Online counselling management system project

Introduction of Online counselling management system

Online counselling management system is one stop solution for the students who optically discern admission in a particular course and Institute of a city after getting a good rank in the ingression exam conducted by the central counselling cell. The system is capable enough to avail every student in letting the course of their cull by the predilection filled in the preference form.

The system minimize the physical and noetic burden of the student’s Guardians at the time of admission of their kid. It will withal avail the institute to accumulate the student as per the merit list of the ingression exam.

The system sanction each student to fill two preference as per their interest for the course in which they opiate to enroll in the institute.  There are certain institutes who will consider multiple ingress exams rank of the students to avail them in getting their dream college in the enrolled courses.

It is compulsory to have full transparency between the student and the management, with the avail of this every student can visually perceive the allotted seats and the remaining seats in every course of Institutes thereafter they can cull their predilections accordingly.

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Current System of Online counselling management system

Current system is fundamentally manual system in which whole processes done in a pen paper mode that is very hectic for the management team to provide admission to each student according to his choice and predilections along with the rank he has achieved in the ingress exam.

The process is very time consuming and it is not a transparent consequently the student need to visit the counselling cell each time to get an update about his admission in the preferred Institute for the course.

The system is very gradual and requires physical work for the student and his guardians. He requires to visit the counselling cell and then he has to fill the predilection form after presenting his ingression exam rank. After that, the management will do the manual process of verification and background check of the student and then allot the seat

Proposed System of Online counselling management system

The proposed system accumulate the data of the student and provide it to the management because the system is capable enough to hold the data of each student and automate the process to store the data in the database.

The student does not require to visit counselling cell every time to get update about the admission, now he can get any update at his residence by just logging into his account in the system.

It is additionally auxiliary for the management to tackle every student and provide them seat as per their cull and interest for the course in which they opiate to enrol. There are certainly other aspects of the system because the admin controls the whole system to ascertain the system should run error-free.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS for Online counselling management system

OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7 is used as it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendlyWindows 10 and above
ENVIRONMENT:Visual Studio .NET 20032019 version 12.7
.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.0Version 4.5.2
LANGUAGE HTML – for coding. CSS – for webpage development. JAVA script – for styling work.Net brans IDE 7.0.2 or Eclipse Neon.


Entity Relationship Diagram of Online counselling management system


The student counseling system is a unique idea which will be helpful for all the institutes who will go to represent this idea. It will help in betterment of the institute along with the faculties and their students as well. It will give equal opportunity to the students while providing those seats of the courses with chooses depending upon the rank they have achieved in the entrance exam. These relation models represent the internal link between the data in the form of entities and their related attributes. The model showcases how the data will flow into the system in a systematized manner. They are elaborated below:


  1. Admin:

Being the head entity, admin hold the true power to manage the system and keep it error free for the users and sustain their information systematically. The management provide more than one person, the admin power so that it can be helpful for the management to showcase the true potential of the admin as he can also manage the accounts of other users in the system. The admin can generate Overall development for all the users in the system. This entity provides separate account for all the admin actors in which day can store their personal information along with the regular work they do in system. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID: each admin will get an identity number which is uniquely created for specific person to help in admin login into their account and making it safe.
  • Name:  If the system is managed by more than one admin, then their names should be returned in this attribute for longer duration.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each admin need to be assembled in the system so that they can be connected at any point of time.
  • Email Address: The official conversation with the admin is done through the email address provided by then which will be recognized in this attribute.
  • Gender: Every organization should believe in equal opportunity for both the gender therefore this attribute defines the gender of each admin.



Students can create their separate account in the system which is collected in this entity, they can store their personal information which will be helpful for them at the time of counseling. Students and create their own account but cannot view the accounts of other students and all the students accounts are guided by admin, he is the head person and he assist every student who is in trouble and manage their account for them. Students can view the details of the counseling through their portal with the help of simple user interface provided by the system. They can also add their preference of choice for the course they need to apply and they can also choose institute they want to attend. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Student_ID: System provider an Identity Number to each student which is there permanent number for a particular Institute.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of each student who are enrolled in the entrance exam and wants to choose an Institute and course of their choice.
  • Contact No.: Student’s contact number need to be saved in this attribute to be connected by the counselling cell if needed.
  • Email Address: The official email address of each student is also saved in this attribute to provide the information about the counselling process.
  • DOB: This attribute holds the date of birth of each student which is based on the documents they provided in front of the counselling cell.
  • Entrance Rank: Every student has appeared in an entrance exam in which they have achieved a rank based on the merit list.
  • 10 / 12th %age: It is very necessary for the students to provide their 10th and 12th percentage mark of the board exams in which they have appeared.



