Street Cleaning Management System

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Introduction to Street Cleaning Management System

Cleanliness is the greatest and most consequential aspect in human life. It is directly cognate to the life cycle of human because if they cannot maintain cleanliness in their circumventing then they can suffer from variant of diseases which will affect their health in a deplorable way.

It is obligatory for all the humans to emasculate their circumventing and make it hygiene not only for themselves but additionally for other people’s lives. Human have a propensity that they can emasculate their own house but they cannot clean the streets in which they leave ergo it is the responsibility of the municipality to clean the streets of the cit

The municipal corporation needs a system which can sustain the cleaning work ok of the streets of a city while assigning this task to the staff members of the corporation in a better way by the managers in rotational shifts.

The street cleaning management system will avail in a better way not only for the cleaning management but additionally for the denizens of the city because they can provide their valuable feedback after each cleaning every day. It will directly goes to the managers of the assigning committee and avail them about the deportment of the staff members who are cleaning in that particular area.

Current Systems under Street Cleaning Management

The current scenario establishes the cleaning policy of the municipal corporation in which they hire people to emasculate the streets of the city but there is no communication between the managers and the denizen which will lack in providing full information about how well they have cleaned the streets.

The managers cannot track the work done by the employees because he needs to visit each ward of the city which will be very hectic for the manager and require physical effort and time staining process.

If the staff member does not work felicitously why is cleaning the streets of a particular area then the denizen need to visit the office of cleaning staff himself to lodge a complaint about the workers for not cleaning the street congruously and apart from that, this complaint will take time for accomplishment by the management because of lack of communication

Required System

The street cleaning management system provides a full fledged system model which is propitious for the municipal corporation as well as the denizen of the city. It will avail in assigning the task of cleaning Street to a group of employees provided by the management with the avail of the system.

The manager’s contract the day to day work of staff members and the denizen can withal send their feedback about how well the staff has clean their streets. The system additionally avails the managers in sending the full week roster to each employee in advance so that they can perform accordingly.

The admin is the head entities who sanctions each employee account and additionally manage the manager’s accounts and the data containing in it. The management has divided the city into different divisions and zones which will avail them in by parting the group of employees to emasculate a particular area.

The employees can additionally manage their account along with their personal information in the system. They can additionally get information about the next day task so that they can prepare well priory substructure. The system withal avails the management in shifting the employees in different task zones without any error.

The staff can get the information of their salary structure along with the leave policy through the system fetched by the management and their head manager who have assigned them the cleaning task of the streets predicated on their rotational shifts.

Entity Relationship Diagram of Street Cleaning Sysem

Explanation of Street Cleaning Management system.

Cleanliness is very important, it is directly related to the hygiene and avoids dirty substances from our surrounding. It also helps in making our health better by separating the diseases which can be substituted by the dirtiness around us. The entity relational model showcases how the cleanliness management system can be effective by introducing the data which can flow into the system with the help of the entities and their attributes. It is not only helpful for the municipal corporation but also for the resident of a particular City. The system has effective enough in which the president can participate and provide their valuable feedback. The related entities and their attributes are presented below:

 1. Admin:

The head entity which helps in accessing the system by maintaining the data of each user who has created their account into the system is the admin. He has the authority to maintain the account of all the users who are enrolled into the system by adding or deleting any type of information and data in their particular account. He is solely responsible for the smooth running of the system without any error. The management can provide more than one admin to sustain the system if it is hectic for one person. Both the admin entity has same rights to deal with the system. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Admin_ID:  Identity Number provided with each admin entity which is unique and secures the account containing in it.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of each admin who is enrolled into the system for maintaining the data.
  • Contact No.: It is necessary to hold the contact number of each other in order to connect them whenever needed.
  • Email Address: Email address of each admin is saved in this attribute can be used by the management to email the admin.
  • Residence: The permanent address of each admin is saved in this attribute for authentication purpose. 

   2. Staff:

Street cleaning management system is sustained by the staff that is responsible for cleaning the streets of the city which is authorized by the management in different shifts.  That staff members need to first create an account in the system in which they can add their personal information and also manage their day to day work by providing a report to the administration at the end of the day. The staff can edit or delete their personal data in their particular accounts. Every staff member work in different shift which is predetermined by the management and inform them into their accounts and alert system on their email. Staff manages their individual accounts along with their salary and leave policy. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Staff_ID: Identity Number related with each staff member is saving in this attribute to help the staff in accessing their accounts.
  • Name: The tribute gold the name of each staff member because there are so many staff member work in a particular shift.
  • Contact No.: The contact number of each staff needs to be saved in this attribute to connect them for different purpose by the management.
  • Email Address: To provide alert to each staff member it is necessary to hold their email address into the system through the help of this attribute.
  • Tools Allotted: Staff member help in cleaning the street therefore this attribute holds the tools which are provided to each staff member. 

