Stationary Shop Management System

Overview of Online School Finder System

Stationery is a paramount aspect of day to day life. Irrespective of the type of person, the student as well as a professional need stationery item in their life to indicted down any information for else to apportion other information with the other person.

Stationery management system is capable enough to manage the whole shop which is propitious for the shop owner. It withal avails the customer to purchase the stationery items online by culling the brand withal. Stationery is needed not only in school but withal in offices and other areas.

The customer can engender their account in the system through which they can cull the item which they optate to buy and after that they can optate the distribution option after that it is responsibility of the shopkeeper to distribute the products purchased by the customer at the door step.

The customer can withal pay the price through the system which is the obligatory aspect if they oprate to make the process facile.  The system is very expeditious and simple which does not require any prior training and can be utilized by any user without any quandary.

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Proposed System of Online School Finder System

The stationary shop management system is a one stop solution for the owner to manage their quotidian work along with managing the customer and their cull of product which they require to purchase on conventional substructure. The customer doesn’t require visiting the shop manually.

The system is capable enough to manage all the customers at the same time while preserving their details of purchase and the products which they have booked for distribution this system sanctions the customer to pay the amount through online mode and they can even pay the price then the distribution is done at their abode address.

The admin manage the system along with the accounts of customer as well as the shopkeeper stock data. This will provide enough support to manage the circadian tasks and engender a report after a particular period. The system is simple and desideratum of an hour which needs to be e implicatively insinuated in every shop. The admin can access accounts of other user and he can even edit or expunge the data containing in it.


OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Diagram of Online School Finder System


The complexity of the system is considered by the management of the firm. Here, in this Entity relationship model, the entities are interlinked with each other performing a group complex database through which the system can be managed in a better way. This model represents how the information travels internally and works simultaneously for the betterment of the users. The system is managed by the admin who is responsible for every single activity perform in the system. There are certain other factors which are keeping in mind for the stationary management by the owner and the admin. The related entities and their attributes are defined below:


  1. Admin:

Admin is the key entity, who manages the system in a proper way. He can access the account of other users to edit and delete the information saved in the attribute of the users account. The management authorizes more than one admin if the system is not controllable for one admin. These entities hold the account of admin and provide significant value to the information which the admin save in a particular account. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID:  Identity Number is provided with the admin account to bifurcate the information saved in it.
  • Name: The name of each admin is saved in this attribute which is necessary for various purposes.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of the admin saved in this attribute to connect him at the time of need.
  • Email Address: The official email address need to be saved in this attribute to provide document through the mail.
  • Gender: This attribute defines the data about the gender of the admin who is administered for the system.


    2. Customer:

Customer buys the product of the stationary which will increase the sale of the shop. With the help of the system, customer can purchase the stationery items after creating an account in the system. The systems also provide payment option to the customer so that they can pay through online process. It is beneficial for the customer because the shopkeeper can send the purchased product at the home address of the customer. These entities provide separate accounts of the customer and manage them accordingly. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Customer_ID: The system generated Identity Number is attached with the customer’s account for separation.
  • Name: There are so many customers were attached with the system therefore their names should be mentioned in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The customers can be connected through their cell phone therefore their contact number should be saved in this attribute.
  • Email Address: The information about the delivery of the purchaser stationery items provided on the email address of the customer.
  • Type: This attribute defines the type of the customer whether he is a student or a professional person.
  • Qualification: The education qualification of each person is defined in this attribute, irrespective of their type and skill set.


  3. Stock:

These entities save the data about the stock which is available in the shop for sales. This will also help in accessing the information about the stationery products which are in shortage and needed to be purchased by the wholesalers. It can create a report whenever a new stock is added in the inventory and in how many days it becomes a shortfall. Entity also saves the data of different type of products available in the stationary. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Stock_ID: System provides an identity number to each stock according to the type of the stock.
  • Books: This attribute holds the detail about the books available in the Inventory of the shop.
  • Pen: The quantity of pen available along with the brand name in the stock for sales to the customer.
  • Pencils: Pencils are to be purchased from different wholesalers which are saved in the stock list of the shop.
  • Other: This attribute holds the detail about the other items which needs to be sale in a particular stationery shop.