The students has given a preference form in which they need to fill their choice of the type of the institute and courses they need to attend. The students will more than one preference in the form so that if we cannot get the first preference they will be eligible for the second one. After filling this form, the counselling members based on the entrance rank gained by the student provide him the institute and course as per his preference and the availability of the seat for the same. This information is to be provided to the student through his contact number or Email address shared by him. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Entrance Rank: Every student has appeared for the entrance test in which they have achieved a particular in which needs to be saved here.
  • 1st Preference: This attribute holds the first preference of the student which they had chosen according to their personal choice and interest.
  • 2nd preference: This attribute holds the second preference of the student according to their interest after the first preference.
  • Status: This attribute defines the current status of the counselling process in which the student has appeared and waiting for his turn.


  4. Seat Allotment:

The seat allotment method is done through the merit based according to the rank achieved by the students inter entrance exam they have given after their 12th examination. Seat allotment is also report as per the student choice which they have filled in the reference form provided to him by the counseling cell. There are limited seats in every course and Institute therefore it is strictly based on the merit rank achieved by the students because of this every student need to fill to preference as per their personal choice so that they can get the second offence if they are not eligible for the first one. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Student_ID: Every student is provided with an identity number randomly while the system which will help them at the time of login.
  • Entrance Rank: Every student’s entrance rank is saved in this attribute which is the very necessary aspect for getting course as per their choice.
  • Institute_Code: This attribute holds the institute code which is duty to be filled in the personal choice of the student form.
  • Course_Code: Every course is defined with the code provided by the management which needs to be retained by the student using that particular course.
  • Preference No.: This attribute provide information about the preference filled by the student in counselling form.


   5. Courses:

Every Institute offer different type of courses in which every student and role as per their personal choice and through the counseling system by which they can get the type of the courses they prefer. A student can get a seat in the course based on their personal choice and the rank they have achieved in their entrance exam as per the merit list is concerned. Institutes provide different courses as per the popularity among the students and also the fees of every course are different based on the education council. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Course_ID: Every course is identified with an identity number provided by the system to the management for distinction.
  • Institute_ID: Every institute has given an identity number by the education council which is based on the number of Institute in a particular city.
  • Of Seats: Attribute holds the number of seats in every course offered by the institutes for the students.
  • Total Seats: The total numbers of seats provided in each course by the institute including all the reservation are saved in this attribute.


   6. Institutes:

In a particular city, there are many institutes who provide courses which are popular among the students. the students will get enrolled in a particular course as per the choice and interest of their personal, they need to fill a reference choice form in which day can suggest the course and Institute and they need to fill more than one preference as per their choice so that they can get one choice from the two as per the availability of the seat in a particular course. This is also decided by the management of the counseling cell because they also prefer the entrance exam rank of the student who needs to enroll in a particular course. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Institute_ID: An identity number provided by the education council to each state Institute is defined in this attribute.
  • Name: Every Institute carry a name officially as per the documentation by the education council which is saved in this attribute.
  • Contact No.: This attribute holds the contact number of every Institute which can be helpful for the student for any query it.
  • Email Address: The official email address of the institute is mentioned in this attribute so that anyone can get information about the institute by email.
  • Address: This attribute holds the permanent address of the premises of the institute which is situated in a particular area.
  • Of Courses: Every Institute offers a number of courses which are different as per the institute capacity and that they are providing for the students.
  • Seats: This attribute holds the data of the number of seats provided by the institute so that the students can enroll in the institute.

User Interface Model


The user interface is created keeping in mind that the interface should be capable enough any random user whether it’s a student for any other person can access their accounts in a better way. There are certain other sentiments which needs to be entertained at the time of verification and allow different actors to perform their duties well. this is the initial interface which is common for all the actors but it also contains certain other aspects in which the students and other user will get additional benefits like the  new user registration and forgot password option which will be helpful for accessing their accounts in a better way.


After login into their personal accounts, every user will get a different interface as per their use which is customizable by the management if needed in the future. The dashboard contains all the tabs and options which will help the user in their daily work. The system will get advantage to the admin so that he can access the accounts of other users who are attached with the system in order to maintain the decorum and vulnerability of the system. If any user face any kind of problem while accessing the system then the query will be directly faced by the admin for rectification.

Choice Filling

The system provide choice filling option to the students so that they can choose the course and Institute as per the personal choice and that they have got in the entrance exam as per the merit list. every student will get two preferences to be filled by him because there are limited seats in every course provided by the institute therefore it is necessary to know the second choice of every student if they cannot make it to for the first one. The system provide seats in the courses based on the rank of the student and availability of the seat.

1st Preference:   The interface will save the first preference to be filled by the student which is their primary choice and to be entertained preferably if there are seats in the course Choose by the student.

2nd Preference:  This is a reference choice which is to be filled by the student if they cannot get the first preference of course due to any reason therefore they will get the second preference which they have filled in the choice filling form.

Course / Institute Allotted

After choice filling, the management will provide seat in the demanded course and institute at the student according to the rank he has gathered in the entrance exam based on the merit list, the goats and Institute is allotted to the student separately. It also mentions when the course will be initiated by the college and the fees needs to pay at the time of admission by the student


The management will  allotted to the student which is confirm by the admin, so that the other student can see the remaining seat in a particular course thereafter they can choose their preference for the courses if they see more remaining seats in a particular course as per their rank in the entrance exam.


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