A nation future is secured by the current generation who is studying in the institutes of the country. Because, it is the youth who will glorify the nation in future. It is very paramount to provide good opportunities to each student because they are the future of the nation they will represent the nation in the world wherever they go.

The proposed systems avail the institutes indicted in the information of each student who are enrolled into the institute through computerized method. This will avail in retaining the information for longer time without any error and peril of omitting the information from the database.

Every year incipient lot of students enroll into the institute and the subsisting one I will promoted to the next class, consequently it is very crucial for the institute to preserve each student data without any error because the information is very crucial for the student in assigning him the department and the course to maintain the record.

The system will preserve the data of each student in a simplified manner if in case the management needs to probe any document of the anterior student, they can do it with just one click in no time. It will benefit not only the management but withal for the student who are enrolled into the institute to get their circadian information about classes

Existing System

In the subsisting system, the information is recorded manually by pen and paper mode. It is vulnerably susceptible and sustains skeptically while carrying the information because the document can be disoriented at any point of time and the crucial information will be obstructed along with it.

The process is very gradual and hectic for the staff to maintain the record of each student who are subsisting and additionally so the student who have enrolled for incipient courses. It will take time to store the information in the documents and will make the job of staff very tedious and time-consuming.

If it is required to probe any document then the system will take much time to locate the particular file into the store because it is done by the staff manually. It is additionally acted for the student because he requires appearing in the institute by himself to get the admission.

Proposed System

The student management system will regale the information of each student into the database ergo providing a system in which the data of each student will retain for longer time and avail in maintaining the record for future utilize as well.

The Institute sustains the information of each student and additionally the student will aliment their individual information into the system by engendering account. The system is additionally providing information to the student about the schedule of the classes of a particular week which is engendered by their individual faculties.

Entity Relationship Diagram


Students plays an important role in building the economy of a country because they are the future of the country therefore it is very necessary to provide them with opportunities to grow in every field. The system helps the students to manage their data in a unified manner along with providing other opportunities which will help them in their daily data saving need. We can understand the complexity of the system in a simplified manner with the help of the relationship diagram. It shows how the complex data in the system can be managed by the admin without any error. He is the sole responsibility of the management of system. It also provides full support to the actors who are working in this system. The attributes and their entities are discussed below:


  1. Admin:

Being the supreme entity, admin provide Full support to each actor who is a part of the system while managing their data and providing help whenever needed by them. He also controls the account of other actors to manage their data, edit or delete their account and any other possible query which is raised by any actor of the system. The admin can access the account of other actors and ID he can also edit his own account by feeding the personal information in it. It is totally depend upon the management to provide full support to the admin. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: To managed system in a better way, the system attacks on Identity Number with each admin account.
  • Name: The real name of the admin should be saved in the system with the help of this attribute to understand the reality of the admin.
  • Contact No.: Admin is the head identity, therefore his contact number should be saved in a prime location with the help of this attribute.
  • Email Address: This attribute will consist the email address of the admin through which the other users can connect him officially.
  • Qualification: It is very necessary to provide the information about the qualification of the admin because he is the key entity.



Students help in building the nation by studying harder in their growing period. It is the responsibility of the society to provide the student good Institutions where they can learn each attribute of the life and nurture them with all potential that they possess. These entities hold information about each Institute which is enrolled by the students as per their personal choice and the field in which they want to grow. The institute can save their personal information in the accounts provided by the entity in a separate way. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Institute_ID: The institutes which are attached to the system, provided with an identity number distinctively to each Institute.
  • Name: The official name of the institute according to the documentations is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The institutes provide their registered contact number in this attribute which can be used by any student to raise any query.
  • Email Address: Institute also provides their registered email address through which they can connect with the student officially.
  • No.: Each Institute need to be registered with the education council of the state providing a registration number which is saved here.


  1. Department:

Every Institute possesses different kind of department where they play different roles also. Every student will choose a department based on his personal choice and the marks he has gained in the entrance exam. The departments will have their separate accounts in the system, in which the details related to the department are saved and can be editing by the official person of the department. The management will have full authority over any department which is working in the institute. The admin will guide the department in order to save their personal information in the system. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Department_ID: Each department account is attached with an identity number uniquely created for the particular department.
  • Name: The names of each department suggest the type of work which they do. It is needed to be saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: This attribute will contain the common contact number of the particular departments.
  • Email Address: Email address of each department is needed to be saved in this attribute by the authority.
  • Head: Every department is managed by the head of the department elected by the management itself.



