boy, he can also provide additional adscititious information about the food ordered to chef to make changes as per his choice.






Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendly

Windows 10 and above


Visual Studio .NET 2003

2019 version 12.7


Version 1.0

Version 4.5.2


JAVA script, PHP

Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.










Intel P-III system

Intel Core i5 and above ( Intel Core i7) OR AMD FX 4100 and above, or A6 and above



128 Gigabytes (GB)*

128GB+Solid State Disk(SSD) with at least 20 GB of free disk space






Wired Networking:

Ethernet LAN Port or USB

Ethernet LAN Port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle

Intra server

Wireless Networking



Entity Relationship Model:

Online Food Ordering System Project for Final Year


The model itself represents the value of entities which are interlinked in it. The whole system is centralized and the data flows among the entities as per the need of particular entity through the modules and attributes. It represents the restaurant data unified with the order given by the customer through online mode by selecting in the menu. It provides a database which is capable enough to hold the respective data along with the daily transactions of the system in various restaurants. The following entities are explained below:

  1. Admin:

The admin entity provides an authoritative power which can govern the whole system and provide information and data wherever needed in the system entities. He can control the various transactions of the system simultaneously. It gives authority to more than one person eligible for admin entity and holds their data uniquely. The respective attributes are:

  • Name:  The admin authority is designated to more than one person to control the system in better way so this attribute holds the name of all admins.
  • Unique_ID:  The admin has given unique ID and password to login into the system and save his data securely. It is different for all admins. 
  • Contact Info.:  There may be time when it is needed to connect admin therefore his contact number is saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address:  The official conversation with the admin is done through email therefore his email ID is saved in this attribute.

The admin entity further rules over the staff and the chefs who are working in the restaurants. The management system provides option to hold the data of each chef and staff separately and also provides detailed report of their work routine.

  1. Staff / Chef:

The staff checks the routine work and updates the data of the customers in the system whereas the chef takes the order of daily customers and prepares the dishes for delivery as per the food ordered by the customer. This entity sustains the employees’ details and daily report of the work. The attributes are:

  • Name:  The account of every staff and chef is secured with the name of them also therefore their name is saved in this attribute.
  • Employee ID:  The system provides unique system generated ID which is helpful at the time of login.
  • Designation:  Every staff member is designated to a particular post as per their skills which are save din this attribute.
  • Salary:  The staff gets salary as per their designation and skills which is mentioned in this attribute, they also get promotion timely.

The whole system is sustained by the orders given by the customers and the admin manages the customers’ request, food orders, queries etc. the staff also sees the queries of customers and any suggestion and problem if they are facing.

  1. Customer:

This entity holds the daily data of the customer along with their personal data they entered in the system to provide better interface and decrease the recurring data entries. It sustains the salary derails and the leave management long with the weekly and monthly report also. The required attributes are:

  • Name:  The name of every customer is different and also the bill generated is also by the name of customer therefore his name is saved in this attribute.
  • Login_ID:  The customer login into the system through the distinct login credentials provided uniquely to every customer.
  • Contact No.:  The delivery of food and the track of delivery details are provided to customer on his contact number so his contact number is saved in this attribute.
  • Address:  The food would be delivered to the address of the customer, which is written in this attribute.
  • Email:  This attribute holds the email address of every customer to inform them about the current status of their order.
  • Payment:  The customer is provided with two options to pay for the food whether online through the system or offline at the time of delivery.
  • Orders:  This attribute holds the current as well as the previous orders which are given by the customer.

The customer entity books order after choosing the food online through the menu available online of different restaurants along with the price so that the customer can pay the price online. The order entity holds the details of every order given by customers.

  1. Order:

This entity holds the details of every order booked by the customer through the system. The customer chooses the food from the menu and adds it to the online cart then proceeds to pay option if he wants to pay online or at the time of delivery. He also mentions the location details along with any suggestion he wants to give to the chef. The attributes are:

  • Order_ID:  The system generates a unique number which is the order ID mentioned on the order receipt to track and provide information of that order.
  • Customer Details:  The order given by the customer, so his details are attached with the order to safeguard the delivery details.
  • Price:  This attribute holds the total amount which the customer needs to pay for the items he has selected as food.
  • Track:  The customer can track the food he ordered through the system by the tracking ID which is stick in this attribute.
  • Time:  Every order need time to prepare according to the type of food selected by customer, number of items selected and availability of staff.
  • Payment:  The ordered food entity also contains the payment status whether done by customer online or he’ll give at the time of delivery.

The orders are transferred to the respective restaurants to prepare the dishes on stipulated time interval. The system shows an estimated time frame at which the food will be prepared and delivered to his address. 

  1. Restaurants:

There are numerous restaurants which are assigned with the online management system to provide their services to the customer, this entity holds the data of every restaurant and save it distinctively in the database. System provides payment to the restaurants after deducting the service charges of the system. The respective attributes are:

  • Name:  This attributes save the name of every restaurants attached with the system along with other details.
  • Registration Number:  Every restaurant has provided a registration number through the food council of state to see their genuine and hygiene guidelines.
  • Address:  The addresses of all restaurants are saved in this attribute to show the exact time of delivery to the customer.
  • Contact Number:  Every restaurant provide their contact number while delivery for any connection being needed by the customer.
  • Rating:  Ratings are given by the customer who has taken the service through which it attracts more customers for particular restaurants.

The restaurants are of different type and serves food as per their choice and budget, they write every dish on the menu which is available on the system and the customer can look it before giving the order along with the price he has to pay for the dishes.

  1. Menu: 

The restaurants upload their menu online and update it time to time, this entity holds the details of menu provided by the restaurants in the system. The details of every dish are also present here along with their rate details. The attributes of this entity are:

  • Beverages:  This attribute holds the data of the beverages a restaurant provide like juice, shakes, cold drinks, etc.
  • Main Course:  It includes the dishes which are main in the menu like vegetable, and other dishes.
  • Side Course:  The other dishes like continental, Chinese, Italian etc are saved in this attribute.
  • Starters:  Starters are the dishes which are eaten at starting and don’t come in great quantity.

User Interface Diagram:

The diagram provides a virtual detail of the system how it will look like to the different actors like admin, staff and the customer. The options provided in this interface are based on the need of the actors whom login in the system. There are many functions which are similar in all interfaces and some are different reserved for particular actor to give him the access.

Online Food Ordering System Project 


Every actor login page is same only the customer page provides new registration option for those customer who are new in the system otherwise this page uses login credentials by the actors to access their accounts.


After logging in the central screen appears which contains options differently as per the required access given to each actor viz. admin, customer and staff members. Admin gets access to control all other actors account customer and staff peoples.


This option is available on the interface of admin and customer. As the customer selects the menu while entering in a particular restaurant incite, and choose the dishes whereas the admin manages the restaurant details in the system. 


The menu option of the restaurants is visible only to the customer entity so that he can select the food items and quantity as per his need. This option further enrolls in the interface to provide legitimate details of menus to the customer.


This tab is available on the customer and the staff interface. The customer chooses the items and places the order which is forwarded to the staff to prepare the dishes, so the staff interface also provides the customer’s dishes and extra points if he has added.


The customer entity has this option on his interface to pay the charges of food online also he can pay at the time of delivery. The staff members can get the payment of online mode by the customer which is again forwarded to the staff head.


The customer books the order which is prepared by the staff members and deliver it to the address of customer, therefore the delivery option is available on the interface of the staff member so that he can deliver the food to the customer in time.

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