   3. Tools:

Staff members clean the street with the help of the tools provided by the management of the municipal corporation therefore it is necessary to sustain the data of the tools borrowed by each staff member from the inventory. It is necessary to do the proper entry in the system whenever the staff member is allotted with the tools to clean the streets. It is the sole responsibility of each staff member to return the tools whenever their shift ends so that the management can allot particular tool to the other staff member of the different shifts.  The municipal corporation can arrange the tools provided by the government fund. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Tool_ID: An Identity Number is attached with each tool to make their entries in different format to save their data.
  • Name:  This attribute holds the name of each tool according to the category in which the tool is needed by the staff.
  • Staff Details: This attribute holds the detail of each staff member who is assigned to a particular tool by the management.
  • Size: The cleaning tools are used in different size to cover the area at larger portion which is saved in this attribute.
  • Registration No.: It is necessary to save the date of registration number of each tool which is provided by the manufacturing company. 

   4. Place Of Task:

The management allots a particular area to a division of staff According to the roster decided by the management of a prior week. The roster of work in shift is also sending to each staff member on their account therefore they can work accordingly. The city is divided into different area by the management to help the staff by giving them information to clean a particular Street based on the area and landmark provided to them. It is necessary to provide full information about the area to be cleaned on the estimated time provided by the management to the Employees based on that, they can work time to time. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Place_ID:  Identity Number is attached with each place divided by the management of the city.
  • Name: This attribute holds the name of the place in which the employees need to clean the street.
  • Address: It is necessary to predefine the proper address of the place of task and provided to the staff members of the shift.
  • Area: This attribute save the data of the area allotted to be clean by the staff so that the staff can work accordingly.
  • Landmark: It is necessary to provide the information about the landmark of the area to be cleaned by the staff members.
  • Estimated Duration:  The management provides information of the place to be cleaned while attaching the estimated duration and which the staff needs to clean the area.

   5. Managers:

The managers of the system assign the cleaning task to each group of staff for a particular day based on their rotational shift and it is necessary to make sure that every staff member should clean each area of the city in the given time period.  The managers create their account and save their information in it. They can assign task to employees while accessing their account. This entity holds the accounts of the manager in which they can feed necessary information along With providing the cleaning task to each employee on their account. The managers can track the staff member’s work which they are doing in the specified area allotted by the management, they can even guide the staff members in between the task. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Manager_ID: Each Manager is attached with an identity number provided by the system to sustain their information in the account.
  • Name: Attribute holds the name of each manager which is verified by the documents provided by him.
  • Contact No.: It is necessary to save the contact number of each manager which is needed to contact them whenever required by any staff member.
  • Email address: The official email address of each manager saving this attribute for sending any type of query to the manager.
  • Shift: The management authorizes different shift for the managers to manage the employees working in rotational shifts.

     6. Feedback:

It is very important to get the feedback about the work done by the staff members for cleaning the streets. It is very helpful for the management to get the information about the work done by the staff members through the eyes of the residents. The managers also provide feedback to each employee according to the task they have completed within the estimated time period and how well they have done the given task. This entity holds the information of each feedback and briefs it to the manager of senior level in the management. The management provides points to each staff member according to their work. The related attributes are defined below:

  • Feedback_ID: A Unique Identity Number is attached with each feedback provided by the different users.
  • Manager Name: This attribute holds the name of the manager who has collected the feedback provided by the other users.
  • Feedback Giver Name: This attribute holds the information about the person who has provided the particular feedback for the task.
  • Description: It is necessary to hold information about the description of the feedback provided by the user.

User Interface Model:


The initial interface which appears in front of the user is the login page in which the user will get the option of login ID and password along with the forgot password option. It also showcases the new user registration option for the users who are new to the system and wants to create an account to save their individual data. It displays same for every user because there are no variations in this page


After login into the system, every user according to their task and authority will be provided with the dashboard containing the options in order to give them authenticity and power to access the system in different ways. The admin will get Supreme Power to control the accounts of other users as well and manipulate the data containing in it. He can edit or delete the account of other users while the other users cannot do the same. They can only access their individual account and edit the information provided by them.

Cleaning Area

The city is divided into different zone and divisions by the management because it is easy for the management to allot a group of employees in a particular shift in order to clean it in better way. The interface display information about the area in which the cleaning is done and those areas who are not done yet.

  • Done:  The system initially show information about the areas in which the cleaning is done by group of staff members allotted by the management. It will also create a brief report by separating the areas in which the cleaning is done by the staff members and also the time taken by them for cleaning.
  • Pending:  The system also bifurcate the information about the areas in which the cleaning is pending and simultaneously alert the management to assign the cleaning task to the group of employees who are not working yet.


The feedback is a very important aspect through which the management will get an idea about how well the staff members has done the cleaning work in the streets of the city therefore each manager will entertain a bunch of feedback provided by the local people of the area in which the cleaning is done by the staff. It is also important for the managers to provide rating system to each employee who has done their cleaning work in a stipulated time period and how well they have done it.

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