The proposed system aims at rejuvenating the era where people doesn’t need to wait for the food and also they don’t need to cook the food in the morning for the breakfast as well as for the lunch at the office. Currently most of the people go to the office and they don’t have time to prepare the food, here comes the utilization of the proposed system.

The system helps people in booking the tiffin and provides fresh and hot food ready to eat at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner. The customer need to register into the system and then he can see the available menu in the system from where he can select items to be cooked for himself and integrate it to the cart after placing the order he can pay the price online or at the time of distribution either in cash or online UPI.

The customer after placing the order gets an email of substantiation that his order is placed and it also shows the total amount he has to pay for the food. It also shows the estimated time in which the delivery boy delivers the food at his doorstep. It is propitious for people who are living far from home or couldn’t have time to prepare the food on their own. It provides food on time and as per the direction and ordinate dictation provided by the customer about the composition is customized.

The system provides authenticity to the customer about their accounts and data they have feed into the system. It guarantees the fresh food prepared with cleanliness and hygiene which is indispensable for the health of the customer. Apart from this the dishes are prepared by the experienced chefs so that the taste should be of optimum level without hampering the quality of the food. The ready food is given to the delivery boy who locates the venue through the system and peregrinates towards the residence of the customer.

The related points of this system are:

Current system

People who are working irrespective of man or women are facing issue in making food daily because the job is skeptical sometimes workload need you to go the office before time early in the morning also same transpires in the evening if you have work you do overtime. In this process people skip the meals or eat anything expeditious without consummating the felicitous meal which affects the health lately.

Consequently a system is needed to provide food on time and which doesn’t need to cook first, it has to be ready to eat, fresh and hygiene. People don’t need to suffer and skip their meals because of any reason. They can do their work and the system will provide tiffin on time. Customer can book tiffin for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the lunch break people want to eat something they need to visit any restaurant which might be far away and requires ambulating and going there, this process is time taking whereas the tiffin system will be reach at the desk in the office. You don’t need to peregrinate anywhere, also the person can eat different food everyday as per his choice this provides variety of food through which he can’t be obsessed with single type of food.

Proposed System

It is a user friendly system which doesn’t require any prior training and auxiliary for every user. The customer can book his meal from anywhere through his account and also he can pay the amount online. The customer needs to register one time and then he can book anytime without any delay. The system even bifurcate his choice and provide food to him daily as per his routine and choice.

The system provides wide range of food items from which the customer can choose anything daily even he can eat food of variety provided the hygiene and fresh food. The staff manages the order and reroute the delivery boy if the delivery is to be done on a single way. The cost includes the delivery fees of the person.

The admin is the head entity which controls the whole system and provides the information as and when required in different forms. The tiffin system is unique and fast process which provides the services within time limit and also anyone can authoritatively mandate from anywhere no desideratum to visit the restaurant or wait for the food.



Entity Relationship Model:


The data can be required at various states in the system through which the entities are bifurcated as per the use and choice. There are certain circumstances when the data is required simultaneously in the system at different points. This model shows the complex link between the entities and the flow of data without any merge or lapse. It helps in understanding the flow of data to be provided by the algorithms running in the back of the system. It sustains the data in a simpler manner by the help of different entities which are as follows:


  1. Admin:

The whole control of the system is provided to the admin so that he can control the process in a simple manner and make the system error free. This entity holds the private information of the admin and if the authority is given to more than one person than it sustains their separate accounts securely. The admin controls the system and manages the accounts of other users in the system. The related attributes are:

  • System_ID: A system generated number is provided to each admin which help at the time of login and which is unique for every admin person.
  • Name: The accounts are maintained by the name of the admin therefore this attribute save the names of every admin.
  • Contact No.: To connect with the admin anytime by the staff, or any other user, the contact number is saved in this attribute
  • Email Address: The official conversation and sharing of any documents are done through the email so this attribute holds the email address of admin.


2. Staff:

The process is supervised by the admin but it is managed by the staff members of the firm. They handle day to day work along with handling the queries of the customers and coordinate with the delivery personnel as well. This entity save the accounts of all the staff members and provide them opportunity to add, delete or maintain their personal data into the system. The related attributes of this entity are:

  • Employee_ID: To separate the accounts of every staff, the system has provided employee identity number to each one.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of every staff member working in the organization to sustain their accounts.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of every staff member is saved in this attribute to connect with them at the time of necessary.
  • Email Address: The official queries or suggestion is to be done with the staff through email address.
  • Designation: Every staff member is designated at different place as per their skills and experience to manage the system uniformly.