  4. Books:

Stationery shop sell different type of books depending upon the locality where is the shop is located and the amount of readers available in the particular area. This holds the data about the different type of books of different class and novels. The Entity provides information about the books of different Publishers which are in high demand by the customers.  It also showcases the amount of each book along with the edition of distinct books. It categorizes the books according to their type and demand. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Book_ID: Different books are attached with an identity number provided by the system for verification.
  • Edition: this attribute holds the information about the addition of each book written by the writer.
  • Price: The price of each book need to be mentioned in this attribute for clarity with the customer.
  • Author: The books are written by the authors whose name was used in this attribute for selling it to the customers.
  • Name: The title of each book needed to be saved in this attribute because the customer will buy the books as for the title of it.
  • Publisher: The books are published by the publishers depending upon the publisher selected by the author.


    5. Pen:

The pens are used to write anything not only by the student but also by the professional or even other people also. It is necessary to write down any information in order to remember it for greater period. The pens come in various size and types which are demanded by the customers according to their writing skills and variety of the pen chosen by them. These entities separate the account of the pen of different brand containing the details of each pen which is necessary to be filled in the database. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Pen_ID: An identity number is provided by the system to each type of pen brand selected by the customer.
  • Name: Every brand of the pen provide a name to different type of pens which is needed to be saved in this attribute.
  • Manufacturer: This attribute holds the detail about the manufacturer who has manufactured a particular pen along with the address.
  • Price: Each pen is made up of different material therefore there price should be mentioned on their cover.


   6. Pencil:

The pencils are made up of lead and wood which is of different brand and types according to the choice of the customer that use different type of pencil to write down information which they can even erase by the eraser. These entities provide information containing in separate accounts according to the brand of pencil and the related information about it. This will help in bifurcating the data and easy to understand by the admin. There are certain other factors which are responsible for considering the pencil as an important part of stationery. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Pencil_ID: Every pencil brand is attached with an identity number provided by the system itself.
  • Name: This attribute course the name of each pencil decided by the manufacturer and the brunt of the pencil.
  • Manufacturer: It is important to save the data about the manufacturer who has manufactured a particular pencil.
  • Price: Every function is of different quality therefore their price need to be mentioned on the packet of it.


   7. Other Items:

The stationery shop contains other items than the pen, pencil and books which are saved in this entity. It is necessary to save the data of the other items that are available at the stationery shop for sale to the customers. This entity bifurcates each item along with their minute details to help the admin in managing the accounts of each item. It also contains the name and price of each item that is purchased by the wholesaler. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Item_ID: The system provider and identity number according to the type of the item which is saved in this attribute.
  • Name: The name of each item is saved in this attribute which is defined by the wholesaler of the particular item.
  • Manufacturer: This attribute save the date of the manufacturer who have created the particular item.
  • Price: The price of each item need to be mentioned on the packet of it for clarification to the customer.

User Interface Model of Online School Finder System


The display which opens Initially whenever the user access their account is the login page which is same for each user containing the tab of  of new registration of the user. It also allows the forgot password option through which any user can access their new password.


The dashboard contains all the options which are needed by the user whenever he accesses this system. It is customizable by the management at any point of time according to the need of each user the dashboard changes for the specific user. It is different for the admin and the customers because the admin can access the account of other users but the customers cannot access the account of other users.


The customer can view different type of stationery items on their dashboard from which they can select the particular atom which they need to buy and save it in their cart after that they can select the payment option if they want to pay prior purchasing or else they can opt for cash on delivery option.


The display show different type of stationery items to the users from which the customer can select the type of product they need to buy which are explained below:

  • Pen:  The display show the pen option in which variety of pen are displayed in the customer account along with the brand name and the type of the pen carrying the prices well.
  • Pencil:  The customer purchase pencil according to their handwriting therefore it is necessary to show all the type of pencil along with their brand in the account of the customer so that he can choose accordingly.
  • Books:  It is totally depend upon the choice of the customer about what type of books he chose to read therefore the system show an interface containing the categories of book and also mention the detail of it.
  • Others:  The customer can purchase other items also which is showcase in this option. It also mentions the detail of each item along with the price decided by the manufacturer.



The system is capable enough to provide option of payment online to the customer if they want to pay prior their purchase. the customer can also of the option of cash on delivery through which they need to select the items they want to buy and after that whenever the delivery boy come at their home for delivery then they can pay the price in cash to the delivery person.


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