The institutes which are authorized by the education council will provide their courses to the students who are interested in learning the particular fields. This entity will possess the information of the courses in detailed manner so that the student it will not get confused in every state. The entity will separate the account of each course along with the individual details of each course which are initiated by the institute. The courses are offered by the institute and it also depends upon the marks which are scored by the student in the entrance exam which he needed to be qualified with good marks. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Course_ID: The courses which are offered by the institute in different fields are attached with an identity number by the system.
  • Name: The name of each course initiated by the institute is needed to be saved in this attribute.
  • Qualification: Every course requires minimum qualification from the student who is wishing to choose a particular course.
  • Department_ID: The courses offered by the department of the institute therefore the department Identity Number is saved in this attribute.
  • Type: This attribute will sustain the information about the duration of the course along with the category in which it falls.
  1. Student:

There are so many students who take admission in different institutes as per their rank and score in the entrance exam based on that the institute will offer different courses and other benefits to the students who are meritorious. The students will create their individual account with the help of the system so that they can feed their individual information in it. The system will help the students in getting the information about the course and department which they have selected along with the other information related to the regular class schedule every week. The student can also see their result of the test they have given after each interval of time. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Student_ID: Every student it is connected with the system with the help of an identity number provided by the system.
  • Name: The name of the student which they write on every document is needed to be saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each student is saved in this attribute to provide the information about any activity.
  • Email Address: Every student maintain an official email address to have a conversation with the institute officially.
  • Age: This attribute will hold the information about the age of the student which is mentioned in their documents.
  • Address: The permanent addresses of the student where his parents live are saved in this attribute.
  • Roll No.: Every student has a roll number which is his identity in the education council of the state.
  • Section: Depending upon the score of the student, they are divided into different sections in the same department.
  • Attendance: It is very necessary to entertain the attendance of each student, calculating the days when a student didn’t come to the Institute.


 6. Assignment:

In order to glorify the personality of the student, the faculty of each department will provide different assignments to the student which they need to submit within the specified period of time. These assignments are based on the topics which they have covered in the syllabus of the course are sometimes depend on the other extracurricular activities of the daily world.  The student will learn so many things while preparing the assignment, the faculty will judge the complexity of the mind of the student and crab the information about the areas where a particular student is lacking. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Assignment_ID: The assignments are attested With the Identity Number similar to the students who have submitted it to the system.
  • Name: The topic of each assignment decided by the faculty is saved in this attribute.
  • Student_ID: The assignments are prepared by the students therefore their Identity Number need to be attached with the assignments.
  • Course_ID: The assignments will also consist the information of the course in which the student is enrolled.
  • Marks: This attribute will hold the information about the marks which are scored by the student in a particular assignment.

User Interface Model


The user interface of the student management system is created to uphill the information of each student into the system. There are different actors who perform their task separately in the system therefore they need a system which helps them in feeding the information in a systematic manner. Every actor can access their account after login into the system with the help of the login credentials provided by the system initially when the actor registers himself into the system through the login page. The login page appears to be similar for each actor whether he is new to the system or existing system user.



The management will provide different accessibility to the actors who are attached to the system based on the skill set and the designation on which the actor performs. The system is customizable by the higher authorities, this will give an edge to the management if they want to add any new attachment in the interface of the actor depending upon the market and the use of each new attachment by the actor. The dashboard interface is also different for each actor which is managed by the higher level management.


Student Admission:

The interface is helpful for the student because they can initiate the process of admission in the institute by the system. They can also submit their score card of the entrance exam along with the other document which is necessary for the admission. The system will provide an opportunity to each student to select the top three courses in which they want to enroll thereafter based on the rank in the entrance exam, the management will provide course to the student. The student can also submit other related information into the system which will be managed by the admin himself.


Department Assigned:

The student it will enroll into the system in order to get the course of their choice based on their score card, the management will also provide the department in which the particular student will get the admission. The process is authorized by the head of department and after his approval the department is assigned to the student along with providing the other details of joining date and time on which the student need to present in the particular department. It also provides information about the faculties who will teach them and their individual information of experience and teaching profession.



The user interface will allow the every student that they can submit their documents to the institute for admission by the help of the interface provided to each student. The documents related to the previous Institute, their identity certificate and the entrance exam scorecard in order to verify the documents of the student, they will send it through the system. It is beneficiary for the management to verify the documents with the help of the system and filter the students for each course to be allotted to each student.



The documents which are provided by the student for admission into the course offered by the institute are verified by the management and based on the performance of each student into the entrance exam a particular department is allotted to them. After the verification process, the student is official enrolled into the institute to get the benefit of education provided by Institute faculty while retaining regularity into the premises.

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