  3. Customer:

This entity contributes in the sustaining of the accounts of every customer which are enrolled in the system. The customer can book their order and pay for the charges levied on them as per their items to be ordered. They can manage their accounts, edit personal information, select a cart which can be repeated everyday and many other options provided by the system. The attributes of this entity are:

  • Customer_ID: The system attaches a unique customer number with each customer’s account to make it unique and also help in login.
  • Name: The name of every customer is separated in this attribute as their accounts are titled by their names in the system.
  • Contact: The customer’s phone number is saved in this attribute to contact them at the time of need and query.
  • Email Address: To connect with the customer through email address as official conversation is to be done on mail to have record of conversation.
  • Residence: The authenticity of the customer is confirmed by the residential address provided also it is needed for the delivery of food.
  • Cart: Every customer select meal items and adds it to the cart which is online store area which gives additional feature to the customer.
  • Payment: The system provides payment option to the customer so that he can pay the charges online through the system.


4. Order:

Every customer book order for the food items as per their choices, which can be altered before payment of the items. This entity provides list of every order to be given by the customers even the history of the orders by a single customer. It provides the choice of customer as per his item history. The related attributes are:

  • Order No.: The system generates a code for every order so that it can be searched anytime uniquely in the system.
  • Meal Type: The order type is saving in this attribute like breakfast, lunch or dinner. As per the need of the customer.
  • Customer’s Details: The order provided by the customer also attaches the customer’s details along with the order to see the location and other information of the customer.
  • Amount: Every order is subtotal an amount which the customer needs to pay through online mode by the system.
  • Status: The order is fetched or not, ready or not or cancelled or not, is recorded in this attribute.


  1. Tiffin / Food:

This entity holds the data of the food items to be ready in the system also the Tiffin to be provided to the customer regularly or not. As some customer needs Tiffin only one time while some needed it for both the times therefore this information is subjugated in the system simultaneously by the admin and the staff members. The related attributes are:

  • Type: The type of the tiffin is added in this attribute as per the customer’s choice and interest of the food to be eaten by them.
  • Quantity: The tiffins are to be delivered to the customer more than one in number as per the need of the customer which is saved in this attribute.
  • Price: This attribute contains the price of the tiffin to be paid by the customer depending upon the type of meal he has ordered.
  • Package: There are different packages made by the firm as per the regular and common choices of the customers.
  • Coupons: Meal coupons are created to comfort the customer so that the process can be simple and smooth in transition.


 6. Delivery Boy:

This entity contributes in holding the accounts of the various delivery boys who are attached to the firm and deliver the food at the doorstep of the customer within time limit. They are responsible to deliver food safely and hygiene so that the customer can trust and order the food next time also. They can manage their respective account in this system and can get the information need for the delivery. The required attributes of this entity are as follows:

  • Identity No.: The system generated a code is attached with the delivery boy account to separate it from others.
  • Name: The accounts of every delivery boy are created on their name, this attribute save names as per the accounts.
  • Contact No.: To give instruction or any other information, the contact number of every delivery boy is saved in the system.
  • Email Address: The details of customer and the location are to be provided to the email address of the delivery person.
  • Vehicle Info.: Every delivery boy is allotted a vehicle used for delivery which is attached to the particular person also he is responsible for the vehicle.
  • Registration No.: Every vehicle has a registration number which is unique therefore it is written in this attribute.

License No.:  It is mandatory to have a license for driving the vehicle and at least above the legal age for driving so his license number is saved here.

User Interface Diagram


This is the initial page which opens after entering by any character, regardless of the fact into the actor’s authority. It provides the entering purpose to the user by showing similar options to enter the login credentials which are unique for every user that can be used for accessing the accounts.

  • Forgot Password: This option is also provided on the interface while login because sometimes the user forgot his password therefore to create and access new password this option is used while using other related information.

 Food Selection:

After login the food selection page open where the customer can select various items from the menu page and book for tiffin meals. He can select multiple food items at the same time for delivery also he can use the coupons code if he has any.



The food items which are selected by the customer can now send as order by the system, it also attaches the order number with the order and also send this code to the customer for reference. The system informs the staff to prepare the tiffins and forward it to the delivery boy after showing the estimated time needed for delivery and preparation.



The order is confirmed by the admin and forward it to the concerning department for preparation and the confirmation message is also send to the customer through text message and email. It also reroute the delivery boy to take the tiffin within time frame.



The customer after selecting the tiffin items, the system shows the total amount customer has to pay after including the food, preparation and delivery charges which the customer can pay through the portal online and also he can pay offline to the delivery boy at the time of delivery.




The prepared tiffin is packed and information is sent to the delivery boy for delivery, he gets the customer details along with the address of the customer so that he can route his way to the exact location. He also gets the information of the payment is done or not, the admin can locate and track the delivery boy along with the estimated time he is taking for the delivery.

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